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The Great Demon System
Chapter 63: Archangel Neia

63 Archangel Neia

\u003c New Quest Received!\u003e

An Angel's Wish



Complete the dying wish of the former human and new angel, Neia Spud.

Part 1:

Conditions to complete:

Kill Natalia Xane in the cruellest, most brutal, most humiliating way imaginable. Make her suffer a very slow, brutal, humiliating death and make her pay for all the pain and suffering she has inflicted on others.

Time limit: 2 week

Reward: Angel's Blessing skill level 2

Part 2:

Conditions to complete:

Take good care of Neia Spud's brother and sister and make sure they have a good life.

Time limit: 2 years

Reward: Angel's Blessing skill level 3


The user has already accepted this quest when he made his promise to Neia. The user can not unaccept this quest.

Failure to complete this quest and not fulfilling the promise made will lead to the skill 'Angel's Blessing' to turn into 'Angel's Curse' which will lead to many downsides for the user.


"GRRRAWWWWRRRR!!!" The worm screamed a piercing cry, startling everyone in the group.

Everyone except for Natalia and Moby.

'Why is my love just staring at the ground with a wide-eyed expression! Don't tell me that he had feelings for Neia and he feels emotionally distraught because of her death!

'He only just got to know her and he already felt that attached to her!'

'I'm so glad I killed her this early. She was able to corrupt my love's heart and mind in such a short amount of time!'

'She truly was dangerous…'

'But now that that whore is dead and out of my hair! Moby can focus all his attention on me!'

'Ooooo!! I'm so excited!' Natalia thought in excitement.

However, Natalia's theory on why Moby is acting the way he did was not entirely accurate…

Moby had just finished reading the new quest notification that appeared in front of him, leaving him looking at the ground in a daze.

'WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!' Moby asked Avilia, even more shocked than before.


'Avilia! Did you give me this new skill and quest from the system!?' Moby asked.

'No! I didn't! That angel did! She gave you that blessing and conditions! All I did was analyze what she gave you and transfer it into a skill and a quest format!'

'WHAT THE FUCK! I'M SO CONFUSED!! WHAT JUST HAPPENED NOW! EVERYTHING HAPPENED TOO QUICK! AVILIA! PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!' Moby asked, his mind still in turmoil trying to process what just happened.

'Every century or so. A human of a completely pure heart will be turned into an angel and ascend into the celestial realm upon their deaths.'

'That is what happened to your friend there.'

'However, that's still not the craziest part. Not just any angel is able to bestow a blessing onto someone else, '

'That power is only reserved for Angel's of the rank of at least Archangel. One of the strongest ranks of angels.'

'This means your friend there had such a pure heart that she was deemed worthy enough of the status of archangel!'

'It's completely baffling to me!'

'An angel's blessing can only be bestowed to a person when a human dies then turns into an archangel. They will bestow the blessing upon someone they know they could trust. They decide this by reading the minds of everyone in the area to see who they will bestow it to. If no one matches their criteria, they will just decide to not bestow a blessing at all.'

'When receiving the blessing, the person will also receive the Archangel's dying wish before their human body died.'

'This is because Archangels and angels, in general, are not allowed to go to the mortal realm without express permission. Not allowing them to complete their wish with their own power. That is why they bless a person they trust to help do it for them while also giving them a gift to help them complete the task and as a thank you gift to them for all their help.'

'Once the blessed one completes a wish, their blessing will grow stronger until all the wishes are fulfilled,'

However, the blessing is not all just sunshine and rainbows. If you fail to complete a wish, their blessing will instead turn into a curse. Turning their positive effects into negatives instead.

'In this case! You were the one chosen by who is now Archangel Neia Spud to receive their blessing.'

'You are the first-ever demon in history to my knowledge that has been blessed by an angel. I have been sealed for a very long time so maybe there might have been but still! You get what I mean!'

'To my knowledge, this has never been done before! You actually don't understand how broken the skill that you just got would be on a demon!'

'Demon armies would not hesitate at all to go to full-on war just for the slightest chance to receive such a skill!'

'It helps shield us against our only weakness, Holy energy, while at the same time increasing one's energy regeneration and vitality greatly.'

'To a human, this would be no big deal, they would just feel a little stronger. The resistance to holy energy won't matter that much.'

'But, to us demons! It's a completely different story! That skill you just got is without a doubt broken beyond belief!' Avilia explained.

Moby's brain was spinning in high gear, trying to take in everything that Avilia just said.

'Soo… Neia is not dead… She was chosen by the celestial realm to become an archangel,' correct? Moby asked.

'Correct,' Avilia replied.

Moby then inwardly breathed a long sigh of relief before going on to his next question.

'You said that she is not allowed to be here and that is why she can't fulfil her own wish. Does that mean that I'm not supposed to be here either!' Moby asked in worry.

'Technically no, you're not. But! If you are never caught. There will be no problem. The demons and the current demon lord definitely have no idea of your existence here. The same goes for all the angels and gods as well. As long as you don't expose your secret to people. You should be fine!'

'I used to sneak out of my castle and visit the mortal world multiple times and I am proud to say that I was never caught! If I, when I was the demon lord THE MOST important figure in the Nether Realm could do it, I'm sure you can too!' Avilia said in a confident voice.

'Didn't Neia turn into an angel and even read my mind! Wouldn't she inform god or an angel? about my existence!' Moby asked in a really worried tone.

'No! Not at all! She is the one that blessed you. Why would she just turn around and backstab you by telling one of the gods? She needs you to fulfil her final wishes and I believe she actually liked you as a person even after finding out your true identity. I can promise you that you will be fine!' Avilia replied with the mental equivalent of the smile.

'By the way, I heard you say 'Gods' as in plural. Does that mean that more than one god exists!?' Moby asked.

'Well yes, of course there is! Not all of them are on the same level of strength or status as each other. But still, yes. There is definitely more than one god!'

'I know that from first-hand experience,' Avilia added with a chuckle.

'Hmmm… good to know… I will need you to tell me more about the celestial and nether realms in the future. There is so much you are not letting me know,' Moby said.

'I'll add that onto your reward for completing the exam!' Avilia said with a chuckle.

'It seems like you already calmed back down. You seem really happy now,' Moby replied, noticing Avilia's cheerful mood.

'Well of course I am! You are the first demon to receive an angel's blessing! You keep surprising me every day! At this rate! You might even surpass me when I was demon lord!' Avilia said in a cheerful tone.

'Thanks a lot!' Moby replied with an awkward chuckle.

Moby breathed a deep breath, trying his best to calm down. All the new information he received was really overwhelming.

'I am really glad Neia is still alive. I hope we can meet again someday so I can properly thank her for everything she has done to help me.'

'I don't really care about the quest and it's penalties anyways. I was going to do it regardless.

'Natalia needs to die a horrible death and I promised to help Neia's siblings.'

'I would have done that even without the quest. But, now I can also get greatly rewarded for doing what I was going to do anyway!'

'It's a win-win situation for me!'

'The penalty would not even matter that much. If I fail to kill Natalia, It would end very badly for me and my demon family. The curse would only be putting salt on the wound and nothing else.'

'I will not allow that to happen no matter what!'

'NATALIA XANE NEEDS TO DIE!' Moby thought with unwavering resolve.

'But for now, I need to worry about the problem at hand, ' Moby thought, looking at the huge flailing howling worm right in front of him.


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The Great Demon System Chapter 63: Archangel Neia