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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 494 492:The Beginning Of The Massacre

Hex's eyes widened as he heard Alex's voice.

"How dare you attack this place."

Dozens of beads of light appeared around the place and shot at Alex.

Many magic circles appeared around Alex and spewed magical attacks on him enveloping him with frightening magical energy.

Sounds of footsteps echoed and a strange sight aroused the agitation of the guards who came over.

"What are you looking at?"

"Protect His Highness?"Shen shouted with a frightened tone.

The magical energy started to disperse while Hex had an ugly look on his face.

More than ugly, he looked like a person who had got the biggest shock of his life cause even if he had bombarded spells from the blank point, the foot on his chest didn't move even for an inch.

As the fog disperses, he saw the person covered in a cloak of darkness staring at him.

"Do you think you will be safe after doing this? Attacking a Prince is a punishable offence."

"You are misunderstanding something?"

Alex looked down at him and spoke with a sneer.

"All of this is self-defence. I came here to take away the one who had been barking at me for too long but you are the one who attacked without any warning."

"And about eyewitnesses..."

Hex's eyes trembled for a moment when he heard Alex's voice.

As if looking at the surface of a lake where even the breeze does not blow, the eyes were calm and languid.

It was a look that he had never seen in his life.


A faint blast emerged.

Alex's eyes tilted as he pushed the tip of the Knights blade behind his head with his finger and scanned everything around him.

"Alex...what are you?"

With a cold voice that came out from Hex's mouth after contemplating something, Hex looked at his subordinate.

"Kill him."


Alex flicked his fingers causing the sword to break into shreds which burst the head of the person.

Alex looked down and stomped on Hex's chest with great strength.

The entire floor shook from that point causing the floor to collapse and Hex's body hit the floor below forming large cracks.

The entire floor shook and started to break down causing everyone to fall while those who were below were covered with a layer of debris.



While groans echo all around Alex, his figure slowly floats down.

The dust and debris shook and scattered as a few figures shot towards Alex.

The moment when the swords of the Knights reached right in front of Alex and were about to strike at Alex's neck.


A dark line was drawn before them.

The heads of the Knights that rushed towards them began to explode.

Soon after, the bodies of the knights who lost their heads fell to the floor helplessly and the bright red blood flowed and stained the floor.

If before Alex's attack could simply be neglected this time there was no chance of reverse as with the death of Hex people, it is either he dies here or walks out from here killing everyone.

Looking at the room that was dyed red all around, Alex looked around and smiled.

"It's gonna be fun."

"This is a conspiracy to assassinate a member of the Royal family."The Knights started to yield.

With screams, many people rushed towards Alex


A single line was drawn in the air and the knight's head fell off the body and started to roll.

It happened so quickly that the voices from the mouths of everyone who saw the scene stopped.

No one was able to figure out what happened nor were they able to see any of Alex's movements.

However, a warning bell started to ring in everyone's brain that as long as you move close to him, you are going to die.

In the silence that was created just like that, Alex shaved off the hand that had cut off Knight's head as if nothing had happened.


One of the Knights muttered but his words fell short as his head slid down the body.

Bodies started to fall one after one as Alex started to kill knights one by one.

Shen who was at the back screamed in terror while looking at Alex chopping off heads while giving him an eerie smile.

It was as if all this was just an interesting game for him.

Enemies who drew their swords were instantly cut off.


At that time a loud voice reverberated as Alex tried to kill another one.

Alex's hands stopped and he asked"Who?"

"I am the protector of His Highness of Hex."

"Stop this madness and I will turn a blind eye to all of this."

"I Vic an Imperial Protector and an Honorary Knight."He spoke trying to deter Alex.

However, contrary to his thoughts.


Alex's words baffled him and he shouted with anger.

"Cease your pursuit and apologise to His Highness and retreat.I will let it go."

"On the account of your contribution in the Western Front, I will not kill you."


An eerie laughter rang in Vic's ears , giving him goosebumps.

"Hey old fart, tell me one thing."

Alex caressed his forehead with the other hand and asked.

"Is there a word Naive written on my forehead or did you think me gullible enough to accept your words?"

"I will give you a chance.Grovel at my feet and I will spare you today on account of your old age."


Alex pulled out the head from the knight's body while a sword charged at Alex and struck him.

The sword thrown by Vic pierced Alex's body but Alex's body melted into the darkness and his body appeared right before Vic.


Vic was a Mythic rank expert but he had not expected Alex to approach him this fast.

His eyes were not able to spot Alex movements and his body failed to react properly due to the pressure radiating from Alex body.

Vic raised his fist with a bewildered expression but it was already too late.


Because Alex's blackish hand passed through the armour and pierced Vic's chest.

The light disappears from the eyes of Vic who looks at his pierced chest unable to understand anything.

Alex grabbed the heart and crushed it.

Life escaped from Vic's body and when the body of such a knight reached the floor the figure of Alex already ceased to exist in front of him.


Alex moved through the darkness and his hands caught something.

A figure appeared before him who looked at him with shock.

"Did you think I can't feel your presence just because you hide your presence?"

"I am an elder from Mage Tower."

"Answer me."


"Did you enjoy the show?"

The man was startled by Alex's words and seeing Alex's eyes he raised his cane to attack but he was too late.

Alex's hands pulsed with dark energy and moved like a ghost and went past the barrier and held his face.


Alex crushed his face which exploded like a watermelon and then Alex threw the man to the ground.

After killing many, Alex's eyes fall on the Knights stuck together in the corner while shivering like frightened sheep at the gaze of the hunter.

Behind them, Shen tried to hide while crawling on the floor trying to move away.

Alex walked towards them and a ferocious sight greeted them.

"I have overlooked your imprudence too much but a worm is like a dare to wiggle on my back."

"I have been too lenient and thought that it is a waste of time to deal with you but seeing you repeatedly looking for ways die, I will fulfil your wish today."

A cold majestic voice reverberated around the place causing everyone to tremble.


Darkness gusts forth from Alex's body.

The Knights, retorting the last resort, swung their swords at Alex.

Alex just raised his hands in response to the incoming sword filled with aura capable of decimating any opponent.

It was common sense for the Knight's sword to split Alex's hands when touched.

But the moment, the sword touched Alex's hand.


As if encountering resistance like an unbreakable wall, the sword bounced off from their hands.

The opposite reaction caused their hands to become numb and they fell to the ground while looking at the person who looked like a devil in their eyes.

Each one of them is an elite of their own and could be a figure of respect and reverence.

But before the man that exerted a suffocating pressure they looked like a frightened lamb.

From the moment the man appeared, all of them knew...

This is a madman...

A madman who goes on a rampage and stops at nothing unless he is satisfied.

Two years ago when assassins attacked him, he marched off holding a head into the throne room and after enlisting in the academy he seemed to become normal, however...

Here he is again and the reason seems to be to kill the person behind.

"Spare us. We had no hand in their schemes."

The knight's tried to plead, however...


Their necks burst and the blood splattered on Shen who trembled in fear.

Alex's feet stomped on Shen's legs who were crawling his way out.


Shen's hoarse voice was accompanied by a crackling sound as his bones broke and were crushed.

A fierce scream erupted from Shen's mouth at the rising pain but the scream didn't end.

Shen who looked up saw his vision covered by Alex's feet which descended on him.


Shen's body slurred down on the bottom.

Alex sat down on his chest.

Shen's body trembled as he looked at Alex's dark eyes which was like black hole pulling into an endless abyss.

A reddish glow started to emanate from Alex's body which caused Shen's pants to become wet.

Alex's breathing became faster and anger started to rise in his heart.

Shen tried to muster the little bit of courage and pride that was left in his heart and spoke.

"Touch me if you dare.."




Fists started to rain down on Shen one after another.

Alex controlled his strength trying not to kill him meanwhile, he started to heal him at regular intervals.


The ground started to vibrate and the whole building started to shake.

As a Mythic rank with ample amount of fat Shen fulfilled the mission of being Alex punching bag.

A deep hole had already appeared around them due to shockwaves sweeping away dust and debris.

"Spare me and I promise I will not appear in your eyes."


Shen's face was hit by Alex first which broke his front teeth.

Shen joined his hand while bursting into tears.


Alex looked at the bloodied figure.

Shen whose eyes had become hazy looked at the emotionless eyes as the beating stopped.

He thought that his pleading was fruitful.

"I have never seen a pathetic Mythic ranker like you." 𝘪𝚗𝓃𝘳ℯ𝒂d. c૦𝓂

However, Alex first fell on Shen and he started to pound into paste..

And so the pounding continued followed by frightening wails of pains of miseries ringing again and again.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 494 492:The Beginning Of The Massacre