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The Great Demon System
Chapter 79: Mass Destruction

79 Mass Destruction

Day 6, 5:00 am,

Goblin City, Top of Northern wall.

\u003c\u003c Ughh!! Everything is so boring around here!! Why do we have to just stand here and watch all day!! Don't you think so Val?\u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c What are you talking about?? Haven't you heard all the rumours about the human queen and about the mass murderer killing Aagz goblins?? There might be war on the horizon. That's why they greatly increased the city security.\u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c Hahaha! Those are just stupid rumours!! Has the king really stooped so low!! We don't need all this extra security!! \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c Didn't you notice the sudden weapon and armour shortage in our barracks? I think someone must be stealing them. I was barely able to get any equipment for today and, many other guards lack proper weapons and armour. \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c Yes! I did notice that there were fewer weapons! I couldn't find my favourite spear!! It was probably you who stole it!! \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c Hahahaha!! It wasn't me! Why would I ever want your stupid spear! \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c So it was you!! I dare you to fucking say that again!! \u003e\u003e

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, Val spotted someone or something in the distance, approaching the wall at a steady pace.

\u003c\u003c Ummm… Gulc… Who is that hooded person walking up to the wall?? \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c Hey!! You trying to distract me!! I won't fall for such simple tricks!! \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c No! I am being serious! Look! \u003e\u003e 𝓲n𝑛𝓻ℯ𝗮d. 𝚌o𝒎

\u003c\u003c Oh shit! You're right for once!! \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c Hey you!! Get the fuck away from the wall or we shoot!! \u003e\u003e

The hooded figure completely ignored the guard's warnings, not even stopping for a second and continued to slowly walk towards the wall.

\u003c\u003c Hey!! Did you not fucking hear me!! I said get the fuck away fro…\u003e\u003e


A huge explosion erupted from where the hooded figure was, completely destroying a large chunk of the wall while at the same time incinerating the 2 guard goblins on top of it.

After dusting themselves off, the hooded figure pulled out a large scythe. They raised it into their air and pointed it in front of them, making it glow a bright crimson red. Then a small pea-sized fireball forming in front of them which quickly grew into the size of a small sun before shooting it out at the huge castle in the distance, forming a huge hole where the throne room was situated.

This was none other than the human queen herself, Abby Reid, signalling the start of the revolution with the huge fireball.

Ring Ring Ring

The bell sounded announcing an enemy attack.

\u003c\u003c Revolution!! All hail the human queen!! Come on my fellow brothers!! Let us gain back our freedom!! \u003e\u003e

It was none-other than a goblin slave disguised as a city guard.

Before commencing the revolution, Abby had told her lord everything, and as she expected, he agreed and praised her which motivated her more than ever.

She had also asked him about what makes the white goblin she summoned so special which he then explained that she got super lucky because she has a 1/100 chance to summon an upgraded undead from an originally weak beast.

Over the past 3 days, Abby had been patiently preparing for the revolution, informing every goblin in the city and telling Grunk to do various more speeches all over the city in order to raise morale.

Naturally, the goblin slaves had lacking weapons and armour making them much less likely to win. So many of them were scared or discouraged to fight. So, Abby thought of a genius strategy to gain more equipment while at the same time lowering their opponent's.

Abby would spy inside the Aagz barracks where all the weapons and armours with her wisp until the coast was clear before ordering Grunk to throw the ring with him inside through a window or crack, teleporting himself inside, quickly and quietly stealing as much gear as the ring can hold before once again teleporting out.

She needed to do this as the city greatly increased their security after the first mass killing, requiring every goblin to have their helmet off to show their face when they are indoors.

Abby did this a few times over the past 3 days which greatly boosted the morale of the goblin slaves while at the same time causing a lot of infighting between the Aagz as many of them were left with little to no equipment.

Abby had over 100 full sets of Aagz armour, so she gave it to her undead goblins that she managed to sneak in a few days prior, and, a few goblin slaves and ordered them to blend into the Aagz goblin ranks on the day of the revolution to cause more confusion and infighting while getting a few free sneak kills at the same time.

Abby had ordered her team to stick together and go around the city , setting fire to all the Aagz houses in order for them to gain better visibility because they do not have night vision before going in to join the fight against the Aagz goblins.?Prior to the fight, she had somehow managed to convince them that the green and blue goblins were peaceful and on their side while the black goblins were the true enemy.?Her team found her explanation very skeptical but still they ended agreeing with no hesitation as they had no other choice and where scared to object and answer otherwise.

She ordered her human zombies and skeletons to go fighting on the opposite side of the city from where her team was located. She did not want them to meet each other for obvious reasons.

In only the first 30 minutes of fighting, the Aagz army had already lost 100 soldiers leaving them with only 150 remaining soldiers while the revolution army only lost 500 of their original 2000 which was an amazing win in their book.

The battlefield was absolute mayhem. The once quiet and obidient slaves rose up against their masters. Even parents attacked and ambushed their own children who had enslaved them, trying to kill?them with no remorse at all almost like they were wild animals. The previously brown dirty streets were now painted red with blood, body parts and organs littered the ground and flying everywhere. Elemental magic attacks flew all over the air while the buildings were in complete wreckage and plumes of smoke roamed the skies from the various fires. Screams of agony and cries of determination rang through the air as the battle became even more intense.

The Aagz goblins were extremely confused on who was friend or foe as a lot of spies and impostors were disguised in their armour when the head goblin generals shouted.

\u003c\u003c Attention men!! Remove your helmets to see who is underneath!! We need to identify our allies!! Pass this message on!! Any goblin with a helmet on is either an imposter or a traitor!! Kill them all!! \u003e\u003e

This should have been an obvious thing to do but the thought never crossed their mind, they were too stupid to think of such a thing. So, after the announcement from their general, the tides of the battle shifted once again, it was now an even match.

A battle of power vs numbers.

Suddenly, a white goblin wearing an impressive set of armour went in for an attack on the head general, thrusting a flame covered spear at his skull only for it to be blocked by the general's sword.

\u003c\u003c Ahhh!! You must be that traitorous Aagz of light!! You will die by my hands!! Do you really think you can defeat me and my magma magic!! \u003e\u003e He scoffed.

\u003c\u003c I am Grunk, a general in her majesty's army! In the name of the human the Queen!! You shall die!! \u003e\u003e Grunk said, taking a fighting pose.

\u003c\u003c Heh heh fine! I am great general Zriehus in the service of the almighty goblin king!! Prepare to die!! \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c Hey!! listen up!! All you losers stay out of this!! This chump is mine!! \u003e\u003e Zriehus said, shooting magma out of the ground to start the fight as Grunk reflexively dodged and fired back with his own fire blasts.


Abby had been fighting upwards of over 10 C- rank Aagz goblins at a time, swiftly taking care of them with her flaming scythe. The fight was definitely not easy at all, she had a few close calls during the fight making her rely on the life steal perk of her scythe to keep herself alive on multiple occasions.

The wisp that she used for keeping an eye on her teammates was unfortunately taken down by a stray fireball, meaning that she was not able to monitor their condition. She felt a bit anxious thinking that if she was having this much trouble, how would her team be doing? She could not allow herself to let any of them die, it would be a big scar on her resume, making her unfit to join her lord's demon army as a general.

Abby was constantly depleting her demon energy as she used it to heal and buff her summons who were currently fighting. It gave a small strain on her body but it wasn't anything she couldn't handle.

After finishing the last Aagz goblin around her, she focused her attention on the huge hole she created in the goblin king's castle.


\u003c\u003c Ummm, My liege, is it really ok for you to join the fight? It is far too dangerous down there! Please stay in the castle! We have many guards and traps inside and outside! No one could possibly enter! \u003e\u003e Said the goblin Advisor to the goblin king who was looking out at the carnage below through the huge hole in the wall.

\u003c\u003c How dare you!! Are you saying I am too weak!! Their queen has joined the fight so why would I not!! I am not weak and I am no coward!! I am not inferior to that human queen!! \u003e\u003e The king roared, smashing his hand on the wall of the room strong enough to cause the entire room to shake from the tremors and shock waves.

\u003c\u003c N-n-n-no not at all my lord! That is not what I meant at all! All I wanted t… \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c Shut up! \u003e\u003e The king said in an annoyed tone, grabbing his advisor's head with his huge hands like a basketball before crushing it like a black grape.

The Goblin King who had already dawned his warlord-like battle gear and great sword jumped down the top of his castle and onto the ground below, causing a huge crater from the fall and his immense weight.

He entered the fight, swinging his great sword at the puny in comparison goblins, killing 10s of goblins with only a single slash of his sword. He did not even pay attention to if he swung at friend or foe as he swung his blade like an absolute lunatic, laughing with his tongue out the entire time to taste the blood splattering on his face.

Every time the king would near a group of goblins, they would always run away in fear without a second thought, however, they were always too slow to escape the king's reach.

The arrival of this behemoth had shifted the state of the war once more. If it were not for the king also attacking his own soldiers due to friendly fire, the Aagz would have been very far in the lead.

He continued to rampage throughout the entire city, crushing anyone and anything unfortunate enough to stand in his path until he was finally faced to face with Abby Ried, the new human queen.

\u003c\u003c AHAHAHAHHAAH!! it seems like the rumours were true!! You, the human queen is indeed very breathtaking! The most beautiful woman I have ever seen by a large margin!! I will have fun raping the hell out of you!! Don't be afraid! I'll be gentle and make you feel like never before!! \u003e\u003e The king laughed before licking his lips in a clearly lustful manner.

Then, all of a sudden, Abby broke out in a burst of even louder laughter than the king, to the point of even dropping her weapon and holding her stomach in pain. She could not understand what the king exactly said but knew he was obviously talking shit and looking at her lustfully.

"AHAHHAHAHA!!! You really think you can defeat me?! Bring it on..." Abby said, suddenly turning all serious, staring at the goblin king with a cold, disgusted stare, pointing her glowing, fiery scythe at the goblin king with clear provocation.

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The Great Demon System Chapter 79: Mass Destruction