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"It's finally over."

Alex exhaled deeply and sighed as drowsiness started to hit him.

He hadn't wasted even a second since he had entered the pocket dimension nor did he have a wink of sleep during the past six months.

Alex turned back and waved his hand with a smile to signal that everything was over.

Seeing his smile, relief washed over Christina and Athena.

Alex walked towards them and spotted Sean and others who had dazed expressions on their faces.

"Hey, you are in charge of cleaning the mess."

"Don't expect anything else from me. I have done my task."

Alex spoke light-heartedly, then heard a scream from somewhere and his eyes fell on bewildered Shion.

"Who are you?"

Alex raised his brows as he saw Shion angered expression which looked like a child throwing a tantrum.

"You can't be Alex."

"Alex is dead."

"Just who the hell are you and why are you impersonating him."

Shion muttered and his eyes shone as if he understood something.


"I got it."

"You are impersonating Alex so that you can embrace the beauties."

Alex, who heard some useless accusations, felt his blood boil and looked at Sean.

"Can we kill him here?"

"I will make sure that there are no witnesses."

"We can't do that," Sean said with a blank expression.

"Shion, just stop it."

"No one is in the mood to soothe your tantrum."

"What do you mean brother?"Shion shouted and pointed at Alex.

"We should investigate him. There is no way he can become so powerful and if he was alive what the hell was he doing when our troops were dying."

"If you have that much power you should have stepped forward before but you just hid in the hole waiting for an opportunity to come out and behave like a hero."

Alex raised his fist as he didn't want to waste his time arguing but stopped when he heard a small thud beside him.

Shion froze for a moment as soon as he saw the figure.

Jealousy rose in his heart seeing her.

Alex looked back and saw Riya's dishevelled expression.

Her figure was drenched in blood and her body was shaking a bit as if she had encountered something horrible.

"Riya, what happened?"Athena asked with a worried tone.

'Nothing bad had happened till now so why is my heart screaming.'Athena murmured inwardly.

Riya struggled to take a step.

Seeing this Alex reached for her and dragged her towards him for a hug.


Stuttering a bit Riya hugged him and wept suddenly confusing Alex.

It was a shaky voice with wet tears which caused him to tighten his arms around her.

"Did you encounter something terrible?"

"Don't worry, we will get through it. We can talk about it after you calm down."


The shock was so great that Riya burst into tears

"Kis...Kiss me."

Alex was taken by surprise by Riya's words, still seeing her sorry state, he did what she said.

Riya's hand groped his chest and at the next moment, Alex suddenly heard Christina's voice.

Followed by the voice, Alex felt a sharp pain in his chest and as he looked down he saw Riya's previous dagger Kiss of Death embedded in his chest.

Alex's eyes stared blankly at Riya wondering what happened.

Even Riya couldn't believe what she had done and her eyes opened wide.

One of her hands tightly clutched the hands that stabbed the dagger to the point that blood oozed out from the arm.


Riya shrieked and her body jolted and she jumped back in fear with a pale expression.

Alex coughed dark blood and saw veins of dark colour bulging all over his body.


"Alex...My Alex...No...No...No!"

"Stopppp!"Riya wailed in pain and pulled her hair in despair as if she had gone mad.

"Alexx!" Christina jumped up and held Alex who staggered and almost fell.

Athena cast light over Alex however it was to no avail as the wounds didn't go.

"How can this be.."

"It's not healing."Athena squirmed in shock and her eyes became moist.

Sean and others jumped forward wondering what happened.

"Riya, how can you do this?"Christina shouted while Sean knights rushed towards Riya to restrain her.

However, their bodies froze in the middle and a portal appeared behind Riya and two figures walked out from it.

Sean's eyes widened as he felt the fluctuation coming from them.

"Supreme Realm expert."

The entire space was enveloped with strong pressure.

Alex murmured while trying to maintain his consciousness from fading away.

"What is going on?"

The two Supremes held Riya as if they were going to take her.

"Stop! What have you done to me?"Riya screamed trying to push them away.

"Alex, please believe me, I can never hurt you. My body is working on its own."

"Sorry Princess, we have to take you with us. Please understand, we are just doing our duty."One of the Supreme ranked experts murmured.

"Princess..what Princes..."

"You are mistaken."

"We are no..."

His words were cut short by lighting showers.

"Who gave you the courage to run amok in our territory."

Followed by the voice, countless obscure figures appeared in the sky.

The sky started to rumble as if it was going to break apart, unable to tolerate the pressure of the gathered individual.

The pressure that bored everyone disappeared with their appearance.

"Human Supremes don't interfere."

"We swear in the name of our Gods that we will not harm anyone. We will just take her and go back peacefully."

"We don't want any war or bloodshed."

"And if we don't agree with you."A figure's cold voice resounded in everyone's ears.

"Then there will be a bloodbath. If we fight here you know better than anyone else that the Princes of Kinley would be killed along with their troops in the aftermath of the battle."

"Can you handle the consequences?"

Alex, who heard all this, tried to stand up.

"Please help her."

"I will owe you a favour," Alex said, trying to suppress his pain.

"Since they are taking her, she might be very precious to them. We can't let her be taken away so I ask you all to stop them from taking her."



Alex's condition worsened as a sharp pain assaulted his mind causing his vision to become dark and the flesh in his chest started to rot.

"Damnnn!"Athena gritted her teeth and applied a healing spell.

"It's not working," Christina muttered with a panicked expression.

Athena bit her lips, feeling her helplessness to cure him.

Seeing this was not working, Athena pressed her palms on his chest and poured out a greenish light.

Christina's eyes widened as she saw Athena using her life force to heal Alex.

For the Supreme, it was a trivial thing as they had lived for countless ages and watched many people dying.

Still, Alex's words drew the attention of the Supreme as his words were somehow correct.

Since the other side was making a move, she might prove to be an important asset.

Pondering for a moment, they looked at the battlefield after arriving at the same conclusion.

"We will live right to decide to the Princes since they are the ones who represent us."

Their speech hadn't even finished, when Shion raised his voice.

"I reject it. I don't want to take the risk for her."

"I also think the same. Single life doesn't take precedence over a million. I don't have the right to put others in danger just for her who is nothing to me."William spoke.

"Me too."Hex finished in one sentence while giving Riya a complicated gaze.

After this everyone looked at Sean who just stood there blankly.

He looked at Alex who had passed out and was bleeding profusely.

"Does my opinion matter? The majority are already against it."Sean spoke, gritting his teeth.

"S, it's decided."


Riya, who was held by them, cried and begged them.

"Please, I beg you."

"I will go with you and do as you say but at least save him."

"Don't kill him."Riya cried and kneeling on the ground, she hit her head on the ground.

"Please let him live."

The two people glanced at each other for a moment and spoke.

"He is not going to die nor is he going to wake up anymore. Only those who have the power of darkness could resist it but at least he is not going to die." πš’π’π“ƒπ“»eπ‘Žπ™™. π™˜ο½π‘š

"Now let's go, Princess. Many people are waiting for you."With this, the two people pulled Riya and their figure disappeared behind a portal.

The Supreme rank people sighed heavily and looked at Alex's figure.

And then all the obscure figures disappeared leaving behind a gloomy atmosphere.

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