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The Great Demon System
Chapter 75: A Lovable Leader

75 A Lovable Leader

She had used all her demon energy on a single summon, the white and purple goblin in front of her who was on one knee talking in what seemed like an incomprehensible growling.

'I am at your command my lord' the goblin spoke telepathically to Abby, pausing between every word.

This greatly startled her. It was the first time she had ever seen one of her summons speak or even have even a single shred of intelligence, bowing on the ground without her issuing even a single command.

Is that random growling that you were doing the goblin language?' She asked with great curiosity.

'Yes my lord, it is as you predicted.' The goblin responded which made Abby really excited.

She sensed a greater power coming from him than any one of her other summons.

It felt like it required as much mental control as 5 of her regular summons. She dug through her memories and remembered when her lord, Moby Kane, told her that stronger summons mandate more space than the weaker ones.

In her current state, she felt like she could control a total of 25 spaces due to the many strength boosts she had received from training and killing beasts on the planet.

This was all due to the genius strategy her great master had suggested to her.

The strategy was both simple and efficient. She had sent her undead in groups of 6 - 8 to patrol the area around her group, killing any weak or unsuspecting beast. Then, the stronger beasts that the undead were unable to defeat were reported and funnelled straight to her and her group for a quick death.

Using such a strategy allowed her to slaughter every weak beast or preditor that resided in the Vrurk swamp within the short span of 2 days.

At first, Abby's team was very rebellious and rowdy, unwilling to follow a single order no matter how many times Abby screamed at them to behave. They took her threats as empty, laughing them off like they were nothing.

Although Abby was the team leader and her power level was the highest, it was not by much. Her power level of 8220 was only 600 and 800 points higher than the second and third strongest members of the team respectively.

Not even within the first hour of the first day, the second and third strongest members threatened and convinced the other weaker members to join them in putting the strict and Arrogant Abby in her place. They even offered a small slice of the cake for them, a reward and temptation for their help.?Abby was the only female of the group and she has suddenly become one of the hottest girls in school, and, as long as they don't kill her, they could do whatever they wanted.

Rape included.

And with a body like hers, they could not resist the temptation.

The other 3 members of the group were all guys and belonged to the support division. Their abilities and description go as follows:

Clement Scur, a short blonde haired boy with an enhancement ability (4630 PL).

Graydon Vrain, an average height, dark blue-haired boy with a healing ability (2490 PL ).

And, Draven Hawkins. A short gray-haired nerdy boy with glasses that had the Ability of greatly enhanced senses which also included a small degree of night vision (1140 PL).

They used the darkness of the night and Draven's night vision to choose the correct time to strike while Graydon tried his best to distract her. Then, they all lunged at Abby as a unified force, like a pack of hyenas pouncing on its unassuming prey.

Retta, the water ability user, was especially confident since his water element was the natural counter to Abby's fire. He formed an enormous, dense, ball of water that was enhanced by Clement's ability, and shot it straight at the seemingly unsuspecting Abby.

That was sadly the worst decision of his life. Abby countered his ball of water by erecting a wall of scarlet flames, completing evaporating his move before it could reach her. This made Retta fall straight on his ass in fear and disbelief. He could sense such a strong hatred, killing intent, and disgust coming from the demon known as his team leader. She waved her hand in the air before a stream of fire erupted from her fingers heading straight for Graydon who was running away screaming in panic, engulfing him in a tornado of fire, and at Retta who was still trembling on the ground.

'Impossible!! What the fuck!! She just blocked that enhanced water ball, one of my strongest attacks, like it was nothing!! I am the counter to her element and my power level is not even that much lower than hers!! How strong is she!!' Retta thought, shitting himself with a horrified look as the stream of fire headed straight for him, severely burning him to a crisp but leaving him barely alive.

Graismy, who had balls of steel, decided to use this opportunity to attack Abby while she was off guard, transforming his hands into gigantic, sharp, scaley, claws before pouncing on Abby. This only led to him getting roasted like a charred shish kabab.

Clement and Draven, the only 2 remaining members unharmed, were hiding behind a tree, shivering, cold sweat running down their faces, trying their best not to make a sound. They would take a few peeks every now and then when they heard the sound of screaming in agony. At first, they were excited when they heard a womanly scream, however, when they looked out, they found the burnt bodies of their teammates instead.

They stayed hiding behind the tree, praying to god to save them from their predicament as an act of desperation. Sadly, their prayers were never heard. A stream of fire burnt the tree they were hiding behind exposing them.

Instead of running away. They stared at the demon in front of them in absolute horror, their legs shaking like a vibrator.

"Please… spare us… we were forced into this!" The boys somehow managed to mutter before they too were burnt to a crisp.

After Abby finished disposing of the trash, she undid her fire tornado that was engulfing Graydon, the team healer.

"Please!! No!! I'm sorry!!! I don't want to die!! They forced me to do this!!!" Abby heard him scream as soon as the tornado of fire disappeared.

"Hey, listen here you sorry excuse for a waste of space. I spared you from getting punished because you are the healer. Now, go heal your teammates before I change my mind!" Abby ordered, a raging fire aura surging behind her, her eyes shining through the darkness of the night with red flames.

'D...d...demon…' he thought, looking at his team leaders' terrifying face and piercing red eyes.

"Y...Yes, ma'am!!" He nervously responded, healing his burnt and unconscious teammates. 𝐢𝘯𝑛𝓻𝚎𝙖𝑑. ᴄ𝗼m

After that incident, no one ever dared to complain or show any form of negative emotion towards their leader, following every order she commanded like it was law. They did not want a repeat of what happened last time, for her to unleash her demon side once again.

This gave Abby the illusion that her team really liked her when in reality they were scared shitless.

Their fright and horror intensified even more when they started hearing the random dying cries of beasts as they walked inside the forest. At times they would just find the corpses of random beasts in the area in which their team leader would say that they found a lucky catch and cash it in for free points. It was too ominous, like the shadow of death was always looking over their shoulders, it felt straight out of a horror movie.

This was as a result of Abby's undead killing the beasts in the area.

Abby always insisted that the group should just sleep in the open, not bothering to go find a shelter like a cave as it would be a waste of time, time they could have spent hunting instead. She promised that the group would be fine and that she knew exactly what she was doing.

This was met with a lot of skepticism from her teammates. However, they dared not question her judgement and did as they were told.

They would rather fight an unknown magical beast that snuck up on them while they slept than fight Abby again any day.

The reason Abby did this is because she always had a group of undead patrolling the area 2km around their camp, alerting her about anything that happened to approach.

This was exactly what happened this morning with the goblins.

She was notified by her undead and immediately left her group's camp alone as they were still fast asleep due to it being only 5 am.

She had read about the goblins in the bestiary, about all the different species and tribes that resided on the planet.

However, when she arrived, she was surprised to see a completely different species of goblin than anything she had seen in the bestiary. A black and red goblin.

It was much stronger than anything the bestiary ever mentioned about the goblins as it had the strength of at least a low C rank beast.

Since Abby had just lost a good chunk of her army, she decided to turn the dead goblins into her undead servants.

The green ones turned into strong warriors while the blue ones turned into mages. Nothing much changed about their appearance other than their lifeless eyes and rotted skin that gave off the smell of death. The only one that had a drastic change was the black goblin who was most likely their leader. His skin turned completely white, his red lines being replaced with purple.

She named this new goblin "Grunk".

He was the only one that could talk and the only one that seemed somewhat intelligent out of the other goblins so, she decided to appoint him as the leader of her new goblin division.

She ordered her new goblin division to continue patrolling the area in order to protect her sleeping team. She did not want any of them to die as she would lose a large number of points. And, it would prove to her master that she was unfit to lead, ruining her chances of becoming one of her lord's future generals. She would rather die than disappoint her lord and saviour. It was one of her biggest fears by far, right behind not getting revenge on her family.

Abby now focused her attention on the one Goblin that escaped. She was unsure where the goblin village was located so she decided to send a wisp to follow his trail while she followed behind the wisp, staying around 5km away from it as to not be spotted by any nearby goblins. She was uncertain if the runaway goblin saw everything that she did to his friends, but she was willing to take the risk in order to find the location of his village.

An entire village of goblins would definitely be worth a lot of points and XP, as her master previously put it.

She was certain that her master would definitely be overjoyed at such a thing.

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The Great Demon System Chapter 75: A Lovable Leader