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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 493 491:The Beast Had Been Untamed 2

The people outside could feel the chilling sensation going down their spine as they sensed something ominous appearing behind the door.

People were startled and stepped back as the door opened wondering what had happened inside.

As Alex walked out, those who stood at the front caught the glimpse of the broken statue which shocked them.

The sight of several people crowding at the front reflected in Alex's sight.

Athena's eyes widened as he saw the wound on Alex's chest had healed.

She ran over to her and asked"Did Goddess heal you?"


"She is useless."

Athena stopped in the middle while everyone flinched back when they heard a hoarse and deep voice from Alex.

Athena swallowed his saliva and noticed the change in Alex.

Previously, he had a bright and warm aura masking the bloody aura but now his body was radiating a reddish dark aura.

His eyes looked cold without any hint of feeling and she flinched back as those gazes fell on her.

Alex looked at his wives who flinched back seeing his murderous gaze.

He gave a set of instructions which startled them.

"What happens to Goddess statue?"Bishop Seril asked.

"Goddess blessed too much to the point that her statue was not able to take it any more."

"Oh!!"Bishop Seril did not know what Alex meant but he felt a hint of sarcasm from Alex's voice still seeing Alex gaze he somehow accepted this.

He frowned and felt as if today there was going to be unrest in the whole town.

"What are you going to do now?"Athena asked.

"I am going to Kill," Alex muttered following which a heavy silence lingered.


The moonlight shone brightly and the soft whines of birds and animals were the only thing that could be heard.

Inside the Second Prince Mansion.

It was quite a relaxing atmosphere.

A room that is large enough to be called a banquet room with minimal living furniture.

In such a room a man sat on an antique chair while another one sat on a sofa.


"Our recent days have been quite good."

"With the loss of personnel from the First Prince's side in the war, his position had weakened a lot and unlike him, we hadn't lost much and we still had the support of the Magic towers."

"Who told that fool to rush ahead like a hero?"

"If only that dumb Alex had not arrived, Prince Sean would have died and you would have already won the war."

"Your Highness you are really worthy of my praise.With your farsight you were able to predict the scenarios and stayed back letting others bear the brunt."

Hex nodded with a satisfied expression.

Feeling good after hearing a lot of praises from Shen, he said"It's just that my brothers are too dumb."

While Shen continued to praise him, Hex wondered about other thing..

William was still building his forces while Shion is just a useless Prince and is almost out of race.

Alex, who had shown a great amount of power, had been rendered useless and he was thinking about pressuring him from all sides.

The only thing Alex had was a kingdom which could be dealt with quite easily.

He just needed to pull some strings from behind and it will be over.

He laughed as he remembered the scene where he was begging and crying like a pitiful child whose toy had been snatched.

Alex and Riya might prove to be a danger to him in future but even this had been solved.

As per Christina, he doesn't think that she possesses any threat. If these bugs try to wriggle on him, he just needs to crush them into the dirt.

"Your Highness, since we have got precious time we should consolidate your position,"Shen muttered.

"Yeah, I have been thinking about it."

"We should take this chance and kill Sean. Before he could build up his force again, it better we get rid of him. After him, we will focus on Willian and Leia."

Hex rested on the back and started to formulate plans in his mind.

Shen beamed gleefully thinking about his prospect. π˜ͺ𝗻nπ‘Ÿeπ‘Žπ’…. π˜€π’ο½

Once Hex climbed on the throne, his life would be full of bliss.

"What a pleasant life," Shen muttered while thinking about the decision he had back then.

If he didn't stab his friend, he might have joined Sean's side and Prince Hex might be losing.

Irrespective of the cost, his bet paid off.

Shen raised his cup and spoke, "To our happy future."

Hex nodded and raised his cup"To our happy future."

However, their cups could clash with each other.


A deafening roar resounded causing the entire floor to explode followed by a wave of flames surrounding them.

The walls of the room burst out due the blasts from all around trapping them.

Hex was startled by the sudden attack, but he reacted immediately and formed a shield around him to protect himself and Shen.

The flames blinded their vision and surrounded them.

The ceiling started to collapse and fall over them.


Few moments after the explosion everything started to settle in.

"Your Highness, who could have the courage to attack you like this without fear of repercussions?"Shen muttered with a frightened expression.

Hex was also thinking about the same thing wondering who could be.


It was at that moment, a tearing sound echoed causing the space to distort.

Something black in colour flew towards them like lightning and struck the shield.

The force with which the thing collided broke the barrier and hit Hex who was taken by surprise.


Hex screamed and his body flew past the place and collided with the broken walls.


Shen, who stood rooted at the place, looked back and saw someone landing on Hex with a loud bang.

The fire that ran amok was suddenly halted by the shockwave.

Through the screen of flame, Shen finally saw the figure of the man whose body had been covered with a veil of darkness and through it he noticed long golden hairs.

Shen onto their knees with a frightened look.

"It can't be."

Hex looked up with a blurry vision which was cleared when he heard an emotionless voice.

It was a body covered in darkness through which two crimson blood-red eyes locked onto him filled with murderous intent.

"Get up."

"Cause this is just the beginning."


"Today will be the beginning of your despair."

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 493 491:The Beast Had Been Untamed 2