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Ignis shot a dark beam to deflect the blow and leaned to the side to avoid Alex's attack and waved one of his hands at Alex


At that moment many orbs of darkness appeared around him and fell straight down towards Alex.

No to be precise the black orbs were about to fall on Alex but before that.


The space itself around Alex was frozen by the absolute cold that erupted from Alex.

Another ring glowed on Alex's hand which he got as a gift from Arkham.

It was the Ring Of Frost and the power of the spell cast from the ring was proportional to the user's strength.

The black orbs were frozen in place and immediately after that, Excalibur was drawn horizontally once again, dyeing the entire field of view with the bright golden light similar to the sun.

"How could you use the power like that?"

Christina muttered with disbelief while staring at the scene. It was a weapon that even she couldn't draw power and she had never heard of it giving such an aura.

However, it was hard to believe that Alex, who was using it for the first time, could handle it so perfectly as if this was his from the very beginning.

It was a truly incompressible sight for her.

But on the contrary, it seemed to be too natural for Alex.

Since he was trained by Goddess, he was used to the real Excalibur as he had fought against her and he was also quite adept in using it.

However, even if this was a copy, it was a great weapon. Alex had always wanted to use it but since it was quite close to Christina's heart, Alex restricted himself from using it until now.


Excalibur's power was beyond imagination and in addition to that the power of the other two rings allowed Alex to continue the tense battle with Ignis.

Of course, that was only for a brief moment when Ignis didn't use his powers to their full extent.

Ignis, who was slowly starting to get pushed back by Alex, decided to fight back in earnest.

Alex, who was gaining his footing, was suddenly bombarded by Ignis causing his steps to flatter and Ignis closed the gap.

At that moment, the silhouette of Alex was thrown away at an invisible speed by Ignis's magic that was amplified to the point where it couldn't even compare with before.

Alex's body was blasted to a great distance and he slid against the ground and stopped only after kneeling on one knee after driving Excalibur deep into the ground.

Even though he was attacked only once, the flames of Helis which had wrapped around Alex disappeared without a trace.

It was truly an overwhelming gap.

However, that wasn't what worried Alex.

Alex looked down at his chest to see a claw mark with a darkish trail on it and darkness seemed to be sipping past his body.

Alex tried to use a healing spell and to his surprise, there wasn't any change.

"You are a little better than other bugs out here."

"So, I decided to use this. A special type of poison made for those who could use the power of light to heal themselves."

Ignis words rang around the battlefield and dyed everyone's vision with fear.

What was the real strength of the church?

It wasn't military or buff.

It was their power to heal others and themselves which allowed them to keep fighting on. But if an effective measure had been invented that could contain their power that means, they could be rendered useless on the battlefield which could deal a devastating blow to them.

Alex tried to use light elements but saw that darkness was eating away the light inside him.

"Consider it an honour to die by my hands."

Ignis who opened his mouth while looking down at Alex with an arrogant eye began to elevate his power which he had never used before till now in this battle.


With him around, the world around him begins to change.

Alex's senses screamed of danger and he stretched his hand forward.


The huge Deadweight greatsword flew into his palm.

He pulled the great sword over his shoulder while the Excalibur was raised in front of him.


Crimson heat erupted from him.

Alex tried to mix light elements in it but as he tried to cover himself in light, the wound over his chest tried to interfere and Alex felt an intense pain so he concentrated only on the fiery aura on his sword coating it in an aura.

Crimson flames left his body and spread forward from the blades of the two swords.

The temperature rose horribly and Alex's face took a faint red glow as his eyes shone with madness as the strange glow along with flame engulfed him.

With a single step forward, Alex's image blurred and less than a second later, the place where he stood was bombarded by attacks of dark orbs destroying the land.

The movement of Alex who used partial concealment and instant teleportation was quite fast even for Ignis.


Ripples in the air burst out spreading shockwaves one after another.

The people on the ground could only see the afterimages appearing and disappearing in an instant.

Fear dyed everyone's vision as gales emerged from the clash carrying great momentum and could kill if hit them.

Sean and others stepped forward to deal with the aftermath of the fight while distancing themselves.

An intense flame burst outward as two figures collided and Alex's figure was thrown back leaving a trail of flame.

Alex spun his body in the air and threw the Deadweight greatsword with all its might.

Ignis, who tried to dodge, felt his body freeze and his eyes widened as he felt that he was caught in Space Lock.

"Damn it! You bastard humans."

Ignis screamed as the Deadweight carrying a great amount of energy smashed into him.

The black shield that appeared before him was crushed into pieces.


The entire sky was dyed red as a huge power condensed on the great sword hit Ignis and flames erupted spreading like waves and covering the entire sky.

The sky seemed to rumble and a heaven-defying shockwave echoed in everyone's ears causing them to fall onto the ground.

The periphery of the explosion extended for many kilometres and debris of fire fell on the ground and exploded like mini bombs. i๐“ท๐š—๐“ป๐’†๐“ช๐’…. co๐˜ฎ

Everyone's body shuddered to see the explosion.

Shion, who had regained some strength, looked at Alex with disgust and surprise.

"How the hell.."

"How did you grow so much?"

"You were weak like an ant before. Why have you so much strength? Why did you have to hold the one I like?"

"Why?"Shion shouted frenziedly as jealousy clouded his vision and he clenched his fist causing his nails to dig deep into the skin.

It was the first time he saw Alex after a few years and a shadow was cast over his heart.

It was not only him. Even William was thinking the same thing.

Everyone who saw Alex taking head-on blows with the Saint realm demon started to wonder whether this was all a delusion.

Christina and Athena prayed for Alex's victory in their heart as they looked at Alex's dishevelled appearance with wounds all over his body.

As the explosion dispersed, another wave swept the cloud of flames and a humanoid figure appeared who screamed.


The voice of Ignis resounded carrying a loud and powerful momentum causing the ground to tremble.

Two powerful beams of light that seemed to freeze the atmosphere were fired at Alex.

The darkish beam seemed to incinerate everything in its path and broke through the barrier of sound and seemed to be zooming off into infinity.

It finally collided with the ground creating a scene of terrifying destruction.


The ground in its path melted and immediately afterwards, colossal mushroom-shaped clouds appeared 50 kilometres away from the battlefield.

The gas and flames from the clouds destroyed everything as the power of the explosions were comparable to a nuclear detonation.

The ground jolted and tremors started to spread causing everyone to panic.

The destruction and aftermath of the attacks were also felt by the Arkham side and the people lifted their heads to see a huge mass of cloud rising in the air.

Fear was evident on everyone's faces as wiping out an area of a few kilometres seemed to be nothing for the Saint realm powerhouse.

Alex, who was able to get out of the line of beam destruction using teleportation, felt his body shudder after being hit by the aftermath.

As he breathed heavily his back tingled as he heard a voice from the back.

"I knew rats like you could escape easily."

Alex reacted immediately and tried to attack, however.....

Ignis with a huge sphere in his hand attacked Alex who tried to protect himself with an aura and armour of flames.

However, the attack passes through his defence and hits.

"Kyaaakk!"Alex groaned in pain and blood splattered from his lips as his figure shot down.


Alex's figure hit the ground and a black sphere erupted causing lightning to emerge and hit around.

Alex's figure was directly hit by Ignis and he was crushed without a chance.

There was no chance to turn the situation, Alex wasn't able to swing his blade.

It was normal as there was no time for Alex to swing.

Still, he swung.

He threw his sword at the last moment.

Gales swept around along with shock waves and a huge crater appeared over the ground.

While a pit was formed underneath it, Excalibur was thrown with great force and it charged with a great speed and went past Ignis leaving a deep cut that infuriated him.


Christina and Athena shouted as they saw Alex take a direct hit and his state was unknown.

They tried to rush towards the place but Ignis looked at them and spoke while waving his hand.



Christina and Athena's figure was hit and they were thrown away like a rag doll rolling on the ground.

Their bones broke and the armour on their body fell apart while blood splattered on their lips.

Ignis' image blurred and he appeared before Alex in the crater where he was lying in his blood.

Alex coughed black blood and gave Ignis a hollow gaze.

"From now on, I shall show you the true power of a Saint realm," Ignis muttered.

His voice reverberated everywhere and those who heard it felt their death approaching them and were overwhelmed by hopelessness.

However, Alex stared straight at Ignis.

"That's fine."

Alex's eyes that were looking at Ignis turned sharp and his lips curled as if he was smiling.

"From now on, I also need to do something similar," Alex muttered and raised his hand towards the sky.

"Goddess, it's time for you to keep your promise."

"I summon you!"


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