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The Great Demon System
Chapter 7: A Pleasant Surprise

7 A Pleasant Surprise

Not only will he be able to get his revenge a lot faster thanks to the system, but he will also be greatly rewarded for doing so. It was like a dream come true.

Moby was lucky that no one was in the nurse's office because it was still late at night. If that was not the case, then, he would seem like a lunatic psychopath with his dark laugh and the few instances where he talked to himself. Although the system and Moby could communicate telepathically, at times Moby was so ecstatic that he couldn't help but think out loud.

All the pieces were starting to fall into place in Moby's head. He knew that before he started devising any plans, he needs to become much stronger.

Then, he remembered his daily quest. The quest reset at 12 am every day so he had a long time to complete it. But, since he had nothing to do until the morning he decided to do them in the nurse's office. After he added his extra stat points, he no longer became tired due to his sudden surge of power. That meant that now is the perfect time to finish the daily quest. The time is 5:30. Class starts at 8:00. And, the nurse comes into the room at 7:00 so he should try to be done by then.

The push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, were simple enough and only took him 45 minutes to complete. The real problem was how he was supposed to run 10km in the nurse's office.

When he opened the curtains to see the rest of the room, it was completely empty. The room was by no means small, in fact, it was pretty huge for a simple nurse's office.

But even still, there was hardly any room for running. Moby decided to try running in circles to see if that would go to completing the quest. After running for a few minutes, he decided to check his progress:


It was working! although running around in a circle was impractical, slow, tiring, and nauseating. It was the only option he had. Moby could not stand to waste his time. Now that he had a clear way of getting stronger. Only a fool would waste his time after making such a discovery.


45 minutes later.

Nurse's Pov,

The Nurse was walking down the hallway on her way to her office. She was very worried. She didn't expect to have a patient from the first day. Moby was literally knocking on death's door. If the retrieval team got him to her any later. There would be no doubt that he would be dead.

His ribs were broken poking into his lungs. He had a concussion, a broken femur and many internal injuries. The oddest parts were that all his fingers were broken, his nails were all torn off, and he reeked of human piss.

She knew that this was no accident and the boy was on the receiving end of unbelievable torture. She had many questions to ask him in order to file her report on what happened.

When she opened the door, she was greeted with the most absurd sight she had ever seen. The boy that was knocking on death's door just a few hours ago was running in circles like a mad man having a sugar rush.

She dropped all of her belongings in shock as she was flabbergasted from what she just witnessed.

"How are you already out of bed!" She screamed with a hint of concern.


Moby's Pov,

Moby felt like he had been running for a while. But, he has yet to receive a notification for completing the quest. He hasn't been focused on the time so he had no idea the clock just hit seven. The door started to unlock but Moby was too occupied with finishing the quest to even notice. Then, he received a notification.

\u003c Daily Quest Complete \u003e

\u003c +3 stat points \u003e

Moby didn't even have time to catch his breath and feel happy for his accomplishments before he heard a loud bang coming from the direction of the door.

As he looked, he saw a nice looking young girl wearing a white coat and glasses. Under her, were a bunch of books on the ground. She had short brown hair that came down to her shoulders, bright blue eyes, and an impressive looking figure with a cute face. She didn't look any older than 25 years old.

"How are you already out of bed!"

Moby quickly looked at the time and noticed that it was already 7:02. He began to beat himself up inwardly at how careless he was.

"I just woke up a few minutes ago and I decided to do some exercise, is there something wrong," Moby asked while scratching the back of his head, putting on a fake expression.

"Yes! There is something wrong! With your previous condition, you should have been out for at least 1 or 2 days! But, here you are running around good as new!"

"Condition?" Moby said while trying to feign ignorance.

"What? You don't remember what happened?" The nurse asked in surprise.

The nurse should have expected this outcome. She forgot that the boy suffered a big concussion so there was a high probability that he would have lost his memory.

"As I said, I woke up in this room not too long ago. I suspected that I might have been injured and brought here. However, I have no memories of how I became injured. When I woke up, I felt like I had no injuries and was completely full of energy so I decided to exercise like I usually do every morning," Moby said like he couldn't understand anything going on.

Moby then heard a laugh in his head:

"Heh heh heh. Host, I never knew you were such a smooth liar," the system said.

"Well, my old self was always honest thanks to you absorbing my negative energy so I was unable to tell a lie. Now I can do whatever I want with no shackles restricting my brain. I can't let her know about Nathan because it would definitely get in the way of my revenge so this is the best option I have. Hopefully, she believes me or else I will be in really deep shit due to my carelessness," Moby replied.

"I believe you, since you lost your memories, I will not pry any further into this affair. I don't know how you recovered so quickly but I am really happy that you are okay. You were nearly dead when you came in for treatment you know? This is a miracle that you survived." The nurse said with a genuine-looking smile.

"Oh was I really? Thank you for saving my life. I am so sorry if it was any hassle," said Moby while nervously laughing.

"No, no, I promise you were no hassle. I am only doing my job," the nurse said nervously.

The nurse then coughed twice and regained her composure.

"I have prepared your new student uniform for you since your old clothes were torn up and dirty, the retrieval team also managed to find your sword, it was right next to your body when you were found. Your clothes will be in the next room where you will find a shower. I recommend you take one because you smelled very unpleasant when you arrived. Sorry if that sounded a little mean, that was never my intention and I was merely trying to inform you, that's all. After that, you should head straight to class, you will be informed about your homeroom from your watch 20 minutes before class. I wish you a safe day at school. If you remember anything about what happened to you, please let me know and I will do everything in my power to help you." She said with a concerned, loving smile.

Moby nodded with a smile and headed towards the showers.

As soon as he exited the room, his smile instantly disappeared into his usual serious expression.

"I never thought that faking a smile could be so tiring," Moby mentally thought with a sigh

"That lady seemed really nice don't you think?" the system said.

"Don't be fooled, she definitely had some sort of ulterior motives. From my past experiences, I've learned not to trust anyone no matter how nice and fluffy they look on the outside. The only person I can trust is myself," Moby replied.

"Do you trust me?" The system asked

"Well you are part of me now so ya I guess"

"That's good to know, host."

"And stop calling me host, it's annoying just call me Moby. And I don't feel like calling you system all the time, it makes me feel like a robot so from now on I'll be calling you Avilia."

"Ok, Moby, I understand"

"By the way, why are you even asking me questions? I thought you can read my mind" Moby questioned.

"Well I am only able to see your surface thoughts and general ideas so I wouldn't say I can completely read your mind," Avilia replied.

"Well, that's good to know," Moby said while smiling.


20 minutes have passed since Moby left the nurse's office. Moby got out of the shower wearing his new school uniform. The uniform was a black button-up coat with white and red lines accenting the look. The pants were a pair of flexible joggers that matched the same colour scheme. And the shoes were all-black running shoes. The entire outfit was extremely flexible and comfortable to wear. Moby has never worn such nice clothes in his life.

The time was 7:35, so it was 5 minutes before he will be notified about what class he will be in. He suddenly remembered that he still has 3 stat points to assign from completing the daily quest.

After a little thinking, he decided to add 1 point into endurance, 1 point into strength, and 1 point into agility. He wanted to have a more well-rounded build. But he still didn't have the time to experiment with intelligence and mind so he still ignored them for now.

Moby's stats were now as follows:



Name: Moby Kane

Race: Human

Level: 1

XP to next level 10/100

Power Level: 890

Hp: 100/100

Demon Energy: 20/20

Demon Energy regeneration: 10 Demon Energy/Hour

Strength: 23

Agility: 23

Endurance: 23

Intelligence: 20

Mind: 10

Available Points to distribute: 0


Suddenly his watch started to ring

"RM 219"

That must be his classroom number. Moby still had 20 minutes before class started so he was in no rush to go to class. So he decided to walk to the class slowly as he decided to explore the school a little.

On his way to class, he noticed many disgusted stares from other students. As soon as they saw his power level, they would look at him with cold hating eyes like he was some sort of unwanted rodent that wound up in the school. He saw many instances of girls that tried to approach him but then walk away quickly when they notice the number on his watch. Moby has seen these scenes play out many times during his time in his previous schools but, only now does he realize their true meaning.

Moby laughed inwardly to himself and continued walking ignoring the awful stares. It doesn't bother him now. Because, in the future, he will rise above all of them, and show them who they were looking down on.

After a few minutes of exploring the school, Moby finally decided to head to class.

'Room 219, this should be it,' Moby thought.

As Moby entered the room. He started to look around. It seemed like most of the class was already here and most of the seats were taken.

Then, he heard a familiar voice that would have been impossible for him to forget.

"Hey Moby! Come here! There is an open spot right next to me!" He shouted while smiling at him.

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The Great Demon System Chapter 7: A Pleasant Surprise