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A blurry scene of Riya kneeling on the ground while sobbing was the last thing he could perceive before he lost the sense of the world.

It was as if everything in the world had come to a standstill and vanished leaving him alone.

Darkness engulfed his vision once again.

With pitch darkness all around, he could feel his body floating without any resistance.

This had happened to him so many times that now he was oddly familiar with it.

Every time he passed out after over-exerting himself, he would fall into an endless abyss while a certain memory deep inside his heart would resurface or he would meet someone.

And although his consciousness was blurry, the scene of Riya being snatched before his eyes forced his consciousness to stay awake in the void.

And then a bright light exploded again covering everything.


Alex opened his eyes and was startled by the bright influx of light that almost hurt his eyes.

He rubbed his eyes while wondering what kind of light it was as the light that emerged from Goddess's appearance was mostly made of mana which is quite subtle and refreshing.

Alex who was rubbing his eyes was suddenly assaulted by the pungent smell of disinfection which made him nauseous and it was followed by a beep, beep mechanical sound ringing in his ears.

He slowly opened his eyes, squinting in an attempt to sharpen the blurred images before him.

A terrible headache that seemed to split his mind apart came out of nowhere.

He rested his hand on the wall to support himself.

Alex held his head with another and took a deep breath to glance around but as soon as he tilted his head, his body froze like a statue.

Cold sweat dropped from his head and he looked around as if he had become crazy.

"This can't be."

He glanced around the deserted blue-and-white colouring scheme hospital while doctors were taking in patients hurriedly.

"What...What is going on?"Alex uttered with a dumbfounded expression and looked straight.

He stood before the bluish-colour door on which chamber number 225 was printed.

Alex's hand which rested on the door was retracted and he stepped back.

"No, it can't be."

"Am I in a dream world or has someone attacked me by peeling into my memories?"

"Or did I go back in time?"

Alex's head spun for a moment as countless ill-fated scenarios emerged in his mind.

Trying to affirm his suspicions Alex gathered his courage and thought of confronting the nightmare that was behind the door.


He opened the doorknob and entered inside.

Alex's heart almost stopped as she saw the figure that lay on the bed.

The woman in bed seemed to age a lot and looked quite old and fragile. While her heart beats stubbornly in her fragile chest, her skin looked so weak that it could be ruptured by just a simple touch.

Even in her haggard appearance that was supported by the machines she still looked quite beautiful.

Her eyes wandered around the window with a blank expression that seemed to have lost all the emotions a person has.

Alex felt that his heart would burst apart.

"I thought I was already used to it still when I saw this, I...I felt that it should have been me instead of you."

All the anguish in his heart disappeared leaving behind a deep sorrow.

Alex raised his voice and called her name"Ava, Ava, can you hear me? It's.."

Alex was cut in the middle as the door behind him opened with a small bang and the figure went past Alex towards Ava.

Alex was startled to see the man passing through him and slump down near Ava with a teary expression.

Alex who looked at the back was familiar with the person.

"George...No, I mean me."

"Just what is happening here?"Alex muttered and looked around.

The place and everything looked around the same.

Alex reached towards them and tried to hold his shoulder.

However, his hands passed through George's body as if he was just a spirit.

Alex whose mind was clouded with confusion heard a painful groan which caused him to murmur" Please don't let me watch this."

"Please take me out of here."

He prayed sincerely for a miracle however his wish only remain a wish and he was forced to watch the scene which caused him to break down once again.

"Ava, please don't leave me."

"Don't die."

"Just hold on. I am sure there is something that can cure you."

"We just need some time."

George held Ava's hands and cried painfully.

His tears soaked the blanket over Ava.

The scene felt quite nauseous and suffocating for Alex who was looking at it from afar.

Ava, whose expression was quite blank, suddenly changed and a beautiful smile bloomed on her face as if she had never been in pain.

In her state, the smile on her face seemed to form with a lot of strength.

The smile may look beautiful but the pain hidden behind that smile wasn't something a person could imagine.

Unless you have gone through such a thing, you cannot experience the pain and loneliness of those who suffer while spending their lives on hospital beds waiting for their death to slowly approach and take them away from this bleak world freeing them from the endless suffering.

Ava tried to hold George's hands tightly with her trembling hands.

"George, promise me one thing."


"Tell me.."


"What do you want Ava? Tell me?"

"I will do everything in my capability to fulfil your wish."

"Promise me, George?"

"Promise me George that you will live a fulfilling life in case I pass away."

"Avaaaaa!"George roared with a panicked expression.

"Don't say that."

"You can't lose hope?"

"I am just saying but can't you just keep a simple promise?"Ava spoke with a saddened expression.

"Promise me."

Fearing her condition might get worse George nodded his head again and again.

"I will lead a fulfilling life."

"Are you happy now?"

"Yes!"Ava nodded with a satisfied expression as if a huge burden had been lifted from her heart and spoke.

"I want you to know that I love you."

"I love you so much."

"And I swear that even in my next life, you will be the only one I will love, "Ava repeated the words as a broken record and tears flowed down her cheek.



"Ava speak something. Doctor...Doctor" George screamed with an alarmed expression and run out to call for the doctor.

The alarming sound that resounded from the machine started to repeat as Ava's heart rate started to decrease rapidly.

George's scale became numb and his body shuddered when he saw the ECG declining.

A group of doctors along with nurses rush in to take check her condition and declared that it was an emergency and tried to stabilise her condition however no matter how hard they tried everything was for naught.

Alex, who watches the scene from the back, leaned back on the wall and closed his eyes, unable to watch it anymore as he knew what was coming before him next.

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