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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 492 490:The Beast Had Been Untamed

A deep majestic voice started to ring in Goddess Rebecca's ears which made her recall the memories of the past.

A being whose one side dazzlingly golden light was gathered while on the other side was an aura of deathly darkness.

[You might be the creator of this world but I am the Master of it.]

[Just because you have created the world doesn't mean it is yours.]

[Me and only me is the one and only unrivalled among everyone who managed to conquer everything with my sheer will and strength.]

[You might feel wrong so what?]

[It's the right of the strong to do what he wants.]

[If any of you have any dissatisfaction about this, why don't you ask this sword of mine for an answer?]

The humiliation that was etched deep in their heart which had been buried millions of years ago suddenly resurfaced.

The grandiosity on her face vanished and her eyes lost their confidence.

Cause before him stood the man carrying the same aura of the ancient being whose body was flickering with both light and darkness.

And those deadly eyes..

It was the eyes of the person who had been bored due to standing lonely on the peak without anyone to threaten it.


Darkness and Light...

Why did one need to limit himself to one if he can learn both...

According to what Alex knew, the Law of Darkness that he had been taught by the Devil was incomplete.

And on top of that, the world lacked darkness mana so he thought that the effort of cultivating the darkness was not worthwhile.

However, after meeting the God Of Death one of the obstacles that had been in his path was cleared.

It has always been complete.

The Law Of Darkness in him had always been complete after all he was the inheritor of the God Of Death whose power was beyond the current world.

That was why he was able to gain a quick understanding of Darkness when he was hit with darkness by the God Of Darkness manifestation.

Now the only thing he lacked was the source.

He needed something to store darkness mana as his body vessels are unsuitable for it.

But that was also solved by sheer coincidence.

At the moment only Alex knew how grateful he was for entering the academy and stumbling upon a theoretical aspect of storing mana in a different way.

The dagger that was struck at his chest fell leaving an opened ghastly wound with rotten flesh.

Alex's eyes became dark and the darkness that was lingering in his body started to suck into his body.

A newly formed core of black colour started to form and rotate in his body.

A dark greenish flame flickers before him.

The Seed of Darkness which contains a vast amount of mana became his nourishment.

The vast amount of darkness mana started to condense in the core.


Strong gales started to emerge from his body as darkness and light started to intertwine.

Goddess Rebecca who had seen all kinds of things in her life felt her worldview shattered by the man before him.

Even that being who was able to use both million years ago had compatibility to both unlike Alex.

Goddess Rebecca who saw the seriousness in Alex's eyes could feel that he was not joking.

She heard his voice again which was devoid of any emotion.

"There are two people in the world who one should be wary of."

"First one is the person who has nothing to lose."

"And the second one is a hero who had given up on being upright."

"And you can say that both cases apply to me."

'Ava who had been born as Riya is my everything.Losing her is losing everything.'

The subtle killing intent in his voice made her sure that he might do what he said.

"Alex, if it was about you I could have said everything as you are an exception but speaking about Riya may cause the law of casualties to act."

"There is a need to be an equal exchange."

"I see.Just because you need to waste a few powers to answer my question you were avoiding it." iπ’π˜―π™§πžπ’‚π—±. cπš˜π“‚

"So, take it."

"Huhh!"Goddess Rebecca was startled by Alex's words.

"Take the Goddess Fortune."

"If this is not enough, take Emperor Charisma and Emperor Pressure."

"I don't need some bullshit luck anymore nor do I need to maintain those facades."

Alex knew that he was never suitable to become Emperor.

An Emperor had a different kind of charisma and majesty which he never had so he used to maintain a facade by those blessings but now he doesn't need it because now he understands what he lacks and can fill up for it.

"Take this power back and in exchange just tell me where Riya is."

Goddess Rebecca stared at Alex with an inexplicable expression.

Seeing his resolute look, she closed her eyes.


Alex's body shone and a small orb flew back from his body.

Some of the blessings that were given to Alex were taken away.

"Darkness realm."

"She is there. She is alive but since it's outside our jurisdiction, we don't know how things are there but if our assumptions are correct I don't think any harm will come to her."

"I can infer that. Since they addressed her Princess instead of harming her they will try to control her just like they did to harm me."Alex spoke and turned back.

Goddess Rebecca looked at Alex who stood there silently thinking for some time and then he turned back walking towards the entrance.

"What are you going to do now?"Goddess Rebecca asked with a surprised expression.

"I have let the weeds grow too much. Before looking for Riya I will weep out every weed in my way."Alex spoke and walked back.

Goddess Rebecca watched Alex fade back with deep worry.

Those who have lost could only know the value.

Alex who had seen Ava dying before his eyes now only wanted to spend his life with his wives till death.

He does not want money, fame or power.

Alas, fate had other plans.

No matter what there would surely be pests and bugs who would try to disturb him.

His wife's presence had calmed the beast inside him but with Riya's absence, he might have let the beast inside him loose.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 492 490:The Beast Had Been Untamed