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The Great Demon System
Chapter 89: Becky Sus

89 Becky Sus

Becky Struggled to open her eyes due to her still weakened and poisoned state. It felt almost like lifting dumbbells with the power of her eyelids alone.

She somehow managed to lift her head up slightly in order to look around and get a better grasp of her surroundings.

There, with her blurry vision, she saw Alex, Marth, Parson, and Alli in their sleeping bags, fast asleep. However, she could not see Jayden anywhere which made her panic.

She was tasked by her best friend to keep an eye on her and she let her out of her vision which she thought was unacceptable, even in her current state.

She used every ounce of her remaining power to summon her spirit bug, sending it outside the cave to scout the surrounding area for the chance that she might find Jayden's whereabouts. Luckily, she still had the help of Parson's night vision as her body was close in his vicinity.

She continued frantically looking around from high above in the purple night sky like her life depended on it only to find absolutely nothing.

Then, out of the corner of her vision, she spotted an unknown figure dashing out of a small cave in the distance, heading towards a large clearing in the forest that laid far ahead. From its agility and speed, she doubted that it was the D rank Jayden Griffith, thinking that it was most likely a really quick magical beast. However, when she went in for a slightly closer look, she confirmed that it was indeed Jayden Griffith which really surprised her.

She had to immediately report what she found to her best friend, Natalia Xane.

Over the past month, Natalia had started to act strangely towards her, always asking her to spy on her newfound crush, Moby Kane. Becky did agree with her that he was indeed very dreamy but she still could not understand why her best friend would be over the top obsessed with such a weak, F rank piece of trash like him.

She even asked her to spy on him while he ate lunch on the roof with two other girls which only led to her spirit bug being squished like the bug it was every time it got near them, not allowing her to see anything. It was almost like they could sense it when it got near. So, Natalia then opted for her to just spy from outside the roof doors, trying to hear any conversation going on inside with absolutely no success as it was completely silent which really frustrated Natalia to no end, more mad than Becky had ever seen before.

So, when Natalia found out that she was going to be on Jayden's team, she asked her to keep a close eye on her and lure her in towards her location to beat her up and teach her a lesson. She said that she had been badly treating her crush every day, using him as her own personal slave to do her every bidding. So, she of course agreed without hesitation which made Natalia super happy.

Natalia gave her a tracking device that would help her locate her and a phone that works on even other planets. She said that they were extremely expensive items she bought with her own money just in case of such a situation. These items were probably not allowed on the exam due the to rule against teams colluding or sabotaging each other but Becky did not care at all as it was all for the sake of their friendship and because she promised her that she can get her past the lie detector test with no problems at all. So, Becky accepted the gear without hesitation, promising Natalia that she will keep a close eye on Jayden and report to her if anything important happened or when she thought that Natalia had a chance to strike and take her out.

Luckily, their groups spawned somewhat near each other and she had been trying to guide her team in Natalia's direction. What really surprised her was that Jayden was also subtly guiding the team in the same direction which she thought was just a coincidence.

Over the past 5 days that she had spent with Jayden as a teammate, she did not find her to be that bad. Although she found her extremely annoying, she was nowhere near the description that Natalia had given her. However, she valued her friendship with Natalia and her own survival over the well being of a random stranger.

So, she felt absolutely no regret doing what she was about to do.

Still in her crippled and disoriented state, she pulled out the phone that Natalia had given her from her pocket and called her before she goes unconscious once again.


10:45 PM, Team Natalia camp,

Back in team Natalia's camp, Moby and Natalia were quietly preparing themselves to go on their first date.

They went to bed at around 10 o'clock when the rest of their team fell asleep and pretended to sleep until 10:45 when they thought that Jay and Travis were fast asleep.

They were both eagerly excited to go on their first date, although it was of course for different reasons.

Then, suddenly, a small vibrating sound that was barely even audible came off of Natalia's body.

"Sit tight in the cave! I need to go take a quick piss! This shouldn't take too long!" Natalia whispered before immediately running out of the cave.

Moby thought nothing weird of Natalia's actions as he thought that it was probably some sort of hidden vibrator in her pants malfunctioning or something along those lines making him chuckle as he sat on a nearby rock in the middle of the cave and patiently waited for Natalia's return.

Then, only 30 seconds after he started waiting, The entrance of the cave suddenly collapsed, blocking him inside.

'What the fuck is going on!?' He inwardly screamed. πš’π˜―ο½Žπ’“πžπ“ͺ𝗱. α΄„π˜°π¦

"What was that sound!! What just happened!!" Jay yelled, waking up from the loud sound.

"Come on man! I was having a good night's sleep!" Travis playfully complained.

"The entrance suddenly collapsed you idiots! I'll just break us out with my energy ability!" Moby said, forming a large ball of pure demon energy from his hand, blasting it at the rubble blocking the entrance of the cave in order to vaporize it.

The raging purple ball of demon energy flew through the cave before crashing against the entrance rocks blocking the entrance, causing a huge explosion. He had no doubt in his mind that such a strong blast would completely vaporize the simple rocks in its path. However, when the dust settled, the entrance was completely unharmed.

'Fuck me sideways! How did that do jack shit!!" Moby thought, both shocked and confused.

Even Jay and Travis who were sitting behind him, still in their beds had the exact same reaction.

Then out of nowhere, Natalia's voice came from outside of the cave.

"Sorry for doing this guys! It was me that collapsed the entrance on you! Sorry if you were a little startled. I have really urgent matters that I must attend to! It shouldn't take too long! I just need to go take out the trash and I'll be right back! Don't worry! You will all be safe while I am gone! I added a temporary defence crystal to reinforce the walls and entrance of the cave so no one will be able to enter from the outside or exit from the inside! The Crystal's effect should only last for around an hour so sit tight and be patient for my return! Also, Moby, I know that you were super excited but I am sorry that our plans got all messed up. Luckily, we can always put them on hold for tomorrow!"

"Well, you guys behave yourselves! Bye bye!" Natalia said in an overly joyous mood before the sound of blinking and footsteps could be heard from the outside.

"No Natalia!! Wait!! Take me with you! I CAN HELP YOU OUT!!" Moby screamed at Natalia who just ignored him and kept blinking away.

She thought that he wasn't ready for what she was going to do and it would be better off staying at the camp with others until she finished taking care of business.

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The Great Demon System Chapter 89: Becky Sus