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The God Virus
Volume 1 - 15 Jealousy

After the golden beauty went away Virus and Ella were all alone, staring at each other.

After some more staring Ella finally couldn’t tolerate the silence and the questions boiling inside, so she asked "Who are you really? how did you know I was in danger? Are you following me?"

Staying silent a little more Virus answered "Like I said before I’m Aizen Vee... ."

"You know that’s not what I mean!" Ella said a little louder.

"I know what you mean, but for now, that’s the only thing you need to know, It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s just that it’s not the right time for you to know as you’re not ready, just keep living your normal life for now as if you know the truth it might affect that." Virus explained.

"And you asked how I knew you were in danger? Well, I’ve got eyes everywhere so there’s nothing I don’t know, don’t think I’ve put someone to follow you as I’ve not." Virus continued.

Hearing this, even though it still sounded suspicious she decided to believe him as deep inside she was happy he had came to her rescue, by putting someone to follow her or not, so she said "Thank you for saving me, if you didn’t come to ..."

As she was thanking him Virus interrupted as he said "Nonsense, why would I need a thank you for saving my woman!"

Hearing this Ella blushed at first but then said "If I’m your woman why didn’t you call or why didn’t you come looking for me? Do you even know how much I’ve waited for you call? how many times I checked my phone?" The more she spoke the more upset she got as in the end of her words her eyes were a little red even.

"Sorry for that, don’t be sad my beautiful princess ..." Virus smiled as he said with flattery trying to make the beauty a little happier.

"Actually before coming and looking for you I wanted to first finish some things, as I was kinda busy..." Virus said looking into her red eyes a little apologetic and hearing his words it really worked as Ella was truly happier inside seeing he cared.

Then he continued after a little pause with a smile "So how were you doing these past couple days? did you miss me so much?"

Blushing Ella suddenly said frankly "of course I missed you!"

But hearing how frank she was, she blushed even more as this was the first time she was talking like this to someone in her life.

But after calming a little and thinking what to say she continued. "Even though we knew each other for only a day, but that was in the most intimate way I was close to anyone ever before, and oddly even if it was just a day I feel like I know you for a whole lot more of time and I can’t stop thinking about you."

Hearing her words, it was Virus’ turn to be surprised at how honest and direct she was in expressing her feelings.

So he suddenly went closer and hugged her which greatly surprised Ella but she didn’t resist.

As she was in his embrace Virus said smiling evilly "How about we pick up our unfinished business were we left it off?"

And hearing this Ella forced her way out of his embrace as red as an apple.

Then she said while also sticking her tongue a little out of her mouth really cutely "Don’t want to."

"Why is that?" Virus asked.

"You really asked why? well because you’re tooo much! you did ... that... for about two hours straight... and without a little pause between! In the end I remember nothing as I think I fainted because my body couldn’t tolerate it anymore and now you want to do that again, I DON’T THINK SO!" Ella said flustered like she was wronged greatly.

"Well, If the little red riding hood is not going to allow me have it my way then I gotta be the big bad wolf and EAT HER!" Virus said as she suddenly pounced on the screaming Ella as he picked her and brought her to the couch unlike the last time where he did it on the bed.

Then while Ella was trying to resist he forced himself on Ella while he also teared her clothes to pieces as started fucking her again, but this time unlike the last time which he acted really lovey dovey, he was violent.

So we could say this time, instead of making love to her, he started fucking her, and he fucked her really hard, in lots of embarrasing ways.

First he put her on the couch and made her stand on four feet like a dog and started pounding inside her violently making Ella start moaning and screaming a little trying to run away and the moaning increased as time passed.

But all this and her resistance made Virus even more turned on as he pounded even harder as the sound of the contact between them turned louder.

After that Virus tried lot’s of other embarrassing way which Ella started to like more and more.


After they were done Virus was lying on the bed while Ella was on him naked playing with his chest with her finger drawing somethings on it and while also sometimes objecting pouting to how violent he was just now making her tired and even hurt in some places of her body, but eventually she turned silent.

After a while of silence she asked "Who was the golden haired beauty?"

Hearing this Virus thought for little before answering "She works for me, but she’s like a little sister to me and I care about her as she’s really precious to me."

"So that’s how it is... " Ella said relieved a little inside.

"What was that thing that made blood and bodies disappear into thin air? that was really frightening!" Ella asked scared of the incinerator.

"That was an incinerator, you could say that was advanced high technology, far more advanced than the current ones. In simpler words it’s job is to incinerate whatever you want into almost oblivion and nothingness." Virus replied.

"Wow, but how do you have access to such an advanced things, who are you really..." Ella asked amazed. 𝚒𝐧𝙣𝘳𝒆𝐚𝘥. com

Smiling while acting proud Virus said "You underestimate your boyfriend too much."

Hearing this Ella was flustered again at how he evades the question but was happy as he called himself her boyfriend and so she asked and probed no further.

After a while she talked again coming back to the golden beauty again "That golden haired beauty, she’s really beautiful and super strong and she fights inhumanely... ." Ella said, but Virus could feel a little jealousy in her words.

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The God Virus Volume 1 - 15 Jealousy