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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 478 476:At The End Of Hope

Christina closed her eyes for a moment to shake away the negative feelings swelling inside her heart.

After recovering from the soul injury and devoting all her time to training, she was finally able to reach the peak of the Legendary rank and on top of that she had awakened her hidden power that forced her realm to push past Mythic rank for a short time even though she had to sacrifice a small part of her life span.

But contrary to her belief even this wasn't enough to fight this being and this miserable feeling of being weak, suffocated her.


'I have done so much and endured so much to get here. Am I going to let the people who follow me die like before?'

'I can't lose.'

'I need to push myself further.'

'I need to step up harder than ever.'

Christina's heart started to beat harder as the convection to defeat the opponent and overcome the walls got stronger.

As she gritted her teeth and pulled all the strength from every part of her body.

She could see a strong vitality suddenly flowing through her.

"It's still a little short."

Christina's eyes shook as he felt that something was missing.

She knew that Ignis hadn't been taking them seriously so this was the time to strike him with all their power.

'If only I had a little bit more power.'Christina murmured while biting his lips as gripped her sword stronger which started to vibrate.

It was the moment when she gripped the handle of the sword even more strongly than before.

With a sound like a lion's roar, the brilliant starlight appeared behind Christina and gushed forward.

Her eyes gleamed with a bright light and the sword in hand seemed to gleam in joy as if it had found its long-lost glory and enhanced Christina's power.


Christina's images blurred and appeared over Ingis who was taken by surprise seeing the sudden change as the bright light prickled his skin.

Christina shouted as a beam of sword light erupted extending up towards the sky and falling towards him.

A single gold line was drawn on the world and everything seemed to be cut through the path.

An intense light that cannot be even compared covered everyone's vision.

For a moment, Christina's figure resembled that of a Goddess bursting out with radiance making everyone look at her with awe and reverence.

In such a light Christina almost sat down consuming all her power with one blow.

As she thought about it, she could feel the sword strike go perfectly without any single point of error.

If it was like that, she hoped that at least she was able to deal some kind of damage to the enemy who had been hit by strong attacks from all sides.

It was at that moment many looked ahead while praying in their hearts as their vision gradually returned to normal.

"Yeah, you seem to be one of those people who seemed to be blessed by the light."

Everyone's breathing stopped for a moment.

It was a voice that shouldn't have been heard in the ears after being bombarded with such an attack.

The moment people's eyes fluttered...

Screams started to resound once again.



A shock wave burst out of the centre of the light where all the attacks concentrated with such a frightening speed that blew away all the nearby warriors.

Unable to react properly, everyone was hit by the shock that sent their body flying while bouncing on the ground with a rag doll.

Pieces of shattered rocks assaulted them as they fell on the floor with a thud and coughed blood.

The shockwave seemed to deal damage to the internal and burst out the eardrums causing everyone to scream in pain.

Out of everyone, only Athena's condition seemed to be fine as the divine blessing seemed to be healing her still exhaustion was evident on her face.

Athena, who was pushed back, tried to get up as her divinity healed her but Ignis noticed this and punched Athena.

Athena got up and tried to defend herself with a barrier but the punch broke it like glass and hit her.

Athena was sent flying but fortunately, she was able to survive thanks to the defence mechanism of her sceptre which activated at the last second.

Others who lost consciousness tried to get up but their feet struggled.

Not only that, everyone had exhausted themselves due to fighting for days without proper rest.

Their bodies didn't even move as if they had lost consciousness.

However, out of all of them, Christina couldn't help but stare at them with a solem gaze and holding her sword tried to get up.


A painful moan escaped from her lips because her back had already been grabbed by Ignis who had appeared right in front of her.

"It was good to try, girl."

Even though he had received the last attack filled with great devastation there was only a small wound on the body of Ignis.

"I almost got wounded on this body after getting it for so much hard work."

There was subtle anger in Ignis's eyes.

"From now on you will have to pay that price with yours and everyone else's lives."

With those words, the hand that gripped Christina's neck gained more and more strength.


Christina felt her vision becoming blurry as the bones in her neck started to crack.

With this, the feeling of despair began to dwell in his eyes.


The being before him was so strong.

Even though she was able to awaken her true power for a moment it was nothing compared to him.

'Like this, I failed again..'

'I tried hard, I tried my best not to let down everyone's expectations, but I still failed to protect everyone.'

'If only once a miracle happened.'

Only if a miracle exists in this world.

It was at that moment that Christina reached out to mutter her last words towards something that couldn't be caught by the wind.

In fleeting moments of a second.

Ignis, who was holding her neck, disappeared from the spot.

Subsequently, the silhouette of Ignis appeared again, which had broken through dozens of rocky mountains with a tremendous blast.

With a sloppy look, he appeared over a pile of debris with a black sword placed over him.

As Christina fell and found it hard to breathe, everyone saw a small crack in space near Christina through which a figure slowly started to appear.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 478 476:At The End Of Hope