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The Great Demon System
Chapter 27: Reward!

27 Reward!

[ You have defeated a C rank enemy! ]

[ +5000 XP ]

[ Level Up! ]

[ Level Up! ]

[ Level Up! ]

Moby was too deep in thought to even notice all the system alerts bombarding his peripheral vision.

He was the only person who was able to hear Abby's last words because she said it in such a low voice that only Moby with his enhanced senses could perceive it.

'Fuck! Did I go too far, I did not want to use that move in order to not arouse too many questions but she forced my hand,' he inwardly thought.

'Hopefully, she doesn't go running her mouth off after she wakes up about what just happened or else I might have to add her on my hit list,' he thought.

The entire class was standing there speechless. They just witnessed the upset of the century. An F rank defeating a C rank even under these circumstances has never been heard of.

From their perspective, it looked like Abby got startled from Moby's moves which gave him a chance to dash behind her and catch her off guard.

However, their assumptions were completely wrong.

What actually happened was during the exchange, Moby managed to get direct eye contact on Abby in order to use his "Nightmare" Skill.

This was his first time ever using it so he was not completely sure if it would work. If the target's mental strength is too strong, the skill would have no effect. So, it was a big gamble at best.

Luckily, it worked out fine without a problem.

The effect duration of the skill increased from 0.1 seconds to 0.3 seconds due to his increased mind stat giving him just enough time to finish the job.

"And the Winner is Moby Kane!" Leo said also in disbelief at the outcome.

"He must have cheated!" Someone with huge guts said from the audience.

At first, people were reluctant to back him up because they were scared to get in trouble with Leo. But, if everyone does it, then he would have to punish the entire class or punish no one. That was their mentality.

After the second person spoke up. A chain of students started speaking up right after. Until the entire class was in an uproar.

"Ya! Are you sure he doesn't have an ability! He must have used it when no one was paying attention!"

"Ya! there is no way an F rank can defeat a C rank! He must have cheated!"

"I wouldn't be surprised if he drugged her or something!"

The entire class kept on spewing insults and allegations until Leo finally spoke up.

"Everyone be quiet!" He screamed making the entire class go silent.

Moby started awkwardly laughing when he heard the last part. For a second there he thought that Professor Leo figured out his true identity. But, it was just his paranoia getting to him.

The entire class still looked at him haltingly still unable to accept what happened. But, after what Leo just said, no one dared speak up.

Moby knew that by winning, he would paint a bigger target on his back. But, he was banking on the reward being worth it.

"Ummm, Professor Leo, I was wondering when I will get my reward for winning," Moby asked impatiently.

"Oh, that,"

"I almost forgot I promised a reward," he said with a chuckle.

Leo grabbed a ring with a weird crystal on it out of his pocket and gave it to Moby.

As soon as they saw the ring, every student looked at it with surprise and eyes of greed.

"What is this? Sorry but I'm not into jewelry," he said in confusion.

He was hoping for something more flashy like a new weapon or armour and all he got was a weird looking ring.

Leo started laughing at Moby's remark.

"Kid you crack me up! This isn't just a piece of jewelry, this is a storage ring. It is a ring that can store all your objects in another dimension allowing you to carry many things without the extra weight. It contains a total room of 5 meters cubed. Also, anything you put inside will stay the same when you take it out. For example, if you put in a hot meal, the meal would stay hot when you take it out" Leo explained.

At first, Moby was unimpressed. It was just like his inventory but with only limited storage. Then his disappointment faded away when he realized the things he could do with the ring.

'Rings like this must be worth a fortune! I bet I can make bank by selling this!' He thought.

Then, an even better idea came to his mind.

'I can now use my inventory in front of everyone under the pretense that I am using my storage ring! It's a perfect plan!' He thought excitedly.

"Thank you for your generosity Professor Leo, I will gladly accept this ring," Moby said with a smile.

Right after Moby took the ring, an announcement came on.

"Can Moby Kane please report to the general's office immediately."

At first, Moby did not know why he was being called to the general's office.

Then it hit him.

'This can't be anything good, No way the news of me defeating a C rank student has already spread that fast. This can only be one thing. It must mean that they found witnesses saying they saw me and Eric both enter into the forest together on the day he died. They are most likely going to question me as a suspect. If they have some way to detect lies, then I'm fucked!' He thought in panic.

"I guess that's me! I'll be going to the general's office now. Thank you for the reward Professor, I really appreciate it, " Moby said while bowing to Leo and exiting the arena.


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The Great Demon System Chapter 27: Reward!