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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 487 485:Unseen Memories 2


The sound of a fist hitting the walls, again and again, reverberated back.

The sound was quite loud and echoed through the hallway but oddly enough no one paid attention to it as if it never existed.

Alex breathed heavily wondering what was going on.

It had been 6 hours since Ava died after squeezing out those words.

Alex, who watched her die again, hit the wall angrily but there wasn't even a dent in it and what he felt was immense pain.

He had lost his strength and was now at a normal level of human and could feel pain and all sorts of stimulation but weirdly, no blood is shed after being hurt.

No matter how immense the pain was, it would subside after some time and no matter how broken he was, his body would come out fine.

Due to the sheer frustration of being unable to get out, he even tried to commit suicide and jumped from the top of the roof.

On hitting the ground an immense pain as if all of his existence was torn apart coursed through his body and his vision became blind for some time but still, he was in one piece at the end.

The second thing he noticed was that he couldn't interfere with living beings or touch them. π™žπ“·π™£r𝚎π“ͺ𝑑.οΌ†nbsp;π’Έπ—Όπ’Ž

He tried to throw a chair at his pathetic self who was sitting down on the bench like a soulless puppet but it went past him and after some time, the chair appeared in the place where it was.

It looked as if some sort of law was trying to keep him from interfering.

This causes him immense frustration.

He doesn't know what was going on.

He doesn't know how to get out.

He doesn't know what the hell he was doing here.

He didn't know a damn thing except to watch this pathetic scene which made him want to dig out his eyeballs and throw them away.

Just catching a glimpse of Ava's dead body caused his heart to burst apart.

The only good side of all this was that he was happy to see that he had still lingering emotions about Ava.

If there was not an ounce of sadness after watching this scene that must mean that his love for Ava was all deception and it was not love but just a fleeting emotion of attraction to her beauty.

But to his relief, he was not. He is still as was as the day she died.

Walking toward his previous one who sat on the chair with a hollow expression, he screamed"Son of bitch just get up."

"I know you are sad but at least give her a proper burial."

"It had been six hours you pathetic bastard. Will you let her body rot?"Alex shouted with an enraged tone.

But no matter how angry he was, his voice couldn't reach George, who sat there like a statue.

Alex just stood there walking to and fro contemplating many things.

Like this, another two hours passed.

"Did I behave like that?"

At first, he was sceptical but the more he watched the more curious he became.

For him, this had happened a long time ago and only some bits of memories were in his mind.

"I thought I cried a lot that day and after burying her, I immersed myself in drinking alcohol to forget the pain and became an addict to the point that I got into an accident."

But now that he thought about it, he felt quite absurd.

He more than anyone else knew just how precious Ava was to him and her words was law.

Since he had promised her that he will lead a fulfilling life, he must have tried. Even though it was for a moment, he would have surely tried but now that he thinks about it, all he remembered was immersing himself in drinking in pain.

Alex muttered and looked at George again.

He hadn't shed a single tear but Alex could feel the pain and suffering in those eyes. It was like a huge water body stopped by the dam.

'There is something odd here.'

Alex who was grumbling till now stopped complaining and decided to take a closer look at the world outside.


An old man dressed in a white coat walked towards George and patted him.

"George, I am sorry to ask but just how long are you going to stay like this?"

"I am sorry for being unable to save her."

"Every day we encountered people whom I desperately wanted to save and give our best but in the end, we couldn't do anything."

George's hollow eyes fluttered and he looked at the doctor with a blank expression.

"George, you have to live up."

"You can't go on like..."

The old man wasn't able to finish the sentence as his body froze.

And it wasn't only him but everything around the place that froze as if time had stopped.

Alex's eyes widened as he noticed the supernatural activity which shouldn't have been possible in the previous world.

George gawked at the scene and stood up.

He looked around frantically with a panicked expression.

At that moment, like a whisper of the devil, words echoed in George's mind which was also heard by Alex.

"Do you want to save her?"

"I can bring her back."

"Who are you?"George spoke with a nervous expression.

"I am telling you if this is a prank, I swear that this will not end well."

"This is not a joke "

"I don't joke on heavy matters like death."

"If you want to say something, come forward."

"Where are you hiding?"

As George roared in anger, the space before George fluctuated a man with dark hair and pale skin appeared.

Dark hazy fumes covered his face and he was dressed in neat attire.


George screamed in pain witnessing the horrifying scene making his scalp numb.

He staggered backwards and almost fell to the ground.

As the man started to walk forward.

George crouched back slowly.

His body was drenched in sweat and he screamed as if his heart was about to come out of his mouth.

George, whose body was shaking crazily, was finally stopped when the man waved his hand.

George suddenly felt that his nerves had calmed down automatically.

"What did you do with me?"

"I have calmed you down, George?"

"My aura makes others tremble."

"I lurked in the shadows of everyone waiting for the time to come."

"I am The God of Death."

George who heard his words felt the world spinning around him and suddenly lost consciousness as his brain was unable to cope with the man's sudden appearance.

Meanwhile, Alex, who stood there like a statue, could feel the terrifying aura from that man which was turning his leg jelly.

His presence was similar to Devil but the man seemed to be more frightening than the Devil.

Alex's mind might be still alright but his body which had gone back to normal was shaking heavily.

Alex looked at the man back and could see through the haze.

Behind the haze was the face of a man who had black pupils and Alex could feel that the pupils of the man's eyes were slowly tilting towards him. There was a small smile on his lips as his eyes matched Alex's eyes.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 487 485:Unseen Memories 2