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Ignis felt as if the person before him wasn't a human but rather a god.

His presence felt unfathomable and the powers shown by the human were unreachable for him in his entire lifetime.

He had tried and done many things to become stronger and finally reached here after countless struggles but even after all of this fell, he fell short of his goal.

Feeling the fear of death he had no choice but to ask for mercy. Even if he had pride, what can he do after all his pride would save him from this situation?

He begged for his life while on the other hand, he tried to hide the fact of absorbing power from behind.

The meat puppet he was using had a special means to absorb the life of others and become stronger.

He tried to absorb the power of demons behind him trying to shake away Alex's attention.

Alex grinned as the petty tricks didn't go unnoticed in his eyes.

"Nice, you have some good tricks under your sleeve."

"I will give you a chance."

An icy cold voice rang in Ignis's ears.

"Show me!"


"Show me what you can do?"

"Entertain me?"

A deep silence lingered for a moment and Ignis felt he had heard something wrong.

Seeing his curiosity, Alex said"It's been a while since I wielded this power. I want to enjoy myself thoroughly so I am giving you a chance to hit me with everything you have got."


Light returned to his eyes and he found the situation extremely funny.

"Since you want to die, I will fulfil this last wish of yours, "Ignis shouted and raised his arms.

A strong suction force emerged from him creating a huge whirlpool trying to drag everyone who was close by.

Alex waved his hand creating a wall to block the people on his side.

"Sir, what are you doing?"

The demons screamed at the top of their voice as they felt their life being drained slowly.

"Sir, stop it."

"We are going to die "Halton's eyes fluttered while he screamed frantically.

"Shut up and be my nourishment."

The demons try to resist but their life force was drained from them forcibly leaving behind dried corpses.

"Sacrifice your life for the greater cause, "Ignis shouted and then his figure started to enlarge and a dark veil started to cover it.

Alex tilted his eyes as he found that it was similar to his way of draining dark death mana from life force when there is no source.

'But how did this guy know the method?'

Alex suppressed his curiosity as he saw a gigantic figure formed rising towards the sky.

A huge shadow was formed on the ground that covered everyone and a frightening sensation washed over everyone.

The shadow enveloped everyone in the nightmare as they felt that this might be the end of their for real.

The entire sky became dark as even the rays of the sun were also covered and everything became dark.

"You are still wet behind your ears. Even if you are strong, you are quite immature. You shouldn't have given me this chance."

"Foolish human, you will suffer my wrath."

"Die along with everyone."

"Is this it?"

Ignis, who was drunk in his power, was startled by Alex's words and all the confidence he had gathered by absorbing the life forms suddenly faltered.

"Uhhh.."Ignis' eyes shook as he wondered whether his strength still lacked to deal with the human.

Alex, who was about to speak, suddenly closed his lips and grasped his shock.

His eyes enlarged and his expression changed a bit.

'Something is wrong with me.'

'Why am I giving him a chance to fight? There was no need for it? Even if I want to enjoy it there is no reason to do this when my wives are exhausted and need rest.'

'Damn, it seems I am being influenced somehow.'Alex asked himself as he knew that he had never been arrogant in his life even after defeating the Goddess.

This meant that something inside him had changed and it happened somehow when that slut provoked me.

"I should wrap up."

Alex muttered and grabbed the air in front of him as if pulling something and pulling his hand down, his silhouette disappeared.

At that moment Alex appeared before Ignis whose eyes fluttered relentlessly as he witnessed an overflowing power from the person in front of him.

The empty air in between Alex's hands glowed and a bright light condensed taking the form of a magnificent sword that seemed to gleam joyfully.

"Stop it.."

"I surrender.."

Ignis screamed with a panicked expression as he felt his existence was in peril.

Alex raised his hand in which a sword pointed towards the sky.

A huge golden beam of condensed mass of energy shot out from the sword towards the sky which was accompanied by the deafening roar of heaven.

The sky seemed to be torn by the beam emitting a loud tremble.

Flashes of lightning blazed the sky.

Heavy gales started to blow from all around signalling the forthcoming destruction.

It was a marvellous sight that turned people's legs soft causing them to sit down while the expression of many waa dyed with awe and reverence.

"Excalibur!" Alex shouted and slashed the sword.

Ignis tried to fight by throwing everything he had got and also burnt his lifespan to generate more power.

However, everything he did was for naught.

The beam of golden light directly poured on Ignis tearing him apart and sweeping him away like dust.

The ground exploded and was pulverised immediately into countless pieces. The beam of light extended for many kilometres and destroyed everything in the path.

The army of the Demon who bear the full brunt of the attacks was instantly annihilated and wiped out of existence.

The miasma and dark mana hovering around was also filtered as shockwaves of light radiated all around blinding everyone's vision for a moment.

Destruction on a large scale that could wipe out an entire Kingdom unfolded which almost reached Arkham as the bright light extended throughout the border.

Alex's body descended and the bright light that enveloped him disappeared leaving an exhausted look on his face.

As the light dispersed, Alex saw the residue of the demon's corpse and a saw chunk of flesh from which a transparent dark mist was pouring out endlessly.

"You are still alive."

Alex murmured while walking toward it and tore through the scarps of flesh and a figure similar to a skeleton appeared in his eyes.

"So, this is how you look like Ignis."

Alex muttered as he saw a sunken figure with strings attached to meat used as a puppet.

Alex looked at the source of the dark mist and pulled out a dark greenish orb that contained dark energy.

'So, this the seed of darkness.'Alex murmured and after putting it in the box, threw it into the storage ring.


"You will die cruelly."

"Unfortunately you are not going to stay alive to see that day," Alex muttered and flames emitted from his body devoured Ignis.

"Give my greeting to the devil."

Alex smirked as Ignis struggled and a series of screams and wails resounded throughout the space.

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