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The Great Demon System
Chapter 77: Imposter

77 Imposter

On top of an old, wooden, run-down hut in the goblin city, fell a shiny blue rock, rolling off the roof and landing in a pile of trash in between 2 broken houses.

Out of the mound of garbage awoke a fully armoured goblin.

He wore the standard black armour worn by the many Aagz goblin guards that usually patrolled the city.

He stood up, pushing all the trash in his way to the side and walked out from the filthy alleyway into the muddy yet slightly less filthy road.

As soon as the many green and blue Alb and Pizz goblins on the streets noticed the armoured goblin, they immediately and instinctively took many steps back and looked straight down to avoid eye contact and get out of their way. Even the children who were playing on the road immediately ran away in fear only to be severely beaten by their parents for their lack of respect.

Every single goblin on the street only had 2 thoughts in their mind at that moment.

"Where the hell did he come from," and, "please don't choose me, I don't want to die or be tortured today."

It was customary for an Aagz goblin to choose 1 or a few Albs and Pizz goblins to be their own personal plaything, usually killing, raping, or torturing them in public, whenever they arrive in a new district or street. They would choose them at random for the most insignificant transgression or even at times fabricating a fake excuse to get their way with whomever they please. Even when they had something important to do, they would always find the time to randomly attack villagers on the streets to assert their dominance or vent out their frustrations.

This was why there were few to any elder Alb and Pizz goblins because not many of them were lucky enough to survive to see old age.

However, to everyone's surprise, something unprecedented happened. The armoured goblin did not even bat an eye at the many villagers and just walked past all of them like they were not even there. It walked by many streets and districts choosing not to lay a finger on any villager. Its destination was the Aagz goblin exclusive stone tavern called the "Lealk Tavern".

The news quickly spread throughout the entire city like wildfire, the news of a pacifist and fair Aagz goblin that did not torture, rape, or kill any Pizz or Albs.

Many did not believe the rumours deeming them as fake while a small group was filled with a tiny hope that they did not have in a long time. They dubbed the unknown patrolman as "the Aagz of light".

As the armoured goblin entered Inside the rough-looking Lealk Tavern, he was welcomed by a bottle of beer splashing on his armour before a large Aagz goblin bumped into him from the front, pushing him away.

\u003c\u003c I'm in the middle of a fight here! Get the fuck out of my way! \u003e\u003e He bellowed before going straight back into the fight.

In the middle of the tavern, a few meters in front of the front counter was a large circle of Aagz goblins surrounding a huge hand to hand brawl between 2 large Aagz goblins that stood at a staggering 4'9 which was very tall for a goblin.

In the bottom right corner of the tavern, there was another large circle of spectators. A collared Alb slave was going against a collared Pizz goblin while their Aagz masters were behind them giving them commands and orders on what to do.

\u003c\u003c Wrilx! Do a backflip! Then hit him with rock blast!! \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c Dodge it Clerx! Then go for bite on his throat to go for the kill!!\u003e\u003e

It looked like something akin to dogfighting, or even real-life Pokemon battles with slaves.

The armoured goblin walked through the crowded tavern, ignoring all the provocations from goblins who wanted to fight him and from the slutty goblin maids trying to seduce him as he headed straight for the second floor of the tavern.

The tavern also served as an inn or love hotel for goblins to stay in or to just have sex in.

When he reached the second floor, he was greeted with many long hallways with rooms on each side. The hallways were crowded with many goblins either hanging out, kissing, or coming in and out of their rooms.

The armoured goblin walked past all the crowded hallways until he finally found a nearly empty corridor with only 2 Aagz goblins wearing casual clothing who were struggling to get into their room.

\u003c\u003c Hey! Weirdo in the helmet! Can you help us out a bit? This stupid old door seems jammed. Mind giving it a shot for us! \u003e\u003e One of them called out.

\u003c\u003c Sure Thing \u003e\u003e He responded in a slow, awkward, monotone way.

\u003c\u003c Hey, are you ok?? \u003e\u003e The female goblin asked with slight concern.

\u003c\u003c Yes I am fine it is just a small cold \u003e\u003e He responded.

\u003c\u003c If you say so… Well… One second lemme find the right key again... \u003e\u003e The male goblin said, sorting through the many keys in his key holder.

Suddenly, as he was still looking for the right key, he felt a strong, metallic hold, crushing his head.

\u003c\u003c Hey! What the fuck are y... AHHHHHH!!!\u003e\u003e Were his last words before his head was completely burned by a scarlet flame.

\u003c\u003c AHHHH!!! STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!! AGAHH! \u003e\u003e The female goblin screamed before she also got her brain fried by the same scarlet flames as her partner.

When the goblins in the area heard the sound of flames and agonizing screams, they immediately rushed into the hallway only to find nothing but a small splatter of blood on the ground next to an open window.

They knew something went down but, there was barely a sign of anything. An investigation was formed to search for the missing goblins and figure out what happened. Witnesses say that a fully armoured patrol goblin was the last one seen near the area. However, there were many goblins in the tavern and around the area that fit that same description so it was not a big lead. Their main lead was that the perpetrator must have escaped from the window, but even after they searched for a while questioning any witnesses, they saw nothing of importance. The closest thing to a lead they found was a strange shiny object being thrown far into the distance, but that does not provide much if any help.

Cases of missing Aagz goblins began springing up all over the city like wildfire. In just a single day, over 10 Aagz goblins were missing and not even a single clue was found about the perpetrator. Such a thing had never happened before. Many Alb and Pizz goblins were tortured to squeeze them out of any information about the situation. However, they knew nothing other than about a rumour of a nice Aagz goblin that was patrolling the city, "The Aagz Of Light".

In the eyes of the Aagz goblins, they saw their words as no more than lies. A ploy to trick them into doubting and turning on their fellow Aagz goblins. Since the birth of the Aagz goblins 10 years ago, there had yet to be a traitor amongst them so why should this case be an exception?

The same day at 8:00 pm, a group of important Alb and Pizz goblins decided to have an important and secret meeting about the things that had gone on during the day. They decided to hold the meeting in the basement of one of the slightly richer elder goblins to fit the required space for the conference.

At the door of the basement stood 2 guards, exclusively allowing entry to those who know the designated password, and only when they see that there was no one else in sight and that they are not being watched.

Just as when they thought the last guest had arrived and they were about to go in, they found that there was another visitor that had arrived. An uninvited guest.

It was a fully armoured Aagz goblin patrolman that was walking straight in their direction.

\u003c\u003c To what honour do we owe such a visit from a great Aagz goblin such as yourself! \u003e\u003e The two guards said, nervously bowing down, their body clearly trembling from immense fear.

If the Aagz goblins found out about what was going on, it would not end too well for them. It might even cause a massacre of all guests at the meeting as traitors to make an example out of them in front of the whole city.

\u003c\u003c Fear not my brothers I mean you no harm. In fact, I am Grunk the "Aagz of light" you heard so many rumours about. I have come bearing from the human queen. She wants to help you break free from the tyranny of the Aagz goblins. Now, allow me entry. I am on your side.\u003e\u003e The goblin patrolman said in a slow and awkward voice that still somehow displayed a sense of composure and confidence.

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The Great Demon System Chapter 77: Imposter