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The Great Demon System
Chapter 440: A Loving Reunion

Chapter 440: A Loving Reunion

"J— Jayden!?" Moby's mutter turned into genuine shock as those words slipped out of his mouth.

"Yeah, Jayden! Did you forget about me already? Pretty rude ya know,"

Moby was left absolutely flabbergasted— never did he expect to see her here. It had been so long since he had last been with her, but oddly enough she seemed so familiar. From the way she strutted into the room to the expression on her face, it was most certainly none other than Jayden Griffith, his significant other.

Still, despite the overflowing rush of thoughts and emotion, there was still one aspect intriguingly missing.

"Ah— You're here!? How did you even get in here!? This room only opens to my finger pr—" As he spoke, Jayden smirked smugly in his direction, and in that moment he stopped, realizing that she was a doppelganger.

"Hmmmm? Hey! Why are you looking at me like you saw some sort of ghost?" She leaned over from afar and pouted. "By the way, who is that girl to your side? Are you cheating on me already?"

As she spoke, Moby's eyes widened further, his heart sank, his hairs rose stiff from their pores, and his forehead began to sweat as he internally screamed to himself. And, out of instinct, his head left Jayden's gaze and snapped to his flank, to the other side of the couch where he rested.

"Huh?" But, to his surprise, he found no one there— Avilia who had been previously sat to his side was nowhere to be found.

But that was when he was abruptly attacked. In his distraction, a heavyweight fell hurling towards him like a heavy, and when he looked, he was met with a top of blue hair rubbing on his chest, hands quivering, squeezing him tightly on his waist to the point where he could hear her heartbeat past her breasts, and a smooth, flowery scent he would not dare to forget in a million years.

"I— I… I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!" She wept. Her voice was shaky, emotional to the bone and her arms began to heavily quake further as she squeezed him tighter.

The shirt upon his chest where her face rested began to feel moist, like a continuous stream was dripping upon it.

Initially, Moby's face stayed shocked, his hands up in the sky untangled by her arms. However, slowly, his face began to soften. His shoulders relaxed, and his hands fell down petting her head, his fingers running down her silky hair with a smile.

"Yes… I missed you two,"

Moby's voice seemed silky like a charming melody as it entered into Jayden's ears. Her grip weakened from his chest, yet their stutter still remained as she lifted her head and looked up to him with reddened, tear-filled eyes and damp, rosy cheeks.

For an instant, they locked gazes intently, and in the next, it was their lips that found themselves locked. Seemingly out of nowhere, Jayden's arms left his waist and flung around his neck, flinging him closer towards her and her scarlet lips with eyes closed.

Moby's softened gaze regained its jolt and his face widened considerably, yet it did not take long for him to regain his previous calmness. He did not show resistance, in fact, he instead fully submitted himself to her grasp as he wrapped his hands around her waist, bringing her closer towards him.

Jayden's eyebrows soared as her face widened, yet her eyes remained shut with a steady stream of tears flowing out, tears of both bliss and melancholic sadness.

The darkness from her closed eyelids manifested into a brilliant light of soothing purple as she felt her tongue dance within Moby's mouth. Her heavily beating heart began to settle down to a normal rhythm, and she let her mind and body run free in the most happiness she had felt in seemingly forever.

But that was when the dance ended. Their lips separated, and Jayden finally opened her eyes with a slight hint of disappointment. She knew not how long they were kissing, all she knew was that her body was yearning for more.

However, she could not make herself say any of the sorts, especially when she laid eyes upon Moby's tender look and loving smile that made her smile shakily and wipe the tears that still rained down past her flushed cheeks.

"D— Did you really miss me?" She murmured, looking up at him with expectant eyes.

"Did you really miss me?" Moby raised his eyebrows. "I didn't know you were that kind of sappy girl."

"Ah— Ah— I'm not! It's just—" Jayden's already reddened cheeks turned boiling, and panic overcame her only to be interrupted by Moby's laughter.

"Hahahaha! Don't worry, I get it! And yes, I of course did! Why would I lie to you now!"

"Ah— Hahaha…" She wiped her tears again heavily and sniffled. "Y— You have no idea how much I wanted to see you again… But, I'm not gonna sit here and lecture you about why you didn't contact me at all. I know you must have tried your best… I know you had your reasons and I know that you were doing something important… yet still… I guess my over-obsessive side is taking over…"

"Hmph Hmph," Moby chuckled once more. "You're not being over obsessive! You're just showing me that you care!"

"R— Really…" She muttered.

"You're doing it again! What is it with you? You think I've lost feelings already? Do you really think I got together with another girl while I was here?"

"No! Of course not! I would never think so lowly of you! You'd be too scared of my wrath to ever dare to do something like that!" One second there was silence, and in the next, a hushed snicker was heard as they both exploded into mutual laughter.

"True, I wouldn't want that dark side of yours, I much prefer this one!"

"Damn right!" She puffed her chest forward.

"You know, I really couldn't believe it was you when you came in, but now there's no doubt in my mind. You haven't changed a bit did you?"

" 'Haven't changed a bit' is a bit too hasty don't ya think? I can assure you that I can show you many new things later on!"

"Oh, now you're getting me interested!" Moby leaned back. "Anyways, I gotta ask, why exactly are you here?"

"Hmmm? You do understand that my father is one of the most important people in the country, if not the world. As soon as I heard that you were participating in the tournament you know damn well I had to come spectate!"

"Aha, I should have guessed looking back at it." Moby rubbed the back of his head. "I just assumed that you rich kids had a lot of work to do after graduation no?"

"Well, you might be right," She nervously smiled. "At first, I had a special post-graduation ceremony to attend to with some other rich kids… My father told me I couldn't go see your matches and I should just wait until you're back on earth, so I was kinda devastated for a few weeks. But then! On the day of the tournament, I woke up to find a special VR machine, a ticket, and a message that read "You're welcome, go have fun," in my room from my father. You couldn't even believe the joy I felt! I still don't know if my father was just pranking me or if I just nagged him enough to do this, but doesn't matter now! I came here and got to see you beat some ass! That's all that matters!"

"W— wait! Does that mean that Mason Griffith is here!? Is Abby here too!? Are you not alone? Are Nags and Ray here too?" Moby blurted.

"Abby yes, Nags and Ray, no. They really wanted to go, but even I couldn't get them tickets. My dad had some important work to do, so he's not here either."

"So Abby is here!? Where is she!?"

"Hmmmm… Good question," Jayden placed her hands around her lips. "She was just behind me a second ago, but then she left to go wonder on her own."

"Wonder on her own!? Isn't that a bit unsafe!? Has she gotten better?" Moby seemed genuinely concerned.

"From what I can tell, she's gotten much better than before, but nowhere near where she was over a year ago. In fact, this is her first time ever in such a big public gathering."

"I'm glad she's gotten better, but still, shouldn't you be worried?"

"Eh, I wouldn't be." Jayden shrugged. "Abby can handle herself. But, what does have me worried is that she chose to go somewhere else instead of coming here to see you."

"You think she's shy? If even you were shy, I can only imagine how shy she must have been…"

"Me??? shy!? O— of course not! I would never!" She shook her head. "Anyways, I wouldn't be too worried. She might have just gone to the bathroom in our mansion and is on her way soon. In the meantime…" Jayden paused and a slight smirk appeared on her visage. "I might have let you off the hook not being able to contact me during the year, but now I expect a fully detailed story about everything that's happened to you during the year! And by everything I mean EVERYTHING! Don't you dare skimp out on me!"

"Eh, I fully expected you to say that. Of course, I'll do it, BUT! Only under one condition! You have to tell me everything that happened with you as well!"

"Easy!" She laughed proudly. "You've got yourself a deal!"

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The Great Demon System Chapter 440: A Loving Reunion