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The Great Demon System
Chapter 25: Leos Tournament Part 2

25 Leo's Tournament Part 2

Suddenly, the ground started shaking like an earthquake. a huge whirlwind erupted in the middle of the arena blowing away everything and everyone in its way. The temperature in the room suddenly dropped by 20 degrees and the lights went dimmer and started to flicker. It was like the shadow of death was looming over everyone's shoulder.

The entire class just stood in place shivering unable to take a single step.

Moby looked up and saw a monster surrounded by shadows, or was it the god of death?

Moby was so shocked that he did not notice that Laymen had disappeared from under him.

The unknown entity was holding Laymen by the throat with such killing intent that his nether regions suddenly got wet and a brown stain can be seen from his rear. He was shaking so hard you can hear his teeth clanking against each other with the sound of an engine.

"When I say that whoever cheats gets a severe punishment, I really mean it," the man said while letting out even more killing intent.

Laymen's eyes rolled back as they turned completely white. His mouth started foaming like crazy and his entire body stopped responding.

The entire class was paralyzed in horror by the pressure and killing intent emitted from that monster.

Then as fast as it came, the pressure and killing intent suddenly disappeared. The shadow of death had passed.

The monster went over to Moby and asked him with a heartwarming smile.

"Hey, kid. You ok?"

Moby was still in shock from what just happened so he only managed to give back a nod.

The man in front of him was no god or monster. It was Professeur Leo. Moby had no idea he was such a scary strong guy.

His personality flipped like a switch. He was back to his usual demeanour as if nothing happened.

'Avilia, remind me to never get on Professeur Leo's bad side' he thought.

'Why? He's not even that strong, don't tell me you're actually scared? that guy is not at all impressive' She said in a bored tone like she was waiting for her morning coffee to finish heating.

Moby did not know what to be more scared of. How strong and terrifying Professeur Leo was when he got angry or, how indifferent Avilia felt about the situation.

"I need a student that has already been eliminated to get this guy to the nurse's office," Leo said in a casual tone.

No one volunteered. The entire class was still frozen from all the events that just transpired. No one dared move other than the mass shivering and teeth clanking that plagued the arena.

"You there!" Leo said while pointing at a short blonde girl.

"Y...y...y...yes… sir" She barely managed to mutter.

"Did you lose your fight?" He asked still in his casual tone.

" *Clap* Good! Then you can take him to the nurse's office," he said with a smile.

She slowly nodded before running out of the arena carrying Layman's body on her back.

"Ok guys! Back to work! Let's resume where we left off and finish the first round of fights," Leo said before firing another gunshot signalling them to recommence.

Moby shook his head and steeled his resolve. He could not allow things like this to get to him or else he won't last long in the real world.

After a few seconds, Moby had already regained his previous vigour as if nothing happened.

The same could not be said about the rest of his classmates. They all look traumatized like they just went face to face with death its self and survived.

The only other person he noticed who had also regained her vigour was a red-haired girl who was in his same group for the skills exam.

It was the only C rank student in his class, Abby Ried. It seemed like she was one of the only people other than him who had already finished winning their first fight.

Moby predicted that If he would meet anyone in the finals, it would be her.

After 5 minutes, it seemed like most of the class got their courage back. Mostly. You can still perceive a few of them still shuddering at times from the PTSD they most likely got.

The next 2 rounds were just as easy for Moby to win as the first. The only difference was that this time, no one dared to cheat.

Moby went against 2 more E ranks. The first one he won by tripping his opponent and then stomping on his throat with all his might knocking him out.

As for the second one, he managed to knee his opponent in the face by exploiting his momentum which instantly knocked him out.

Moby had already defeated a total of 3 E ranks which gave him a total of 1200 XP for his efforts levelling him up to level 12.

Moby decided to instantly assign his 10 new skill points to "Endurance" in order to bring it more on par with the rest of his stats.

He now had 49 endurance.

For the fourth round, Moby is going against his first D rank opponent.

Jay Truce.

He was a guy with blonde hair and lotus green eyes standing only an inch shorter than Moby. He had hand wrappings around his hands which were typical for a boxer.

"I do admit! You have some skills, kid! Even though you were physically weaker, you still defeated the other losers because of your superior martial arts training."

"But, what are you going to do against someone who is physically stronger than you and has professional training in boxing?!" He said with a smirk.

Moby just stood there seemingly unphased by Jay's provocations.

"That's right! Nothing! If you give up now, you can save face, if not then I won't have mercy on you. So, what will it be, punk?" He said with an overbearing tone.

"I'll pass on that one chief," Moby said without even batting an eye.

Moby knew that what Jay said was right. So far, all his opponents have all been complete amateurs and his superior skill was able to bridge the gap in physical strength and speed allowing him to win. But in this situation, the strength and speed gap has gotten even wider while the skill gap has gotten even narrower.

Moby used his inspect skill to get a better grasp on who he is dealing with.


Name: Jay Truce

Race: Human

Ability: Level 3 Earth

Power Level: 3010

Hp: 100/100

Mana: 78/78

Strength: 80

Agility: 74

Endurance: 69

Intelligence: 78

Mind: 0


"It seems like his stats are really well rounded. I assume that his stats here are his stats with full use of his ability so his actual physical prowess should be much weaker than it is listed on his stat sheet." Moby concluded.

He just had to hope that the physical gap and the narrowed skill gap would not be impossible to overcome.

Professor Leo shot the gun signaling the start of the round.

Jay instantly bolted to Moby throwing a few jabs.

Jay was by no means a professional boxer, but the difference between him and the rest of Moby's opponents was like night and day.

Moby managed to dodge all the jabs by the skin of his teeth.

Then, suddenly, his last jab sped up a little faster than all his others. Moby had no room to dodge so he had to resort to one of his skills.

"Demon Flash"

Out of all the matches, this was the first time he was ever forced to use one of his skills.

'This Jay guy is no joke' he thought.

"I'm surprised you managed to dodge that. But you can't dodge forever!" Jay said as he rushed towards Moby once again throwing jabs left and right.

As Moby was dodging his attacks, he noticed an opening. He ducked down and struck him in the liver where it hurts most.

However, it felt like he punched a mountain rather than a person. His attack had no effect at all.

Jay used this opportunity to kick Moby away using all his strength.

\u003c -67 hp \u003e

'Fuck! My attacks are having no effect on him,' he inwardly cursed.

"Hah! That tickled! You call that an attack!" Jay scoffed.

Moby decided to take the initiative to attack this time instead of defending.

He activated a chain of demon flashes that confused Jay and allowed Moby to go behind him without him noticing.

Then, he struck him at the pressure point at the back of his neck with all his strength.

But even still, he was not able to make him even flinch.

After he noticed that his attack was useless, Moby instinctively stepped back to make distance between him and his opponent.

'What the fuck! Is this guy made of steel or something! Are level 3 ability users that much stronger than level 2 ability users?' He thought.

"Thanks for that buddy! My neck was feeling a bit sore!" He said while laughing and working out his neck.

Moby had already used up a lot of demon energy on his previous attack. He only had 12 demon energy remaining out of his original 55.

Moby's only attack with any chance to harm Jay was his "Demon Slash". But, without a sword, he would not be able to use it.

Moby had never tried to gather his demon energy in his fists for an attack. But to win, he must try it.

When Jay rushed again doing his regular barrage of jabs, Moby found the opening once again and infused his fists with the rest of his demon energy and went all in for the attack.

Jay blocked his liver assuming that Moby was going to strike there once again. But, to his surprise, Moby was not dumb enough to try the same attack twice.

Instead of going for the liver, Moby went for the jaw using an uppercut. His demon energy-infused fists managed to overcome Jay's defenses dislocating his jaw.

This left Jay stunned for a few seconds.

His hands were no longer protecting his liver which gave Moby an open hit.

Moby used this opportunity to deliver the finishing blow. His fists that were still infused with demon energy hit Jay straight in the liver causing him to spit blood and barf out his morning breakfast.

Jay's limp body fell on the ground with an outstanding thud marking the end of the match.

\u003c System Alert \u003e

\u003c New skill created \u003e


Hell's Fist [ level 1]

The user gathers demon energy into their fists increasing its damage output immensely.

Effect: 1.25x attack to punches

Duration: 2 seconds

Cost: 12 demon energy


\u003c System Alert!\u003e

\u003c You gained 1500 XP for defeating a D class enemy \u003e

\u003c Level Up! \u003e

Moby is now in the final round. As he predicted, his final opponent will be none other than the strongest and only C rank student in his class.

The fire ability user Abby Ried.


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The Great Demon System Chapter 25: Leos Tournament Part 2