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The Great Demon System
Chapter 65: Worm Part 2

65 Worm Part 2

'SHIT! SHE'S GONNA DIE!! THE WORM IS RIGHT UNDER HER!!!' Moby inwardly cursed, dashing towards the battlefield at full speed using his "Demon Flash" and his "Eyes of Sin" for the extra 12% stat boost.

Luckily, his team was looking in the opposite direction allowing him to use his full power without any repercussion. However, even if they were all looking in his direction, he would still do it and try to think of a somewhat believable excuse because this is an extreme emergency.

He can not allow Natalia to die like this for two reasons. The first is of course the angel's curse that he would gain if Neia's wish of torturing her to death doesn't come true. And, the second is that after everything she has done to Neia and Jayden, a quick and easy death is way too merciful for the likes of her.

As Moby was speeding towards the battlefield, he noticed the silhoutte of what looked like the worm's sharp, wide and seemingly bottomless mouth come up from under Natalia.

'FUUCCKKK! I HOPE I'M NOT TOO LATE!!' Moby inwardly cursed, using his devil's hand to pull her out as he was about to be within the 10m range of the skill.

Luckily, Moby managed to get a hold of Natalia's back, pulling her out of danger, throwing her to safety merely moments before the worm's loud chomp happened.

'Fewwww… That was way too close for comfort,' Moby thought with a heavy sigh of relief, deactivating his "Eyes of Sin".

'FUCK! How retarded is my team!!?'

'They are way too careless!'

'Especially Natalia!'

'Does that fucking skank think she can get away with dying such a quick, easy, painless death while I'm still around!?'

'THINK AGAIN!' Moby thought trying his best to hide a sinister smile under his poker face.

Suddenly, Natalia noticed the scarred, panting Moby was standing in the range of the worm.

"Hey! Moby! What are you doing here! It's way too dangerous! Runaway!!" Natalia screamed with clear worry and concern in her voice.

"Ummm… I came here because I thought that the worm was dead… But, when I arrived, I saw that worm come jumping out of the ground out of nowhere. I think it shed its outer shell and went for a sneak attack on you…" Moby replied, his hands shaking, complete fear showing in his eyes.

Haley's figure could be seen scurrying away from the battle in fear and desperation as she has completely run out of mana making her useless in a fight and was too scared to die.

Jay and Travis have also depleted their mana reserves and chose to spectate from the sidelines.

Everything was all up to the injured Natalia now.

Suddenly, the worm started moving again. However, instead of going for Natalia, It chose to go after Moby instead.

Moby just stood there, his teeth and legs shaking faster than vibrator on steroids. He almost looked like he was about to piss his pants.

Even though Moby looked scarred on the outside, he was completely calm on the inside. He knows that there is no way that Natalia would let him die and would come to rescue him even at the cost of her own life. Even if that was not the case, he could easily Demon Flash out of the way if needed.

As the worm neared him he noticed that Natalia was too far away to save him. So, he went into a blind spot that didn't allow himself to be seen by anyone and prepared to dodge.

However, when the worm was only a few meters away from Moby, it abruptly stopped.

It looked like it was being held back by something.

Then, Moby noticed that there was a huge ball of energy-sucking in everything around it and compacting it in the middle. this also included the sand forming a decent-sized hole under it.

The energy ball was also sucking in the gigantic worm giving Natalia enough time to catch up.

However, the ball's pull was not affecting Natalia or Moby at all, only the worm and everything else around it.

The worm let out a loud cry, trying its best to get free from the ball's grasp and pull range with no avail.

'What the fuck is that ball!? Is it like some sort of miniature black hole?? Did Natalia do this??' Moby thought in confusion.

Moby used this opportunity to pretend to run for his life in order to spectate the rest of the fight from afar.

On his way, he picked up a decently large rock and put it in his pocket.

As he was running, he looked back to see how the fight was going down.

When Natalia finally reached the worm, she disappeared, most likely blinking in for an attack. However, instead of reappearing again a second later like she usually does, she stayed invisible for 3 seconds instead.

When Moby noticed this, he immediately activated his "Eyes of Sin" in order to even further boost his eyesight.

What he saw greatly shocked him, to say the least. Natalia was spamming blinks left and right, attacking the ensnared worm in its weak spots.










'9 BLINKS!!!!" Moby thought in shock.

When Moby was analyzing Natalia's earlier fight. He concluded that Natalia was only able to blink 3 times in a row before she has to wait for a 1-second cooldown to regain another blink. This gave her power a much-needed restriction as without it she would be completely unstoppable. However, Moby now needs to reconsider his previous assessment.

'What the fuck!! Her powers are broken!! How the fuck are we supposed to beat that if she can just blitz us all in one move without even giving us time to react. 3 blinks was feasible but with 9 it's pretty much impossible!' Moby thought in turmoil.

'I can't give up now just because of something like this. Now is not the time to worry. I'll probably come up with a way to defeat her in the future. I need to focus on the task at hand before I miss my opportunity,' Moby thought, using his inspect skill on the worm to check its hp.

[HP: 2/150 ]

'Perfect!' Moby thought with a smile.

As Natalia finished her 9 blink combo move, the ball of energy that was sucking in and ensnaring the worm disappeared, now allowing the worm to move freely once again.

However, instead of moving or trying to attack, the worm just remained still doing nothing. It was far too injured to even move. If left alone, it would definitely die in a few minutes from blood loss.

Natalia used this opportunity to jump up above the worm's head to deliver the finishing blow.

As she was dropping down trying to kick at the worms skull, she noticed what looked like a pebble or rock smashing against the head of the worm with a speed many times faster than a regular bullet.

Natalia did not think too much of it as she was too focused on attacking the worm's body in front of her.

She came down on the worms head with incredible force, causing a large loud shockwave followed by a small hole being dug as the worm's body smashed against the ground causing a giant sand mushroom to form.

As the dust cleared, the figure of the heavily injured and panting Natalia could be seen trying her best to do a victory pose. This was then followed up by the sounds of cheering and celebration of all the team members celebrating their victory.

Natalia did not care for the reactions of her teammates and instead decided to immediately look at the only person that mattered in her eyes, the immensely happy looking and smiling Moby.

'I've never seen my love so happy before... I'm glad...' Natalia thought with a smile, falling on the ground, going unconscious from exhaustion and the injuries she sustained in the fight.


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The Great Demon System Chapter 65: Worm Part 2