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The Great Demon System
Chapter 76: The Goblin City

76 The Goblin City

He scrambled through the muddy swamps and thorny forests, trying his best to avoid any beasts. Then, after 30 minutes of running, he finally reached a treeless plain filled with nothing but grass until he reached a rough gravel path leading to a large black stone wall that formed a circle with a perimeter of around 1km around a city. The wall was around 4 meters in height and had ripped red flags and banners with unknown writings or symbols hung across every 100 meters.

Luckily, the city was only 18km away from her team's base, meaning that it was well within the 20km range that the undead must be in to survive.

As Abby's wisp was scouting the goblin city, she noticed that most of the houses were tightly packed and were either made out of weak straw, sticks, or wood while only a few were made out of stone. Out of the entire city, only one building really stood out. The large stone castle-like building in its centre.

From a birds-eye view, she estimated that the city's population was around 2500. The streets were packed with mostly blue and green goblins trying to either work or pass by. Shops such as armour and weapon shops, food stores, restaurants, taverns, and many more were not an uncommon sight at all.

One thing that immediately became apparent was the difference in status between the different types of goblins. The many Green and Blue goblin looked starved, wore tattered rags and were subjected to the worst treatment and conditions while the few Black goblins were well fed, better dressed, and were treated like gods on the street, no one daring to get near them or even look them in the eye. Many green and blue goblins and even goblin children were chained up and forced to work as slaves for their black goblin overlord. The few that weren't slaves were forced to live in fear and in the worst living circumstances imaginable. It was not an uncommon sight to see a black goblin openly torturing or even killing a blue or green goblin in the streets for the sin of looking at him funny. It reminded Abby of the discrimination at her school only on a much larger and more severe scale.

As soon as the goblin reached the gates of the city, the 2 black goblin guards at the front stopped him for a few seconds before letting him in. When the goblin entered the city, he was immediately escorted through the busy streets by those same guards, to the very large stone building in the middle of the city. Everytime they came near a group of goblins, they immediately dispersed akin to how Moses parted the red sea.

After a few minutes of searching the large hallways, avoiding any servant it sees, Abby's wisp finally got a glimpse of the goblin she was searching for. He was entering a room with a large door which was most likely the throne room. But, by the time she noticed, she was already too late, the door had shut before she could reach it. Sadly, the room was tightly closed and had no cracks or windows she could slip in with. She could hear talking from the other side but, it was in an unknown yet familiar growling she could not understand.

Abby decided that it was a waste of time to listen to useless ramblings that she could not understand so she decided to explore the lower levels of the castle.

As she was searching around the lower parts of the castle only to find nothing of interest other than the usual abuse of the blue and green servants, she heard a loud, disturbing scream come from even deeper down in the castle. It came most likely from the underground dungeon which was exactly where Abby sent her wisp.

The wisp immediately flew down the damp, sketchy stairs to the dungeon, dodging any drops of liquid falling from above. The closer it got to the bottom, the louder the agonizing screams became.

When Abby's wisp reached the bottom, it noticed a long hallway filled with jail cells from each side. Before she took a peek inside the first few cells, she started hearing the sound of flesh hitting flesh and the sound of loud moaning echo throughout the entire hallway.

It was the sound of the goblins having sex.

Due the goblins' low brith rate, the king had ordered for there to be a sex chamber full of slaves that only lived for the sole reason of reproducing Aagz goblins. The cells were full of beds and on each bed were naked male and female green and blue goblins going at it right next to each other. The younger looking goblins seemed like they were enjoying themselves while the older ones looked like they were dreading their own existence. Abby stared at them in absolute disgust. Not the disgust that makes one want to throw up but rather the disgust that makes her want to burn them all to the ground.

However, this still did not explain where the torturous screams came from, so Abby went further in down the hallway.

When she approached the end of the corridor, ignoring all the goblins making love, she heard a loud, piercing, female voice that resounded throughout the dungeon. They were the first recognizable words she heard since entering the city.


There, in the final few cells, she saw something she was not at all expecting.

Black goblins were violently raping a group of 4 girls whom she recognized as her fellow students. Their bloodied bodies were suspended in mid-air by chains allowing for easy access to every hole. Various wounds and bite marks could be seen all over their bodies but especially on the breasts. Tears were falling down their face as they tried to grasp for even a single breath in the darkness of the dungeon.

The goblin's moans, giggles, and laughed rang throughout the entire dungeon but got drowned out by the screaming females.

On the ground of the cell behind the back, were scattered fresh looking human body parts, which included 2 male human heads with a very disturbing look on their dead faces.

A normal person witnessing such a scene would be shaking in their boots, pissing their pants before becoming traumatized for life.

However, Abby had no such reaction and felt no such emotions. The only thing she felt was her disgust immensely grow, vowing to kill every last goblin inside the city with no exception. She now had more reasons and motivation than ever to exterminate every last one of them. She was sure that is what her master would have wanted.

She wanted to take action right now but she was not dumb enough to follow her emotions, and blindly rush in against a city of 2500 goblins with no plan or strategy. It would be no different than a suicidal attack.

The time was already 6:30 am and her team should be waking up soon. So, she decided it would be a perfect time to head back.

She retreated her wisp outside of the castle and back into her inventory before running back to her team's camp. She needed to formulate a plan of attack and she was certain that she would need their assistance to successfully take down the city.

Even from the little that she had seen, she had already enough information to formulate, in what was in her opinion, a genius plan.

'My lord will be so proud of me! I will destroy all those filthy goblins and finally prove my worth to my lord!' She thought with a mix of excitement and disgust, running back to her camp at breakneck speed.


\u003c\u003c My Lord Gerkrik the great! This peasant claims that he has something important to report! \u003e\u003e A black goblin guard said, throwing the green goblin in question in front of the goblin king.

The green goblin immediately went on both knees, smashing his face against the hard floor, blood coming out of his forehead from the strength of the impact.

On a magnificent throne made out of various bones from different beasts, sat a very large, muscular, red-bearded, Aagz goblin. His clothes were that of a warlord and not at all luxurious like the typical king as his armour mostly consisted of heavy leather and bloody skulls. To his left and right were 2 of the curviest, most attractive goblins in the city. But compared to the average human, they look like ugly, big-nosed, evil witches.

\u003c\u003c You are getting your filthy blood all over my carpet!! You are courting death!! \u003e\u003e The king bellowed.

\u003c\u003c N-n-no! Please have mercy, my lord!! I wouldn't dare!!\u003e\u003e The goblin panicked, immediately lifting his bloody head off the ground.

\u003c\u003c Now speak! I heard that you have really important news for me!! If not then it will be your head! \u003e\u003e

The green goblin gulped a big chuck of saliva before continuing.

\u003c\u003c My lord! While my group and I were hunting, we came across an unknown monkey race we have never seen before. They had already cleared out every last beast in the Vrurk swamp. We fought the skeleton and rotten apes to a standstill and we only won due to the help of commander Pyris. The commander told me to leave and report what happened to you, my lord. But, as I was leaving, I noticed that the Ape queen had arrived. She was extremely strong and more beautiful than any woman I had ever seen. She used her fire ability to absolutely annihilate the commander using her fire magic, even evaporating an entire lake. My lord! I recommend that you watch out for her... \u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c HAHAHA!! Is that it? You came here just to tell me of your team's failure and incapability to hunt!! Pathetic!! Those Apes you saw were actually humans. The very same beasts we went to war with 10 years ago. You can even see one of their skulls on this very chair I sit on \u003e\u003e The king said, rubbing a human skull on his right armrest.

\u003c\u003c A group of guards ambushed and captured a group of 6 humans last night! Your team was one of the weaker ones so you were never told about this!! I had fun with one of the human girls this morning and I will say it is a very lovely experience. I have them kept in the dungeon as a reward for any goblin I see worthy of playing with them. The human boys just became my dinner, their flesh is extra tasty! \u003e\u003e The king said, taking a bite of a human finger like it was a French fry.

\u003c\u003c My lord… Are you not worried about the possibility of another war with these humans? They seem very strong and they might be looking for revenge…\u003e\u003e

\u003c\u003c HAHAHAHA!! Them?? Are you trying to insult me?? They're harmless! Nothing more than little puppies! The last time they came here it was only you weak ass blueberries and cabbages. But now that we great Aagz goblins are in charge, they won't be able to do a thing! They can attack my kingdom as much as they want! It will only be more food and women for me! \u003e\u003e The goblin king laughed like he heard the funniest thing in the world.

\u003c\u003c Y...yes… of course my lord… \u003e\u003e the green goblin muttered.

\u003c\u003c You provided me with some good entertainment so I shall let the punishment for wasting my time slide! \u003e\u003e The goblin king said with a laugh.

This filled the green goblin with immense relief and happiness, so much that he even started crying from joy.

\u003c\u003c Thank you so much for your mercy lord!! You are truly a great king!! \u003e\u003e The goblin sobbed with joy.

Sadly, his joy did not last for long.

\u003c\u003c However, as punishment for not hunting enough food for the city, I order that you be chopped up into a meat stew and served to the slums!! They haven't eaten good meat in years! I am sure that they would be overjoyed at the news!! \u003e\u003e The king said, laughing his ass off.

\u003c\u003c! PLEASE MY LORD HAVE MERCY!!! \u003e\u003e The goblin screamed at the top of his lungs as he was forcefully dragged out of the throne room by the same 2 guards that escorted him.

\u003c Hehehe… I wonder if that human girl he talked about really was as sexy as he described…\u003e

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The Great Demon System Chapter 76: The Goblin City