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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 491 489:Standing Against The Goddess

The world around Alex suddenly shattered like glass causing his consciousness to drift apart.

The words of God Of Death still resounded in his ears.

Darkness enveloped him and everything became blurry for an unknown amount of time.

With bewilderment, he opened his eyes which were immediately assaulted by the influx of light.

It didn't take more than a moment to focus his vision as he was used to this.

A pure white ceiling greeted him.

It was beautiful but Alex didn't have the luxury to admire it as the scene of Riya taken away started to play before his eyes.

He felt as if it had been years since he talked with the God Of Death and then went into a deep slumber.

Various thoughts flashed in his mind.He felt his mind become heavier due to the countless thoughts at the same time a new path of strength seemed to open before his eyes.

The darkness which he could only use with certain conditions now can be manipulated quite easily.

But he still needed something to store the darkness mana in a vessel because the being from light cannot store darkness and this is equally true for the other side except Riya.


A deep sense of anxiousness started to spread in his heart.

His eyes became bloodshot thinking about what Riya might be going through now.

He murmured faintly and tried to get up from the bed however, a sharp pain assaulted him causing him to groan.

The pain interferes with his sense of breathing and flow of mana.

His body seemed weak due to being unconscious.


"What is going on?"

Alex looked at the source of pain to see a black dagger embedded in his chest.


Alex turned his gaze to see his wives standing around.

Alex got up from the bed but his feet staggered down and he almost fell on the floor.

Athena reached forward and explained slowly.

"Alex, take it slow."

"The dagger contains a terrifying power that even I can't heal and it also contains a destructive aura. The dagger is deeply embedded in your heart and I fear that if I pull it out, you may die."

"It's eating away your light aura and since it's near your heart, it's trying to corrode your mana heart rendering it useless."

"I tried as hard as possible to heal but I am unable to."

"Please forgive me for my incompetence."Athena spoke with a guilty look.

Alex looked at his wives dishevelled expression.

Normally he would try to appease them but his restless heart did not allow him to do so.

Athena's worried voice echoed in his ears but he turned a blind eye to it and spoke with a solemn expression.

"What happened to Riya?"

"Is there any news about her?"

An uncomfortable atmosphere prevailed in the room.

"We don't know anything," Yvonne spoke, mustering her courage.

Alex closed his eyes and asked, "What is the recent situation?"

"Speak truth, what had been going on after the war."

Catherine explained to Alex what was going on.

Alex's eyes widened with surprise as he got to know that he had been unconscious for a month and taking this opportunity much negative propaganda had been spread around him.

Since Alex has shown what he can do, many people have already started to move to keep him in check.

It all started with Shen but Shion added some fuel to this by trying to distort the news.

Alex was naturally regarded as a Hero of the war but some people are trying to distort the truth.

Christina also informed him about what happened during the war and after he fell unconscious.

Riya who was dragged with a teary face broke down before departing after which the powerhouse of both sides departed.

Hearing about Riya kneeling on the ground and begging for his life, he clenched his fist.

"Also Ale…"

Catherine stuttered a bit, noticing Alex's cold stare.

"Alex a few days ago, Leonheart was attacked by a group and Morderk was injured."

"There was a Legendary rank enemy but fortunately he did not kill him."

"Also the neighbouring countries' troops around Leonhart have been moving."

"They are not attacking us and I feel they are instructed to harass us.The border areas have been quite restless."

"Since, you are unconscious I ordered them to keep them in check without engaging."

Athena frowned as she sensed restlessness in Alex. She was already having a bad premonition of something bad going to happen but Riya kidnapping just exceeded her imagination.

Seeing Alex keeping quiet, Athena was sure that a storm would soon blow sweeping away everything.

Alex just listened quietly with a lifeless gaze and closed his eyes.

He tried to restrain himself.

"Where are we?"

"In the Central Church, Chelsea."

"Okay!"Alex murmured and got up abruptly, surprising everyone.

"Alex, where are you going?"

"We need to take care of that wound?"Athena shouted.

"Arrange for a prayer room now. I have something urgent."Alex spoke with a cold voice.

"Alex, wait.You need to rest!"

Alex's wives started to persuade him.

"If you don't want to do it.I can only barrage forcefully."

Alex didn't listen to them and walked out of the treatment facility.

As he walked out, strong pressure started to radiate from his body, signalling everyone to move out of the way.


"What is going on?"

People in the Church looked at the commotion and were bewildered to see a man walking with a dagger stabbed in his chest from which black blood started to drip down.

Behind him, four ladies tried to stop him but it was to no avail.

The Priests were also startled by the commotion.

Alex walked towards the central prayer room.

"Sir Alex what is going on?"Bishop Sriel asked.

"I have something to resolve inside.''Alex walked past Bishop Sriel.

Alex without paying any heed to other stares walked into the prayer room and shut the door with a bang.

" Bishop Seril please let him enter.He might be praying and asking for Goddess guidance."

"Don't stop him."

Bishop Sriel nodded and decided to step back seeing Athena pleading gaze.

The commotion attracted quiet attention and many people started to gather around to understand what was going on.


Inside a white spacious room, he looked at Goddess Rebecca's statue and spoke with a sharp voice.

"Come out."

A A fierce voice echoed in the room which was followed by a deep silence.

Alex waited for a moment and seeing no response, he looked ahead with a chilling gaze.

"Didn't you hear me or are you deaf?"

"I said come out."Alex roared, causing the space to vibrate as it was unable to handle the pressure coming out from his body.

The space fluctuated and light enveloped the statute.

Goddess Rebecca, enveloped in bright light, walked out and looked at Alex with a complicated gaze.

Alex directly cut to the chase and asked.

"Where is Riya?"

"I know you know something. Now tell me where she is and why they kidnapped her."

The only thing Alex could think was that Riya wasn't affected by light.

She is a perfect being who could use both types of mana.

But the faint memory of Riya being called Princess made him wonder if there is something more than meets the eye.

"Alex, you should calm yourself first."

"You are agitated right now so you may take a wrong step now."Goddess Rebecca spoke with a pleasant tone thinking that her words may calm Alex.

However, contrary to her thought.


"Am I a kid? I will do what I think is right."

"Ohh! You must be thinking that if I die doing something useless all your investments may become futile, isn't it."

Goddess Rebecca's eyes became sharp.

"Alex, stop your madness."

"Madness...You are calling this madness."

"My wife stabbed a dagger in my heart and then she was taken away when you and everyone in the world just stood there doing nothing," Alex shouted and his breathing became rough.

"And where is that Goddess of Lust?"

"Isn't Riya her beloved daughter so what was she doing when all of this happened?"

"Don't tell me you didn't expect this?"

"You all knew about it and could have prevented this by sending an oracle but you didn't."

As Alex's voice grew louder and louder, Goddess Rebecca became annoyed.

"Hey stop staring at me and answer my damn question."Alex shouted at Goddess Rebecca.

"Alex, you are clearly overstepping your boundary."

Goddess Rebecca's voice became sharp, surprising Alex.

"We are not obliged to answer your every question. We are not your servants and you can't take out your anger when something happens to you."

"Who do you think you are?You are nothing but a mere human whom we have raised and taught."


Alex kneeled on the ground as a a powerful sense of oppression overwhelmed him.

The wound on his heart tore and blood spattered on the ground.

Alex gave Goddess Rebecca a blank look as he had never imagined that Goddess Rebecca would do this just because he asked.

''You all train me until I pass out?''

''You forced me to take care of your daughter and protect them.''

''Now when I was doing all this, was it too much to ask you for more information.''

"Since you expect something from me, shouldn't you also show some sincerity?"

''But instead of stepping forward, you were busy playing the games behind the scenes."


Alex burst into laughter and muttered madly.

"It seems that he was correct."

"I have really become a pushover after being tamed."

Goddess Rebecca frowned seeing Alex laughing like a maniac.

She panicked and thought that she might have pushed this too far.



A deafening roar resonated and a ray of light was shot from Alex.

The figure of Goddess Rebecca made of light popped like watermelon and the ray hit the Goddess statue shattering it into pieces.

Goddess Rebecca condensed once again and she shouted.

"Alex what the hell....."


The entire room became dark suddenly.

Her body froze as she saw Alex's figure standing right before her emitting a deadly killing intent with dark eyes.

An eye that doesn't give a damn about anything reflected in Goddess Rebecca's vision.

"That look…"

"Why…Why do you have that look?"

It cannot be..

It's now possible.

'No this might be just a coincidence.There is no way it is possible.'

'I must calm down.I am Goddess and I should maintain the dignity of one.'

She tried to assure her however as she raised her head.

Her body jolted in fear seeing those eyes.

Languid gaze as chilly as everlasting coldness.

Gaze filled with confidence of being unrivalled and undefeatable.

A memory of the past that was hidden deep inside her heart which she had buried resurfaced again in her eyes.

"Do you think, if you did not teach me.I would be a pathetic bug who could be trampled by anyone as long as he wishes."

"I have been too soft on you."

"Look carefully.This is something which neither you nor The Devil had taught me and now…"

"Tell me.."

"What would happen if I wipe out every single statue and Church under your existence and hunt everyone who dares to worship you until you answer my question."

"Would not be fun?"

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 491 489:Standing Against The Goddess