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The Great Demon System
Chapter 83: Killer Queen

83 Killer Queen

As she lifted her head and sat down, she noticed that most if not all her wounds were healed, this also included her lost limbs, skin, and eye.

\u003c\u003c The Queen Is Alive and well!! Hurrah!! \u003e\u003e screamed the previously worried goblins who were surrounding her, laughing and celebrating like it was the greatest day of their lives.

"We are so glad that you are alive team leader Abby!! We were all so worried about you!!" Retta said with a smile, followed by the nods of all her teammates.

"Thanks for looking out for me guys! It means more to me than you think!!" Abby said with tear-filled eyes, as she now knows how much her teammates cared about her and how much of an amazing leader she has been.

"Thanks to you, we must have gained a lot of points! We have definitely set our first place spot in stone!! We are so thankful for that!! Also, the way how you convinced these goblins that we are friendly even without speaking their language is still beyond me. Even though you did explain it to us very well. You are truly a genius!! When we got here your body was beaten very badly, we could barely even recognize it was you… But!! We are so glad you are alive!!" Graydon said with an even wider smile, followed by the rapid nods of her other team members.

"Also, I have a question… How did your lost limbs just regenerate on their own… My healing ability can only heal wounds, regrowing limbs is still far from my reach," Graydon added.

"Oh! That! I just drank a good regeneration potion before the fight! As you know, regeneration potions only kick in once a person is asleep or in my case, unconscious," She immediately replied as she already had her answer formulated in case of such a question.

Abby continued her conversation with her team all the while goblins and, goblin elders and children that have been let out of hiding asked her for handshakes and blessings which she of course gladly accepted on the outside but reluctantly did on the inside.

She found out that she has been unconscious for the past 30 minutes and that by the time they got there, there was already a worried-looking crowd of goblins surrounding her with a white goblin in the center.

They continued talking until Abby noticed something extremely worrying.

"Umm… Guys… Where is Draven? I don't see him with you…" Abby asked with clear worry.

"Ohh him! That weak, useless E- trash! He died from a stray fireball that hit him while we were hopping from roof to roof! It was so slow but he somehow didn't manage to dodge it! It was hilarious!" Graismy said in an amused tone before biting his tongue for speaking so disrespectfully and casually to Abby.

Was what Abby said on the outside. But, on the inside, she was having a mid-life crisis. However, she could not allow herself to show distress so she does not bring down the mood of her team and the masses.

'Fuck!!!! I am so stupid!!! I have failed as a leader!! I should have asked him to stay outside because of his weak strength!! I just thought that my team needed him for nighttime visibility! My?lord will be so furious at me!! Now he will never let me become a general!!' She inwardly panicked'

'I will just finish my current objective here and hope that my lord doesn't punish me too hard even though I know that I deserve all the punishment in the world for my incompetence!' She said, calming down a bit and focusing on the task at hand.

For her lord, she could not mess this up as well!

After celebrations were over, Abby went over to where her scythe was thrown, picking it up before jumping on top of a broken building to address the crowd. From the top of the building, she was able to see how many goblins survived. She estimated a total of 350 goblins of all ages and sizes, 10 of which were Aagz goblins who had surrendered and been taken as prisoners. She also noticed that her undead summons were all killed, all except for Grunk. However, this didn't really bother her as she was always able to summon new ones from the many corpses that littered the streets.

Abby ordered Grunk to follow her and stand by her side to translate her words to the masses while at the same time leaving her team in the dark. Abby would send her words telepathically to Grunk who would then say them out loud.

\u003c\u003c Attention everyone!! We have finally won this war!! You answered the call and revolted!! And now you are free!! \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c ALL HAIL THE HUMAN QUEEN!!! \u003e\u003e The crowd roared all at once in response.

\u003c\u003c Everyone!! Gather all your belongings and gather at the city gate!! We will all be heading towards the queen's space ship to head to the human planet, where you will live free, with unlimited pizza with good living conditions! Where you live like kings!! Just like you were promised!!\u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c ALL HAIL THE HUMAN QUEEN!! \u003e\u003e the crowd erupted once again.

\u003c\u003c Now go and prepare your selves for the trip!! \u003e\u003e

As Grunk finished his short speech, Abby explained to her teammates what her plan was. They thought it was really cruel and heartless, but it still excited them to no end.

She ordered her team and Grunk as well to wait on top of the front gates while she goes to take care of some business.

The first thing she did was go to the Goblin Kings remains. There, she saw a group of goblin children playing with the king's ashes like they were playing in the sand, seemingly having the best time of their life.

She nicely motioned them to go play somewhere else which they agreed to with a smile and no hesitation at all.

She stored the king's ashes in her inventory for future use and set her sites of the Goblin King's Castle in the distance.

Ignoring all the corpses littered all around the castle and its interior, she entered the castle and headed straight down into the dungeons. On her way down, she once again heard the familiar sound of loud moaning and flesh pounding against flesh.

'Even in the middle of a revolution, they didn't stop! Absolutely revolting!' Abby thought, spitting on the ground in disgust.

When she looked into the first cell, she saw the same goblins as before having sex, not even paying attention to her nearing the cell's entrance.

She felt her anger and disgust grow even further. She couldn't bear the sight of seeing or hearing them anymore, something about it just pissed her off.

However, she decided against killing them for now as she did not want to alert any nearby Aagz which would cause some problems. She had more important things to take care of first.

As she neared the last cell, she heard the same human screaming once again.


She looked into the cell only to find the same 4 girls being raped by 4 Giggling and Laughing Aagz goblins. She was absolutely disgusted and angered to no end. Abby then slowly opened the cell, entering inside without making a sound.

She grabbed the heads of 2 nearby goblins with an iron grasp, crushing and burning their heads. The 2 other goblins turned around and noticed Abby as soon as they heard the dying screams of their partners and saw Abby's crimson flames. They immediately rushed towards Abby who then proceeded to rip out their eyeballs, burning them in their empty eye sockets before chopping off their hard dicks with one clean swipe of her scythe. She then finished them off by shoving her scythe up their anus, conducting heat through it to burn and cook them from the inside out.

The 4 girls stared at what they were seeing in horror, backing up against the wall, their whole body uncontrollably shaking in fear. the dungeon was way too dark for them to see anything. All they saw were flickers of light every time Abby used her fire ability.

As they started to hear footsteps near their direction, one of them screamed in a high pitched voice that echoed throughout the entire dungeon.


Then a bright fire sparked and burned in the middle of the pitch-black darkness allowing them to finally see who was there.

"A-A-Abby Reid??" one of them managed to mutter.

"Yes, it is indeed me! Abby Reid! I have come to save you!" Abby said, trying her best to comfort them.

"R-Really!" another one muttered, still scared shitless.



"I will save you by giving you what you asked for…"

"A quick..."



She said with a devilish grin, quickly beheading all of them with one swipe of her scythe with no remorse or hesitation at all, feeling herself grow even stronger as their heads all dropped dead on the dirty, cold, hard dungeon floor, a wide smile of happiness and relief on all of their faces.

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The Great Demon System Chapter 83: Killer Queen