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The Great Demon System
Chapter 24: Leos Tournament Part 1

24 Leo's Tournament Part 1

Thanks to Moby's enhanced hearing, he was able to pick up on every conversation in the room. Nearly every single student was talking about the crazy incident this morning.

"Did you hear what happened this morning!"

"Ya! Some crazy guy stripped naked and took a shit in front of everyone while jumping around like a weirdo!"

"Dang! I wish I were there in person! That's hilarious!"

"At least you can watch the video on the web. It already has 1 million views even though it was only uploaded 5 minutes ago!" ๐—ถ๐—ป๐™ฃr๐‘’๐‘Ž๐š. ๐˜ค๐‘œ๐˜ฎ

"Really! That's crazy!"

Moby could not help but feel proud of his accomplishment. He caused quite the spectacle.

Suddenly, Professeur Leo came into the room looking happier than usual.

The entire class instantly went silent as soon as they noticed him enter the room.

"Good morning class. Yesterday, we learned the basics of martial arts and its importance. Today, we will be putting what we learned to practice. We will be heading to fighting arena B on the first floor."

The entire class burst out into chatter. Some seemed really excited to finally start combat training.

However, there was another completely different group that cursed the day they were born. They dug their faces in their desk sulking and groaning in despair.

Moby's class was a mixed gendered class consisting of both boys and girls. The class had a total of 32 students. 1 F rank, 14 E ranks, 16 D ranks, and 1 C rank

The divide between the strong and the weak was like the difference between night and day. While the strong students celebrated and got excited, the weak students got really depressed.

After only 5 minutes of walking, the class had already reached battle arena B.

The arena was a big dome-shaped room around the size of 2 football fields. It was light blue and white which made it look really high tech. There was a huge TV on the roof that most likely displayed the fights. The arena was surrounded by stands that spanned for what seemed like forever.

The inside of the arena was a dome-like bubble that separated it from the stands. It was most likely a defensive magical force field that protected the people in the stands from the attacks going on inside.

"This is bullshit! I can't use my ability!?" A student blurted.

"You must cover your basics and fundamental movements before you start properly implementing them with your abilities. It's like trying to run before you crawl. If you try to use these new techniques with your abilities it would be much harder to master. We need to build you from the ground up! Most of you if not all of you have no fighting experience! If you have any objections with my teaching methods then take it up with me!" Leo responded.

The entire class went into silence. Although many students seemed really angry, no one dared talk back to Professeur Leo.

"Oh and don't even try cheating. I am really good at catching underhanded tactics. If one of you dares break the rules then he will be severely punished," He said in a serious tone.

The gloomy faces of the low levels suddenly got a bit brighter. Only a little. Even if they were able to beat a high level, it would not end well for them after class ends. It is not worth it for them to anger the high levels. The only good thing about the use of no abilities for them is that they would get beat up far less than if the use of abilities were allowed.

"For the first class, I want to gauge each person's fighting abilities. So I will make this into a tournament. You will be paired with someone at random. Whoever wins the fight, moves on to the next round. The loser will be eliminated. The last one standing wins! The winner will also get a reward from me!"

The tournament and prize got the students excited once again.

At first, Moby wasn't planning on trying very hard in this class to avoid making more enemies. But now, he disregarded that idea. He had already made it on the bad side of nearly every male in the school so what harm can a few more enemies do? Keeping a low profile does not have any merit if everyone in the school already knows who you are. If no abilities are allowed then he might have a chance at victory. He really wanted to know what reward Leo had.

Every student spread out evenly into the field and waited for the signal to start.

Moby ended up paired with an E rank student with a power level of 1217.

He had spiky brown hair sticking out like a porcupine. He had small hazel eyes, small lips and a huge nose.

The amount of hair product that was on his head was astonishing. Thanks to Moby's enhanced senses, he could clearly smell the gel like it was a scented candle.

Moby could not help but think that the yellow bandana he wore on his head was used to cover up his receding hairline from the sheer amount of gel he used that ruined his hair.

"So you must be Moby Kane, Jayden Griffith's little pet!"

"And you must beโ€ฆ. Hmmm, who are you even?"

"How dare you insult me! I am Laymen Smith, also known as the poison viper!" He said, trying to sound cool.

"Who?" Moby responded in confusion

"I know you're just acting tough because you think you're safe with Jayden Griffith's protection. But since we are doing a friendly spar where accidents can happen, It wouldn't be my fault if I accidentally injured you. Right?" He said with a wide grin.

"I mean you can try, but without your ability, you stand no chance,"

Moby had already used his inspect skill to see who he was dealing with and he was not impressed.


Name: Laymen Smith

Race: Human

Ability: Level 2 Poison

Power Level: 1670

Hp: 100/100

Mana: 64/64

Strength: 32

Agility: 40

Endurance: 31

Intelligence: 64

Mind: 0


Even if Moby held back his power level to his normal 800, he would have no problem beating him if he didn't have the use of his abilities.

Abilities cause a mutation in the body that makes a person's body much stronger and more durable than a normal human's, even if that person's ability is not to be stronger or more durable. The higher the level of the ability the more their body gets strengthened.

This is how people with non-defensive abilities are still able to survive attacks that would definitely kill a normal man. Such as, being flung through a wall.

Laymen has a level 2 ability so his body and strength would be much higher than that of Moby who was holding himself back to only a power level of 800.

However, Moby was still confident in his ability to win. His extensive martial arts experience would be more than enough to bridge the gap in power. Even though most of Moby's training was with the sword, he is still a master at hand to hand combat.

Moby and Laymen both took a fighting stance eager to start.

Suddenly, a gunshot sounded signalling the students to begin.

Laymen took the initiative running blindly at Moby.

Moby could clearly tell that he had no training and had no idea what he was doing.

Although he was much faster than Moby, Moby was still able to really easily keep up with him due to his use of "Energy Sense" and enhanced senses. It made it feel like Laymen was running in slow motion.

Laymen threw a right jab using the weight of his entire body behind it.

Moby exploited that by ducking and grabbing hold of his hand before flipping him over using his own weight and momentum.

He landed on the ground with an impressive thud.

Moby kept hold of his hand and used it to help pin him in a chokehold.

"Say you give up and I'll let you go," Moby said in a monotone manner.

"You bitch!" He screamed while squirming around trying to break free.

Moby didn't really care about this fight. He instantly knew that he would be able to win with no problem the second he saw laymen take his first step. He was just another ant he needed to stomp on his path to get his goals.

Even after 5 seconds of choking, he still would not yield.

Moby got bored, so he decided to find out if his prediction about the bandana was accurate.

"Now let's see what's behind that bandana of yours!" He said with a wicked chuckle.

Suddenly, he got a system notification:

\u003c System Alert! \u003e

\u003c Poison has been detected in your body \u003e


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The Great Demon System Chapter 24: Leos Tournament Part 1