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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 497 495:A Night To Remember 2

Shion laughed and mocked Alex which also gave the courage to his unbridled soldiers to laugh and mock Alex.

Slar, who was beaten before, was enjoying the situation thoroughly.

Seeing the man who beat him into this state and being humiliated before the Royal Castle soothed his soul.

Everything except the sound of laughter ceased.

In the decrypting moment, Shion who was immersed in enjoying himself felt something went past him.

His laughter stopped slowly as his premonition started to whisper in his ears about impending danger.

Uneasiness filled his heart out nowhere and he started to observe his body condition.

He was sure that something went past him which was so feeble that it even went unnoticed to the two Mythic rank knights beside him.


Shion eyes almost popped out of his sockets as his body stopped on the spot as if caught by something ominous.

Not only was he not able to move, he could not even open his mouth and shout.

It was as if his whole body was wrapped around with hundreds of invisible threads signalling the forthcoming of his death.

His back was drenched in sweat as he tried to circulate his mana and scream for help but it seemed that his body stopped listening to his command.


"Your Highness."

The Knights felt something was odd as they saw Shion who was laughing abruptly stopped with a bewildered expression.

Soon after, Alex aura started to run rampant.

The ground under him started to crack, extending radially.

Alex raised his blood red eyes filled with murderous intent.

His bloody gazes made everyone quiver.

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Did you have a fun time mocking me?"

"Did you enjoy watching Riya forcefully taken away from me?"


Alex grasped with a burdensome look.

"That's alright."

"Cause now I am going to have fun by destroying you."

"Stoppp!"Weilis screamed and rushed forward towards Alex drawing his sword without hesitation.

He could sense Alex's intention and if he did not make a move, Alex might really kill Shion.

Alex tilted his body and drew out his sword.

Following his gestures..

The spaces on all sides were torn apart and a slash hit Weilis.

Like a kite cut from the string, Weilis body flew and crashed onto the big pillars on the back, reducing it into dust.

Weilis' attack was the signal for everyone to step forward and subdue Alex.

Alex watched the impending soldiers with an emotionless look.

Seeing hundreds of soldiers rushing towards him like a moth moving towards flames, Alex gave them a pitiful look.

"Just why?"

"Why are you forcing me to kill you all?"

His words sounded like a death sentence in everyone's ears and his image disappeared.

Countless lines that exist for a mere second were drawn in the air around the soldiers.

Painful screams erupted as part of limbs flew in the air along with blood.

Alex who appeared again in the people's sight showed a huge hand came at him like lightning.

The aura radiated from those hands were much stronger than a normal Mythic rank.

But no matter how powerful it was, it was another story if it wanted to hurt him.


Enveloped in darkish aura, Alex's sword moved through the air severing all the fingers on it drawing black lines one after another.

Alex shot forward through the gap created and disappeared through the place.

And he appeared right before the Mythic rank with a speed cannot be compared to before.

Even though the Mythic ranker Kezus was startled,he quickly put defensive measures all over his body which had always protected him in life or death situations.

However, Kezus thoughts were immediately reversed.

Unlike what he thought, Alex swayed his sword and destroyed the defensive techniques in one breath.

Even though it was not enough, it left a fatal scar on Kezu's abdomen cutting through the armour like butter.



Kezus gave a painful roar and attacked to increase the space between Alex and him.

At that time William appeared with his knights and witnessing the shock asked his soldiers to stop Alex.

The huge comotion had already attracted everyone's attention and many strong people already started to gather around here.

"Alex, calm down."

"You can't kill Kezus.He is a member.."


Alex cut through the attack while blocking all the attacks pouring out on the other side.

"You are crazy."

Kezus burst out in shock at the sight he could not believe.

A series of attacks poured on him as Alex stabbed at his joints rendering him immobile.

Kezus fell on the ground with a pale expression though he was still breathing.

Kezus is the member of Shion mothers parent family.

The Raizerford..

They were known for their swordsmanship with a huge political support and it was all because one of their ancestors was able to rise to the position of Supreme spreading his fame and awe throughout the world.

And Kezus, who was lying down, was one of Shion's uncles.

Alex decided to spare his pitiful life for now and decide after dealing with Shion.

Alex, turning an blind eye,and walked towards Shion with murderous attention.

Shion stumbled on his back as he saw Alex coming towards him.

"Don't come here."

"Stop there."

" Subdue him."


Will he really die?

William raised his sword and came in between both of them.



"This has got nothing to do with you."

Alex's cold voice resounded in his ears and the pressure in those words was enough to cause his legs to tremble.

"I can't."

"Do you want me to watch my younger brother get destroyed?"

The onlooker kept their distance from their confrontation.

William was the bigger brother of the two and Alex for a moment felt a stifling emotion.

However, it disappeared for a second.


Alex's image blurred which was followed by William.


An arc splitting fire was drawn in the air.


The sword in William's hand broke and his body flew back like a rag doll.

Fear overwhelmed Shion's mind and his heart started to beat and tried to step back with a panicked expression.

Thoughts of dying here started to fill Shion's head as he saw Alex pushing through everyone alone.

As Alex walked closer, Alex saw the silhouette of a woman appearing beside Shion.

Shion whose eyes had lost its austere suddenly brightened seeing the woman.

"Son of a bitch, how dare harbour any thought to kill my son."

Shion rushed behind his mother and shouted "Mother protects me.This bastard wants to kill me."

Aesther Raizerford, The Third wife of the Emperor.

And the mother of both Shion and Second Princess Hanna appeared before Alex who looked at him with disgust.

William ran forward and looked at everything with a complicated expression.

The gates and buildings around the space were in a mess due to the fight.

Aesther spat on the ground and shouted.

"Mannerless swine."

"What could you expect from the low bloods like you?"

"The blood of that lowly bitch who grovels under feet seems to run in your feet deeply."

"It's better she died otherwise I would.."


Aester wasn't able to finish her speech as something hit her causing her body to bounce off from the ground.

Leaving behind a trail, Aesther's body slid off against the ground like a rag doll.


Everyone's eyes widened as they saw Alex hitting one of Royal Concubine as if it was nothing.


"He is a madman."

The outrageous act was enough to make them shudder.

Hitting a prince was one thing as he may be forgiven because they are brothers at the end and fights are normal but hitting one of the wives of the Emperor without any shred of mercy.

This goes beyond common sense.

Only a senseless and a bloody psychopath could ignore everything.

If this guy can hit her then who knows he might attack even the Emperor if he went crazy.

William's eyes become bloodshot and he roared in anger"Alex, you are crossing the limit."

"How dare you raise your hands against the royal family?"

"You have already crossed my limit,"Alex shouted.

"You dare to preach sense to me when you all were the one who started this farce."

"It seems all of you have been too bored that you are trying to drag me down even when I am not in the line of succession."

"Since you dare to start this, prepare for the punishment."

Alex shouted and raised his sword.

A golden beam soared up into the sky.

Gales started to sweep everything and the sky started to roar.

"Alex came to your senses."William screamed with a horrified expression as if this attack fell, everyone here would die.

"No, I can't die."

"I am a Prince."

"I can't die like this."Shion shouted and pulled his hair out of despair.

Some started to run where some fell on their knees as they knew that they had nowhere to run.

Even half of the capital might be annihilated if this attack struck.

Seeing this, everyone understood one thing.

Monsters with blood and cruel personalities are flames that burn brilliantly.It looks great on the outside and it actually is.It also gives a sense of intimidation around it.

But this guy.

It is like frozen steel.

You don't know how cold it is until you touch it, seemingly not dangerous at all.

But the moment you touch it wrongly without knowing anything.

It eats the flesh of the person who touches it ruthlessly without any mercy.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 497 495:A Night To Remember 2