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The Great Demon System
Chapter 84: Bites Za Dusto

84 Bites Za Dusto

𝙞𝑛𝓷𝓇𝒆a𝑑. 𝙘૦𝗺

The sun had started to shine which allowed her to see her first-ever sunrise in many days. The red sunrise was mesmerizing to the eye which put her in a great mood, especially for what she had planned.

She sprinted straight through the bloody, corpse-filled, empty streets of the destroyed city at breakneck speed until she finally reached the front gates.

There she saw all 350 goblins patiently awaiting her arrival, smiling, bags in hand, their children by their sides. She hopped up on the city walls to meet up with her teammates before looking back at the crowd beneath her with a smile and a wave which led to the masses erupting with cheers and blessings for their new queen.

She found it very unnatural and disturbing that she saw no one in the crowd that was sad or morning for the death of a friend or family member that might have died during the revolution but, she just chalked it up to their beast-like barbarian habits and tendencies.

'Truly a disgusting, uncultured group of people.' She thought.

"Sorry that I was late guys! I had some last-minute things to take care of before we leave!" Abby said with a smile, turning away from the crowd, smiling at her team.

"Ummm… Abby, Shouldn't we cash in all these goblin corpses for points before we leave the city… A-and maybe, we can see if they had any treasure we can take for ourselves or something..." Retta murmured in a serious yet nervous voice.

"Ohhh! Ya! Don't worry! We will definitely come back here again after we take care of business! It should definitely be back before the end of the exam." Abby replied with a smile, putting her hand on his shoulder and patting him on the back which sent shivers of fear down his spine and will probably fuel his nightmares for years to come.

\u003c\u003c The Queen has finally arrived!! I believe that everyone is accounted for! This will be our first trip! Don't worry if you were not able to carry all of your belongings, a team from the human planet will come later on to scavenge everything important left behind! You can be rest assured!! \u003e\u003e Grunk shouted, addressing the crowd which roared back at him in excitement.

\u003c\u003c We will be leaving for the queen's space ship that is located just past that mountain over there!! \u003e\u003e Grunk said, pointing at a mountain in the distance.

\u003c\u003c since there are no questions, we shall now be on our way! Raise the gates!! \u003e\u003e Grunk ordered, letting the group out of the city.

They formed a huge, loud crowd behind Abby, following closely right behind her and her team

They sang, cheered, and drank in celebration as they marched through the dark forests and damp swamps which Abby found super annoying as they were too loud and obnoxious while at the same time attracting every beast in the area with their seemingly endless yapping. The children at times strayed to the sides of the group, playing in muddy puddles and screaming like mindless monkeys. Even Abby sometimes had struggled to constantly save them from getting their puny little heads bitten off like a grape by any beast that was lurking in the forest, waiting for its best time to pounce. The children even sometimes collected flowers from the nearby plants and gave them to Abby as presents which she graciously accepted with a smile, making all her nearby teammates shudder in fear.

After 2 hours of walking, the group finally reached the foot of the mountain and stared straight into the deep, dark cave ahead of them.

Usually, any group of people would be scared or skeptical about entering such a deep, sketchy cave. However, the goblins felt no such thing. Instead, they felt completely calm, confident, and brimming with happiness.

This was because they had the human queen protecting them, their new lord and saviour that freed them from their previous unjust, shackled lives and gave them hope for a better tomorrow. She was a person that risked her life with no hesitation to be seen. All for their sake. All for the sake of peace and justice. A truly inspiring and magnificent leader, the perfect role model to look up to.

Grunk ordered the group of goblins to form a vertical line that was around 5 goblins wide before entering the cave, allowing them to easily fit in the narrow path with minimal problems.

Before entering the cave, Abby lit a fire on her left hand like a torch to allow her teammates to better see in the pitch-black darkness of the cave. The inside was dirty and dark with some weird white liquid dropping from the ceiling and onto the ground and heads of the masses. The only magical beasts they found were a few low-rank bat-like beasts that Abby and her team quickly disposed of with minimal effort, the goblins behind them over-enthusiastically cheering the entire time, their voice echoing throughout the entire cave.

After 15 minutes of non-stop walking, the group finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel making the goblins grow somehow even more excited than before.

As they approached the cave's exit with brimming anticipation, Abby suddenly and Abruptly stopped, smashing the hilt of her scythe on the ground with a resounding thud to grab everyone's attention and make them quiet down and listen.

"Hey! Can you guys stay a bit further back? Like maybe just outside the cave? Trust me, it's for your sake This shouldn't take too long..." Abby said to her teammates with an almost mother-like heartwarming smile that sent shivers down to their very core and gave them goosebumps all over.

They immediately nodded frantically at Abby's order and followed it with no question or hesitation as they knew what was about to happen.

\u003c\u003c Oh my dear goblin brothers! As you already know, I am Grunk, a general in her majesty's army! One of the gifts that been graciously bestowed to me was the ability to communicate directly to her without the need for verbal speech. As such, I will be sharing with you her message in real-time! The words she wants to tell you before we board the ship! Her true victory speech! \u003e\u003e Grunk said with clear passion, making the crowd go wild screaming \u003c\u003c Speech!!! Speech!! \u003e\u003e


\u003c\u003c My fellow new citizens of the human kingdom, I am Abby Reid, the human queen. I have witnessed first hand all the pain and suffering that you all had to withstand every day! You have all fought very hard! Many sacrifices were made today but they will all be in heaven, looking down at us with a smile and a sense of relief. Relief that the oppression is over. Relief that their race can live in peace for many years to come! For the past 10 years, you have lived in the worst conditions, eating nothing but dirt and worms to survive. I could not stand to watch such a thing. So, I took it upon myself to put an end to such treatment!! I risked my life for the sake of all you people and the smiles on your faces and cheers of happiness have made it all worth it! Especially all you younguns that gave me flowers, that was very sweet of you! Any injustice just makes my blood boil!! I am so happy to see that you are all alive and well! I promise you that on my planet, you will live in peace! As equals to everyone else!! With the best food that the entire universe could offer!! \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c PIZZA!! PIZZA!! ALL HAIL THE HUMAN QUEEN!! ALL HAIL ABBY REID!!! \u003e\u003e The crowd exploded chanting.

\u003c\u003c Before we go any further, I have a confession to make…\u003e\u003e Grunk said, in a sad, regretful tone making everyone turn a little more serious.

\u003c\u003c I lied, there is no actual ship outside this cave… \u003e\u003e He continued, making every goblin very confused yet still super happy as they expect a special surprise from their new queen.

\u003c\u003c There is only one ship that you will be boarding today, and that is the ship coming out of my hand… \u003e\u003e Grunk said in a disturbing sombre voice, as Abby's right hand began to glow an ever-increasing purplish crimson flame with a small chuckle followed by a devilish, sadistic grin from ear to ear.

Some goblins were confused at what was going on while other's facial expressions took an instant 180 degrees as they began to run the other direction, attacking, pushing and shoving everyone in their way like wild animals.

\u003c\u003c RUN!! WE HAVE BEEN TRICKED!! WE WILL ALL DIE!!! \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c FUCK YOU OLD HAG GET OUT OF MY WAY!! \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c OH NOO!! MY BABY!! THEY TRAMPLED OVER MY BABY!!! \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c And this special boat will lead you STRAIGHT TO HELL. \u003e\u003e Grunk continued with his tongue out and an even creepier expression, before being stored in Abby's inventory outside of the vision of her teammates and before Abby's attack could reach him.

Abby looked in front of her, at all the madness she had just created with a distorted grin and a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

She slowly charged most of her mana into her right hand and shot out a crimson stream of fire that ravaged every single goblin in its path, burning them all to death yet still keeping their bodies in useful condition for point purposes. None could dodge or escape the blast as they were perfectly lined up in a tight group due to the narrowness of the cave, which was exactly why Abby lured them there. The sounds of goblins of all shapes and sizes screaming echoed and resounded throughout the entire cave, the smell of death and cooked goblin flesh was absolutely suffocating.

Abby's teammates who were standing behind her just stared at their laughing leader and the death and destruction in horror, shivering, their mouths wide open in awe.

Their fear of Abby had just increased by 10 fold, how she manipulated an entire sentient race to do her bidding before turning around and burning them all to the ground with a smile on her face and with no hesitation at all made them want to throw up and run as far away as possible from her. They were scared that they could be next. But no one dared to actually do it as it would end even worse for them than those burning goblins in front of them. They would rather die a horrible death than to ever get on Abby Reid's bad side.

'AHAHAHHAHAA!! My lord is truly the wisest of them all! Giving your victim a false hope of winning and surviving before snuffing it out like a candle, watching their faces brimming with happiness and excitement turn into complete fear and utter horror is indeed a fun, great experience!! Truly cruel in every sense of the word!! I wonder how my sister's face would look like when I try it out on her!! I bet it would be hilarious!!' Abby thought, looking at the destruction and mayhem in front of her, clenching onto her stomach with cynical, uncontrollable laughter.

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The Great Demon System Chapter 84: Bites Za Dusto