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The Great Demon System
Chapter 87: Confession

87 Confession

Team Natalia was taking their usual break after a long session of hunting. They were all huddled up around a fireplace eating some of Natalia's homemade cooking that she had stored inside her storage ring.

"Hmmmmm!! Delicious! This shit fucking slaps!! Natalia! You're cooking is amazing!! You would be a great wife for whoever is lucky enough!!" Moby said, devouring all of Natalia's food.

"You're always teasing me! Umm… It's not that good… You are just over exaggerating…" Natalia nervously retorted, covering her face that was redder and brighter than a burning sun.

"I agree with my buddy Moby here! This cooking is absolutely delish!" Travis added, only receiving a simple nod and a smile from Natalia.

Jay just looked at Moby's cheerful face with contempt, trying to hide it under his poker face.

'You moved on from Haley so fast! Didn't you! You fucking man whore!' He inwardly thought.

Ever since Moby revealed his power, Jay and Travis had been treating him a lot nicer with a lot more respect, exactly like he expected them to act. This made his time around them a little more bearable, even though he knows that they were most likely doing so as to damage control just in case he wanted to take revenge on them for their previous harsh treatment of him and to just suck up to him in general. They only had a limited supply of regeneration potions and they needed all the extra protection they could get as they now lacked a healer.

Suddenly, a ringing noise sounded, it was what he was waiting for all day long.

"Sorry guys! It's an emergency! Gotta go take a leak! It should not take too long! I'll be back in a bit! Don't eat my portion or else!" Moby said, sprinting out of the cave in a panic.

Every time Moby said that he wanted to take a piss, Natalia was always really tempted to go spy on him with her camera just for a chance to catch a glimpse or even take a picture of his mighty Katana. Out of all the pictures and video's that Natalia had in her stash, that was the only yet one of the most important things missing. However, she never found the chance to do so as if she says that she also wants to go at the same time as Moby, it would seem really suspicious and creepy which is something she does not want to come off as, especially to Moby.

3 minutes later…

Moby walked back into the cave, looking more refreshed and happy than usual. He sat back down around the fireplace in his usual spot right beside Natalia. He greeted his team once more before quickly gobbling down the rest of his food. Then, he slowly turned his head, looking Natalia straight in the eyes before saying.

"Ummm… Natalia… I've been meaning to tell you something for a long time… Mind if we talk in private?" Moby said, looking at Natalia straight in the eye with a mellow yet serious stare.

Before she had the chance to cover up her beat red face, Moby grabbed her by the hand, dragging her with him outside of the cave.

"Follow me! This shouldn't take too long" Moby said with the voice of an angel and a smile on his face, his red-tinted black hair dancing in the wind.

In Natalia's eye, he looked like an angel sent down from heaven just for her. She felt like a princess being swept away by her prince charming.

"Have fun love birds!" Travis teased from behind.

"It-it's not what you think! This is some serious strategy plan that Moby wanted to discuss with me! R-right!" Natalia nervously replied leading to Moby giving her only a simple nod and a smile as a reply.

"We have some seriously urgent matters to discuss! Nothing more! We will be back in a bit!" Moby said with a serious face.

However, in Natalia's eyes, he looked like a charming knight in shining armour trying to protect the honour of his queen.

"Whatever you say! Well! You two have fun with your serious discussion then!" Travis yelled at Moby and Natalia who were walking away in the distance.

Jay just stayed silent as he looked at Natalia and Moby walk out of the cave with absolute disgust. He felt his stomach turning, making him want to barf out everything he just ate but he somehow managed to keep it under his poker face.

Moby and Natalia walked through the darkness of the night, no one speaking a single word. They were still both holding hands, Moby leading the way with a mesmerizing and beautiful purple aura surrounding his green eyes that he had previously explained to her was a way to use his ability to enhance his vision allowing him to see clearly at night. She was too entranced by Moby's looks to even say a word as she drifted into her own fantasies and let her imagination run wild.

Luckily, as they walked, they met no beasts at all as they had already cleared out most of the ones that resided around the cave.

After a few minutes of walking, they reached a clearing in the woods where Moby stopped and let go of Natalia's hand before looking her straight in the eyes with a blushed face and a nervous look.

"Ummm… I'm so sorry for dragging you here… Especially in front of everyone else like that… I am sorry…" Moby nervously said, scratching his right cheek.

"N-no! Don't apologize! I-I really don't mind at all!" She replied, playing with her long silver hair.

Moby looked at the ground, taking a deep breath before standing up straight, looking Natalia straight in the eyes before saying.

"Natalia!! I think I am in love with you!!" He said with confidence and a firm resolve.

"Huh? Wa-wahhh-wahh what!! Really!!" Natalia replied, not able to believe her own ears.

"Of course really! You are an amazing leader with a heart of gold and an impeccable personality! You care for all of our safety! You treated me with respect even when I was an F rank with no ability! You saved my life multiple times! You risked your life for my sake and others over, and over, and over again!!"

"Not to mention that you are also the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!! Your mesorizing long silver hair, her radiant smile! Your heavenly purple eyes! Your full luscious lips! They are all to die for!! And you are even a great cook!!"

"You are the perfect girl! Will you please go out with me!!" Moby asked, closing his eyes, seemingly waiting for rejection.

Suddenly, he heard loud sniffling followed up by the sound of heavy crying. When Moby opened his eyes, he saw Natalia on her knees, balling her eyes out like a baby.

"Huh! What happened!! I am so sorry! I didn't mean to make you cry! Just forget about everything I just said then!! I am so sorry," Moby said, putting his hand on her shoulder trying to comfort her and make up for his mistake.

"No! You got it all wrong!! I am not sad! I am happy! Really, really, really, really, really, really happy! You actually don't understand! I've been waiting for this moment for so long now! I've had the biggest crush on you for the longest time now! What you just said was like a dream come true!!" She screamed, tightly grabbing Moby's hand that was laid on her shoulder, still balling her eyes out.

"You are the perfect man in my eyes too! You are so pure, kind and caring compared to all those slut chasing guys at school! The second I laid eyes on you I knew that you were the one for me and me alone!! The way you work hard to train and better yourself every day even with the constant harassment and bullying and the lack of an ability is truly inspiring and is what I really love about you!!"

"You're almost hypnotizing deep green eyes and your natural black and red hair along with your toned physic and beautiful face and not to mention your hot jawline are something I just could not resist!"

"This is by far the happiest moment of my life!! I Love you tooo!!!!!" She yelled, still on her knees, a waterfall falling down her eyes out.

"I am so glad!!" Moby hugged her tightly with tears falling down his face startling Natalia, making her face turn redder than a tomato, prompting her to hug him back.

They could not see each others faces, which allowed moby to rest his face and cringe really hard while Natalia was smiling and crying like she was melting in his embrace like it was the best time of her life.

Then, after they had been hugging for a few seconds, Natalia stopped the hug and went in for the kiss that Moby immediately swerved and dodged with no hesitation as soon as he saw it coming.

"That we can save for our first date!" Moby said, putting his finger on Natalia's lips prompting her to pout and nod in understanding.

"Why don't we have our first date later tonight? After everyone else is asleep… Like around 11 o'clock? Same place! Just the two of us! All alone with no one else! I know that we are in the middle of an exam and all but what would be more romantic than a first date on another planet under the purple night sky!" Moby said with a smile.

"Yes of course!" Natalia cheerfully replied standing up on her two feet once more.

"We should probably head back! The guys must be worried! We took a bit too long!" Moby said, rubbing the back of his head before grabbing Natalia's hand once more, walking with her back towards the cave.

"Ummm… Not to be rude but, what is that liquid dripping from around your legs??" Moby asked as they were still walking together, seemingly clueless about what it is.

"Ohhhh ummm… I think I just sat in a really wet part in the forest… Please don't pay attention to it… It's too embarrassing…" She awkwardly said, looking away from Moby with a large visible blush.

"Umm… Moby I have a quick question for you… Who is more beautiful… Me or Jayden Griffith…" She nervously asked.

Moby's poker face broke down for a split second after she asked that question. Luckily, Natalia was still looking away from him in embarrassment awaiting his answer so she did not notice it. He gulped down his saliva and steeled his resolve before giving her his answer.

"Well, you of course! What kind of question was that! Where did that question come from!?" Moby somewhat awkwardly replied.

"You don't understand how relieved and happy I am to hear that! I know that Jayden Griffith keeps you as her personal sex toy and pet to do her every bidding, the entire school knows at this point. She is a shitty slut that no one likes. No one but horny guys that lust after her for her body and money. I know that you now have the power to break out of her control… But! Wouldn't it be better if she were just…"


"She must pay for everything she has done to you!! Her and her partner Abby Reid!!! With my family's authority! I can kill them both and get away with it as long as no one knows that it is I that did it!! I made a deal with one of the teachers allowing me to bypass the lie detector test!! So! What do you say!! Are you down for revenge!!" Natalia said with an uncharacteristically wide devilish grin.

Moby's brain was spinning in full gear after hearing what he heard, trying his best to formulate an answer. He knew full well that such a question would come but it still hit him extremely hard when it happened.

"I don't really condone killing people… But, in their case, I guess that It is fine…" He awkwardly replied.

"Tsk, tsk, I see that you have not yet made up your mind… Your soul is indeed too pure for such things… Don't worry! I will always be there to help and support you!! I know what is best for you! Just put all your trust in me! I'' personally take care of everything! Don't worry, I will help you grow into a fine man!" Natalia said with an innocent smile that had a much darker aura to it.

"Yes… I will trust you with that!" Moby awkwardly said as they both neared the entrance of the cave.

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The Great Demon System Chapter 87: Confession