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The Great Demon System
Chapter 82: Goblin Slayer 3

82 Goblin Slayer 3

Abby could not do anything but scream and try her best to reach the king with her scythe and none existent flames with no result. Without the power of her flames, she was unable to break through the spikes binding her.

As the king finished creating his final spike, he walked towards Abby who started to frantically wing her scythe, only missing him by a hair.

\u003c\u003c Wow wow!!! That was too close for comfort! You need to lose that scythe right away my dear! It will just get in the way, \u003e\u003e The king said, cutting off 3 of Abby's right fingers just like she did with him.

Abby let out a loud piercing grunt from the pain. However, even when he did that, Abby refused to let go of her scythe, the weapon that was graciously gifted to her by her only lord and


\u003c\u003c I SAID LOSE THE FUCKING SCYTHE YOU DISOBIDIANT BITCH!! \u003e\u003e He said, completely cutting off her right arm causing her to foam from the mouth and grunt in suffering. 𝒾𝒏n𝗿𝒆а𝑑. 𝘤𝘰m

\u003c\u003c I planned to only cut off 3 fingers just like you did with me, so then we can be matching! However, you forced my hand. Keep that lost right hand as a reminder for the rest of your life to what happens when you don't listen to your future husband!! \u003e\u003e The king screamed, slicing at Abby's face, making her lose the use of her left eye, the opposite eye that the king lost, making Abby scream once more.

\u003c\u003c Now we are truly matching!! HAAHAHHHAA!! If you kiss me right now, I will stop the torture and let you go free for now. You will of course be held in the dungeons for at least a year until you learn to behave. Only then will you become my wife! \u003e\u003e The king said, now going in for a kiss.

Abby did not hesitate to spit on his face before turning away in disgust, fully knowing the possible consequences of her actions. She would rather die than be stuck as the wife of such an ugly, despicable monster such as the king, away from her lord and away from her revenge.

\u003c\u003c It seems like you have yet to learn your lesson… Now, let me re-educate you… \u003e\u003e The king said, shoving a blood spike through Abby's arms, binding them together, making her lose the ability to move them.

Then, he approached Abby with a lustful gaze in his eyes.

\u003c\u003c This will be a long… painful… experience, so, you be patient and try and learn the best you can… Ok? \u003e\u003e The king said, licking the defenceless Abby's face before giving her a quick kiss on the lips before she got the chance to bite him.

The spectating Aagz goblins were waiting in anticipation for a chance to possibly peak at Abby's naked body while the revolutionary goblins began hopelessly crying and sobbing in horror and defeat as they watched their queen being slowly tortured.

The angry Abby decided to calm herself down and think things through logically. She would get absolutely nowhere by senseless rage and desperation. All while enduring the king's torture, she contacted Grunk to ask him if he was able to come and help her. However, he was in the middle of an intense fight with many Aagz goblins that would definitely kill him if he tried to escape as Abby was low on demon energy, slowing down his regeneration.

So, she had to resort to the only other thing that could save her.

In order to win, she needed mana which she does not have right now. The only way she could get mana was with Nature's Stimulation, a move her lord had shown and taught her when they first met. However, the big problem was that Nature's Stimulation required 4 minutes to activate and the user had to have a complete and uninterrupted focus which was nearly impossible to do in her situation.

However, nearly impossible was still possible so she went for it anyway.

She closed her eyes and focused on nothing but the consequences of losing the fight, the love and respect of her lord, and her burning hatred for family. She could still feel all the pain, of her organs being impaled, of her fingers being peeled like an orange, the pain of her breasts being torn and ripped apart by spikes. It was nothing compared to the pain of losing her lord and losing the reach of her undying revenge.

It felt almost the same as when she was first blessed with demon powers by her lord, only this time it was much harder. Although the pain was far less this time, it required far more concentration than before. Her love, passion, and hatred had to exceed the imagination, it had to unexceptionally trump everything else in her life for this to even be remotely possible. That was how far her loyalty and love for her lord, and hatred for her family reached and ran deep in her very soul.

As the king continued whaling on the seemingly sleeping Abby, he started to grow slightly concerned. No matter how much he tortured her, no matter the pain he inflicted on her, she would not react at all, no movement or sound at all like he was expecting.

\u003c Huh? Did I accidentally kill her?? \u003e He thought in worry, checking her pulse only to find out that she was perfectly alive.

So, he came to the conclusion that she was either sleeping or fainted from all the pain. Thus, he decided to wake her up. The torture was not as fun or fulfilling if his victim was not fully conscious, .screaming and begging for mercy every step of the way.

He began by grabbing a shorter spike that was around the size of a pencil before writing his name, Gerkrik, in the goblin language on Abby's face by digging it really deep in her face, writing it with the deep ravines, holes, that were filled by blood on her face. He wanted to mark his territory which he always very much enjoyed doing.

But, even still, Abby had no reaction at all to having her face scarred and dug into like someone was drawing things with a stick on sand.

This even further aggravated the king, as he started to slap Abby's face with incredible force, making her lose most if not all the skin on her face, showing the various bones and muscle tendons that laid underneath.

However, this still led to no reaction from Abby. She was as still and motionless as a doll. If it weren't for her demon anatomy and regeneration, she would have no doubt died long ago from the king's fury.

\u003c\u003c WHY WON'T YOU FUCKING WAKE UPPP!!!!!! \u003e\u003e He roared, grabbing onto the eyelid of Abby's only remaining eye, ripping it out. Underneath it, he saw nothing but complete white, no pupils, and no agitation at all, it was completely calm and serene which greatly shocked the king.

\u003c\u003c WHYY!! SHE JUST HAD TO TURN INTO A STUPID DEFECTIVE DOLL!!! I GUESS I MIGHT HAVE TOOK IT A LITTLE TOO FAR!! BUT NOW I HAVE NO USE FOR YOU!!! SO DIE!! I WILL HAVE FUN WITH YOUR CORPSE AFTER YOU ARE GONE!!!! CONSIDER IT A GREAT?HONOR!! \u003e\u003e?The king screamed, slowly lifting his tired and still wounded arms with a spike in hand, aiming to stab Abby straight in the brain.

However, as he was slashing down, he was interrupted by an unknown figure dropping on his head, trying his best to stab at his rock hard skin with no avail.

\u003c\u003c GET AWAY FROM OUR QUEEN YOU FUCKING MONSTER!!!! \u003e\u003e A group of 50 Alb and Pizz goblins screamed in unison, dropping down towards the unassuming king, tugging, stabbing, and using magic on him with little to no effect.

The goblins knew that they had no chance of victory and that they were only delaying the inevitable. But, they would rather die fighting for their freedom than to die as cowards. Once the war was over, the king would have all of them executed or live in even worse conditions than before. They would rather die as hero's than to be executed or become slaves once again.

The spectating Aagz goblins still did not even dare get anywhere near the battlefield even if you paid them. They knew that the king would not even hesitate to kill them so they just watched as the goblin slaves left their spots and rushed into the battlefield, not even bothering to stop them as they knew what would befall anyone who dared get near the battlefield.

The heavily tired and injured goblin king struggled to get all of the goblins off of him, trying his best to swat them all away like the bugs they were, killing some of them in the process.

\u003c\u003c GET THE FUCK OFF ME YOU DIRTY LITTLE INSECTS!!! \u003e\u003e He screamed as he continued to struggle with the slave goblins' ensnarement.

Finally… 4 minutes have passed.

Abby had at last succeeded in finally in regaining all of her lost mana.

As she woke up, the first thing she noticed was the horde of slave goblins pestering and ensnaring the goblin king.

Abby smiled at what she saw, they were the perfect distraction and sacrifice for what she was about to do.

Abby immediately started to release a scorching heat all around her body, melting through all the spikes impaling her in a subtle way that did not at all alert the distracted and frustrated goblin king.

As she took her first step towards him, an intense pain ravaged her entire system. Her body was definitely too injured to even move let alone walk. However, she kept going, persevering, trying her best to ignore all the pain and force her body to move, grunting, coughing, and foaming from the mouth on every step.

As she finally neared the goblin king who was still swatting away goblins, she stopped to take a deep breath. Then, she filled her feet with flames and rocketed straight up to the distracted goblin king's face, forming huge craters and cracks in her wake.

As the goblin king finished swatting away the last of the goblin slaves, he looked over at Abby's old location only to find out that she had gone missing. Then, as he looked down, he saw the rocketing Abby flying straight towards him at an incredible speed, her teeth tightly clenched, her left arm extended and reaching towards his face.

\u003c WHAT?! WHEN THE FUCK DID SHE GET HERE!!! \u003e The goblin king panicked, erecting a spike from one of the nearby corpses he just killed to block her attack as he was not able to fully see her due to his shortened vision.

Sadly for him, Abby did not care at all. Even after she saw the spike being erected right in front of her, she continued to her trajectory straight towards the king, her hand still extended. The spike ended up slicing Abby's only remaining left arm vertically in half but was ultimately unable to stop it. In the end, she managed to barely reach the goblin king's forehead with her half arm and 2 remaining fingers.

"D-die…" Abby barely managed to mutter, unleashing every last drop of mana in her nearly full reserve.

A raging vortex of purple and crimson flames engulfed the king's entire body, the flames were very dense and spread far and wide, piercing the many clouds in the purple night sky. The goblin king's body sizzle to a crisp before it eventually burned into nothing but a pile of cinder, screaming in absolute pain and agony as he started to feel and smell his body being turned to ash. there was no way in hell he could have survived such an attack so far up close.

Gerkrik, the goblin king was finally dead.

Abby's injured, deformed, and tattered body began falling on the ground with a smile on her face as soon as she knew that she won the fight.

"Hah… I did it, my lord… I hope that you will be proud of me…" Abby muttered before crashing on the ground, slowly losing consciousness.

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The Great Demon System Chapter 82: Goblin Slayer 3