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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 482 480:The Descent Of Excalibur


Two images flickered in the vast place as they went rampant.


The sword in his hand shattered into pieces and the broken shards struck him tearing his skin.

"Damn it!"

"My sword is broken again," Alex complained and sat down while giving the Goddess Of War a sharp look.

"Don't look at me like that?"

"You lose because you are weak."

"Hmm!" Alex snorted and spoke.

"I lost because of my weapon. Your weapon seemed to be one of the strongest weapons."

"If I have your Excalibur, I can defeat you easily."

Goddess Of War raised her brows and sneered on hearing his words.

"Do you want this sword?"

Alex's gloomy expression brightened on hearing her words and he jumped up from his place.

"Can I use it?" Alex asked with an excited expression.

Goddess Of War nodded and Alex moved forward to receive it.

As Alex's hands were about to touch the sword, the Goddess of War spoke"I will let you use it after you defeat me."


"What! Cheating"

Alex screamed as the sword struck him and blinded his vision.

The Goddess Of War who spoke casually had never expected that she would be defeated but since she was defeated by Alex, she had to keep her word.

As she remembered that scene she wondered why she made such a promise.

In The Temple of Goddess Of War.

It was a usual day for the priest and clergy who were doing their duty while people visited and offered their prayers to Goddesses and wished to get stronger and get her guidance.

While devotees and Priests were engaging in their day-to-day duties, a bright light erupted from the Prayer room containing the Goddess Statue.

"Hey, what is going on?"

"Is there going to be a revelation?"

As the priest murmured with a confused expression startled by the sudden influx of light, the entire Church started to shake.

The Priest made their way to the room but a strong barrier stopped them from advancing.

Inside the room, the statue of the Goddess of War moved.

With a creaking sound, the statue came to life as a bright light poured directly from the sky.


The Goddess Of War looked ahead and her eyes transverse a great distance and fell on the battlefield.

She took a step and raised the hand containing the bow and then raised the other hand containing the sword and then took the stance and placed the sword on the bow like an arrow.

"Go Excalibur!"

She released the sword and it shot towards the sky passing over the Church ceiling.

The sound released by the shot shocked the entire capital and chaos descended all around.

People flocked out of their houses in fear of earthquakes destroying their homes.

However, as soon as they stepped out their eyes widened as they saw a trail of light rushing above the sky with a momentum that seemed to be splitting the sky.


Alex, who was hit by the sphere, groaned with a frustrated expression as he found that the healing spell didn't work on him anymore.

And every time he used a light element, a part of it was eaten by the poison-containing dark mana that is invading his body.

Though it wasn't fatal still it harmed him from fully using his power which left him with two options.

That is to use the power of darkness which he cannot use now as there are many eyes on him.

The second option was to use an external power source to generate the light element and struck Ignis.

After pondering, he arrived to use the last option.

The Excalibur of Goddess Of War could collect divinity as well as energy from life forms around it.

To use Excalibur he needs to be in the Mythic realm otherwise his body would burst just by holding the sword.

Although he is not at Mythic rank, his body is way stronger than a Mythic realm expert due to the torture training and this is the reason why he was still in one piece otherwise each blow of Ignis contains enough strenght to destroy a Mythic rank.

Concluding that, he quickly called for Excalibur as he had already cleared the condition for using Excalibur.

Ignis, who saw Alex's motion, sneered and spoke: "Whom are you calling for help?"

"Let me tell you there is no one who can save you from you?"

"Unless there is a Saint realm, your death is certain."

"Now die bug," Ignis muttered and raised his palm on which a dark orb started to take shape.

"I also wanted to say the same for you."

Alex spat back as he tried to get up with staggering steps.

"Your death is certain."

Ignis, who was about to attack, felt that the laws that were made up began to twist due to the presence of something that was beyond common sense.


A space that vibrates like crazy and time slows down slowly.

The eyes of the people shook and the demon's mouth gradually opened wide.

Christina and Athena who tried to step up with their ragged figure with urgent expressions stopped.


Athena's eyes trembled as she felt a great mass of concentrated divinity whose power was enough to twist the flow of the world approaching them.

The mass of divinity also contained the Power Of Faith that shouldn't be present in the world.

The unusual occurrence didn't go unnoticed in the eyes of countless hidden figures whose gaze locked on the thing that was not of the current world.

A Power that can be utilised only by Gods

At that moment Ignis, who was quite close to Alex, felt an ominous feeling conveyed by the strange phenomenon.

"What is this?"

Bright light fell on the place Alex stood and engulfed him entirely

As he spat out the question, Ignis looked at Alex who had already stood up.

Something was strange.

As he wondered, everything slowly started to disappear.

The ground, the people around them and even the energy compressed in his palm that was aiming for Alex's life.

All of them vanished as if they had never existed.

It felt as if the person before him had given up the battle but this made him more anxious than ever.


'And what was that bright light.'

Ignis had opened all his powers but he still felt insecure about it.

It was a very bizarre situation but Ignis dispelled such anxiety.

Except for those of the Overlord realm, no one could give him this feeling.

Soon afterwards his fingers pointed at the heart of Alex and the enormous energy he possessed began to coalesce.

"I will finish this right now."

A cold voice was about to come out from Ignis's mouth.



There was no foreshadowing.

No power spread apart.

The entire world ceased for a moment and it was at that moment.

The entire arm raised by Ignis suddenly disappeared.

At that time in Alex's mind, a small sound reverberated.

[Host, what the hell? Did you just scam the Goddess and use the Power Of Faith to draw out some of your power from the past and modify your body? This is cheating.]

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 482 480:The Descent Of Excalibur