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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 483 481:One Sided Thrashing

The system wasn't the only one that was surprised as even the Goddesses were shocked to the point that their jaw dropped wide seeing the situation.

The Excalibur used by the Goddess Of War wasn't a physical entity. It was a manifestation of her power in the form of a sword.

Excalibur was the symbol of her presence which contained a great amount of Power Faith and Divinity.

And Alex's goal was exactly this Power Of Faith.

The Power Of Faith was such a miraculous energy, that it could achieve anything that one desires as long as it doesn't interfere with the law of casualties of the world.

When the Goddess Of War sent him Excalibur, it carried a hint of her power and Alex exactly aimed for that power to make his own.

The Goddesses might have never imagined that he could use the Power Of Faith.

But contrary to their belief, he could use it quite well.

He had always wondered how the system works, what it was made of and how it operated.

His system is like a vessel that had been trapping his power made of the Power Of Faith and used his powers stored in it as a battery.

That means once Alex squeezed everything out of it, the system would disappear from the world.

Instead of using Excalibur, Alex absorbed the Power Of Faith and manipulated it to draw some strength from the system forcibly where using the remaining to strengthen his body to adapt his body.

Even though he had not become too powerful. It was enough for him to defeat this person.

He didn't know whether he could heal his body using this as it was essentially a form of the light element so instead of taking a risk, he reverses the time of his body where he wasn't injured.

The wounds on his body also disappeared and his body felt new.

He felt fresh and alive though his body might crumble after finishing all this.

Ignis whose left arm had disappeared, felt his power going amok and scatter.


Ignis exhaled deeply while looking ahead stupidly completely unaware of the situation.

"How did you heal your wounds?"

"And what is that power?"

He blabbered stupidly with a dumbfounded expression.

Suddenly, his vision was distorted with a tremendous shock.

A new type of sensation spread through his body that constantly dug into him while he smashed up a rocky mountain.

"What happened?"

Ignis who barely understood the current situation only after digging almost to the centre of the rocky mountain, distorted the entire place around him to shake off Alex's hand holding his head.

A thousand hands wriggled from his skin and were covered by a dark aura that transformed into various types of weapons inserted towards Alex trying to pierce through his skin and cut him apart.

Black orbs surrounded Alex and then started to rain down on him carrying condensed energy of destruction.

At that time, Alex gently lifted his opposite hand and grabbed Ignis's head upwards and then lightly grabbed it as it was.

That moment...

The weapons of hands that were being shot towards Alex and the black orbs of energy disappeared from everyone's view.

Ignis' eyes widened at the sight that was incomprehensible to common sense and roared in anger.

A chain of waves of light erupted from Alex's hands which were still holding Ignis's head.

Holding the nape of his neck, Alex clobbered Ignis on the ground making him taste dirt.

As a result, Ignis breaks through the floor and begins to sink endlessly to the ground which starts to crack forming a bottomless pit.


In the end, Ignis barely escapes after sacrificing a part of his body to widen his distance from Alex frantically.

Alex clicked his tongue as he saw a clump of flesh in his hand wrapping itself around his arm and trying to explode.

Alex clenched his fist and with a blinding flash, the lump of rotten meat disappeared.

Ignis' body was almost destroyed by the brief clash and stared at Alex with bloodshot eyes.

Ignis who used to be arrogant enough to hate even a single grain of dust on his body was now thrashed on the ground again and again like rags.

"Foolish human, you dare treat me like this, "Ignis screamed and took out a dark ring that gave off an ominous presence.

"Take this bastard?"

Ignis shattered the jewel on the ring and following this, the area around started to distort and collapse revealing an army of hundreds of thousands of phantoms.

It looked as if a mythical heavenly army was coming down to punish the world.


Desperate voices came out from people's mouths as they saw waves of disaster filling their entire vision unfolding before them.

While everyone's expression crumbled and each of them looked at Alex straight back shining brightly, Alex's lips curled upwards.

He felt as if he had found a sense of freedom with nothing to worry about.

He didn't remember how long it had been since he had felt this feeling of superiority of dominating his enemies.

Alex's eyes scanned the thousands of individuals marching towards him.

These phantoms don't have a physical manifestation still they carry a great amount of power however they are also quite easy to deal with.

"Cheap tricks."

'Hmmm! Let's use that, I haven't used it since I arrived here. I was too weak to take a peek into the flow of the world.'

'Maybe I can just take a glance now.

With that though, Alex's hands reached forward lightly.

There is a flow to everything in the world such as fate, atmosphere and also life.

If the flow stops the world would stop functioning and everything existing in that flow might disappear.

So, what if the flow goes beyond stopping and disappears after being obstructed?

It's like forcing something to break and crumble.

Alex closed his eyes.

His mind became blank and everything around him became dark.

While everything ceased to exist, countless thin threads intertwined in his vision.

Some were thin, some were thick and some were clumped together.

Alex tries to peek at the flow and feels his mind clouded with various types of information, each one of them being too heavy for him.

'One strike is enough.'

Alex outstretched his hand and formed a blade with his sharp aura, he slowly reached for a few threads and slashed it.


After Alex finished his simple gesture which seemed to be filled with wonder and shock for others.

There was no explosion.

There was no light or sound.

Everything became enshrouded with a deathly silence for a moment.

But the result was far beyond anyone's imagination.

As if it didn't exist in the first place.

A hundred thousand phantoms driving and rushing towards Alex disappeared without leaving any trace.

Under everyone's bewildered expression, everything before them disappeared in an instant and terrifyingly they couldn't even sense a hint of mana fluctuations, still, their heart screamed wildly as if they had witnessed the peak of world powers.

Hex's expression turned ugly and he clenched his fist annoyingly as for the first time in his life, he felt inferior to someone.

He could feel the tremendous gap that had suddenly appeared between him and the man who appeared out of nowhere and shocked the world.

At the same time, a sense of crisis suffocated him wondering about the events that were about to come after this.

Ignis pulled his hair in despair, unable to understand what had happened in an instant.

Feeling that he may die for real, he screamed and even thought of begging for his life because the man before didn't look human in any way.

Rather than human, he looks like an embodiment of death who had come to take his life.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 483 481:One Sided Thrashing