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Strong miasma hovered around the place filled with countless dangerous beasts and among them, many of them seemed to run rampant after going through a bizarre evolution.

Beasts and monsters devoured by darkness weren't the only predators here.

The dried black tree that seemed to be at the end of its life suddenly jolted and then its sharp branch pierced the creature and pulled it towards itself.

Battles similar to this took place all around the place for survival and sometimes the hunter was hunted and the prey became the predator.

Despite having sharp senses and strengths, the beast and treants weren't able to detect the felting shadow passing from the middle.

Riya who had escaped from the battlefield in an instant passed through the broken place and looked for the seed of darkness.

She wanted to get the Seed of Darkness and move to the other side as quickly as possible and help Alex in case there is a strong opponent who could possess some threat to him.

So, she rushed here as soon as Noah assured her that they were going to take care of the remnants and clear the battlefield.

Riya, who felt a strong fluctuation, suddenly halted her steps.

Her brows furrowed as she saw a dense dark area that was filled with the mana of darkness.

The rich mana of darkness slowly wriggled around her.

However, instead of disgust, she felt quite pleasant as if the power of darkness was natural for her to absorb.

The place seemed to be the holy grail as her body coveted for more.

Riya took a deep breath to calm her agitated heart and passed through the dense mana and saw a greenish flame burning in the middle of the tree trunk.

As she stepped closer the tree started to shake heavily and soon its branches attacked her.

Riya's image blurred and the branch hit the place where she stood, leaving a crater.

Riya who appeared in mid-air looked at the tree with a sharp gaze from where hundred of sharp branches were shot at her.

"I don't have time to play with you," Riya spoke with a calm expression.

A shock wave emerged from her body and a hundred branches aimed at her stopped before they could reach her.


An eerie creak resounded from the branches which had been wrapped by strings of sharp dark aura held by Riya.

Riya who landed on the ground flicked her finger and exerting her strength, cut through the branches.

Finally, she pulled out her dagger and dashed forward, slashing the tree.


Riya's image passed by the tree following which the tree was cut into two and started to fall.

Riya turned back and stood before the darkish-greenish flame which emitted an ominous aura that was giving her chills.

"I don't know what it is made of but it looked truly evil," Riya spoke with faint curiosity.

Taking out the box, she extended her hand.

As her hand was about to reach the flame, a terrifying voice echoed in her mind.

"I finally found you."

Riya's whole body froze as bad premonition swelled in her heart and she tried to quickly retract her hand however it was too late.


The greenish flames jumped on her and enveloped her, turning her vision dark.

Screams resounded as Riya tried to keep the Seed of darkness at bay.


It had been too long since Alex had thought about a Meat suit powering an individual like a hero suit.

But who knew that simple thought would come to fruition and he had to face a peak Mythic rank whose power has been amplified to the Saint realm due to this Suit?

Some of the power which had allowed Ignis to defeat countless people in the past began to unfold.


Alex, who was assaulted by the force, was pushed back without any mercy and the power started to be amplified to the point that the ground started to tear apart and the rocks underneath were getting blown away.

Alex also didn't sit still.

"Just because you have got the power doesn't mean you can defeat me."


Alex also exerted his power by twisting the sword lightly and taking a big step forward while twisting his upper body diagonally as well.

With the flames of the Ring Of Helis starting to burn explosively supplementing the core imbued with fiery mana, the distance between the two of them narrowed to almost zero in an instant.

At that moment, Alex's sword attack was so fast that even Sean and others who were watching from afar could not properly recognize it.

But Ignis reacted quickly and formed many black shields in front of him.

The surrounding place started to crumble with the collision and cracks like spider webs began to appear and cracks extended all over the land on which they stood.

The land pulsated and screamed crazily.

"Die by my hand rat."

Ignis, who gained some distance, pointed his finger towards Zion.

Thousands of black spears appeared behind Alex.

The power condensed behind him was enough to blow away even one mountain with each shot.

However, those spears could not reach Alex.


Alex's core started to rotate crazily and the flames of Helion which burnt like lava were further amplified by the bright light radiating from the Excalibur and began to encircle the surrounding space with a frightening speed.

Energy and flames intertwined before Alex who stepped forward and swung his sword. ๐“ฒ๐“ทnr๐’†๐šŠd. ๐˜ค๐‘œ๐˜ฎ

The black spear that had reached the realm of higher power was enveloped by the frightening burst of flames and was annihilated without leaving a trace.

Alex, who approached Ignis using the resulting gap lowered the Excalibur which he had already lifted above his head and slashed vertically.


The air before him was cut apart and was turned into a place of nothingness. Along with a strange cry of breaking the barrier, the sound of the surrounding place changes and a cut reached towards the vital point of Ignis.

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