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The Girl Who Ate a Death God
Side Story 1: The Melancholy of the Red Bulls

Side Story 1: The Melancholy of the Red Bulls

――Six months after the fall of the newborn kingdom.

Veloce Gale, who was ordered by the Star Church to rule the neighborhood of the city Mirad, calling it a patrol, was visiting the Cyrus fort.

While being a woman, Veloce was tall and she possessed a strength which even men could not draw. Her specialty was swinging her Halberd without suffering at all under the weight. With red short hair, she could not be distinguished from a woman just by one glance. In trying to show off herself, she wore long red wings at the top of the helmet.

Wearing heavy silver armor on her body, her stately and dignified appearance was reminiscent of a mighty warrior from historic battles.

She was 24 years old and it was reputed that she had made numerous victories in battle in the previous Stellar Revolution.

Inheriting the valor of her grandfather and a ferocious disposition, the morale of the soldiers she led was also refined. Not knowing the person themselves, they gave her the odd name, ‘Red Bull’.

Currently, she was working on reconstruction work of the deserted surrounding area, and was so busy that sleep was cut short.

“Where is the Honorable Schera?”

“Her Honor is likely undertaking routine farm work. She is probably in the courtyard.”

“Alright, thanks.”

Expressing thanks to the saluting guard, Veloce headed towards the potato field in the courtyard of Fort Cyrus.

Staff Officer Dima and a group of escorting soldiers went after her.

The battle has ended with the new kingdom, so the state of alertness in the fortress was not the best.

“Your Honor Schera seems to be working hard on your potato cultivation.”

The Staff Officer Dima muttered, lifting his glasses. His tone was emotionless, making it exceptionally difficult to understand what he was thinking.

There was a strong/close relationship, and a common understanding between Veroce and Schera. It was somehow interesting.

“Ah, I was told before that potatoes are grown here, and you can eat a delicious stew. I must absolutely try it.”

Schera’s authority was just within the fortress, but this area had become a potato field as far as one could see.

Insects and disease resistant, nutritional and fast growing Wales Potatoes (as said by Schera).

It seemed that the first harvest had ended and the potatoes were lined up on the dinner tables of the neighborhood’s inhabitants. The taste was different, but the potatoes were what caused a large decrease in those suffering from hunger.

Now what Schera was implementing was a breeding improvement for the Cyrus Potatoes. For this, Schera and her aide, Katarina, worked on dubious experiments night and day, in order to improve the poor reputation of the taste, and furthermore, raise the productivity.

“This is brilliant. It is far more productive than pouring energy into desperate power struggles.”

“…A little more, a little more ambition, and you will be able to sing yourself as champion of the continent.”

“Surely that is not the opinion of your Honor. Or, are you trying to convince her Honor Veloce?”

“…Veroce is a stubborn one. Stop asking questions to which you know the answer.”

“I’m very sorry.”

With a face of not thinking it was bad at all, Dima apologized. Scowling, Veloce continued walking.

She did not think that she had the characteristic of a hero at all. But, Schera was a female officer respected by Veloce.

At that point, she shook her head. It could be easily guessed what was not said.

Her goals were twofold. Destruction of the newborn kingdom, as well as eating delicious food. Now, those being fulfilled, they did not bother with making a bid in a power struggle.


In the fields were the muddy Schera, Katarina, and the soldiers all farming while wearing smiles.

As Veloce et al drew nearer, they seemed to notice without stopping their work.

“It has been a long time, Honorable Schera!”

When Veloce straightened her back, giving respect, Schera wore a dubious expression.

“I suspect that I heard those words last week. Even the week before last. And even before that. Is it only me that does not feel it has been a long time?”

“Ah, even with only one, one week passing, I think that one week is completely within the classification of being a long time.”

Veloce explained, though mumbling and falteringly. When observed by Schera directly from the front, she diverted her line of sight downward.

“…Veloce. You are the true owner governing the Mirad neighborhood, right. Surely, being an owner, you do not have that much free time. I am really jealous.”

“It is not fre-free time! The busy time has passed, I am patrolling the area like this.

“So, it’s okay if you don’t come. Because Katarina and I are strengthening the defenses. Please continue your duties without worries.”

Interrupting in the middle, Schera waved her hands. Not because she was acting out of coldness, it was her commanding those that were busy to dedicate themselves to their work.

“Bu-, but..”

“You are busy, right? I am busy, too. The potato breeding experiments will soon succeed. They will have a sweet taste! There will be massive productivity and we will provide them to Wales and Madoros. You will get something in return for it. Right, you must be looking forward to it?”

Without needing to say, Madoros and Wales had just passed through a dogged relationship, one which was stained with blood. Recently, nothing had changed and there was pure hatred.

However, through the leader Schera, who had an odd network of connections, a strange triangulated trade was established between Madoros, Cyrus and Wales.

Even though Wales and Madoros were adjacent, their relationship meant that they had a meaninglessly detoured trade, but with everyone enjoying the benefits, the volume and flow of trade steadily expanded.

When one thought of how it began with seaweed, boiled fish, and a bag of beans, there has been significant progress since then.

“Tha.. that’s right. Yes.”

“That’s okay. So, with that, it’s all good.”

“Ah, tha.. i.. that. That.”

Schera smiled, brushing it away. It was an innocent smile which one could not suspect any malice. Veloce was at a loss for words.

Looking at the situation, Dima tried not to laugh and lent a helping hand.

“Your Honor, please don’t bother yourself with Veloce. Veloce should also be honest.”

“D.. Dima!?”

Dima continued, regardless of Veloce, who had wide eyes. He straightened his Star Church robes and lifted his glasses.

“To speak frankly, her Honor Veloce wants to look after Schera.”

“Look after…”

As Schera titled her head, Dima nodded deeply.

“Yes. Because recently, she doesn’t seem to be talking much. Her heart is not there, even if she’s in Mirad. I’m sorry to trouble you, but even a little… “

And with this being said, Veloce grasped Dima’s front. Her face was bright red with blood from shame and anger.

Petite Dima was stupefied from being raised into the air. He was a young 18 year old, but was struggling helplessly.

Because he was a complete civilian type, it was impossible to break out of the restraint.

“Oh, Oh, you ar..!! Do you understand what you are saying?

“It’s terrible, please, wait, I’ll die.”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up!! Just die!”

“Gu, Ge-“

“Veloce, how about you let him down?”

“Bu.. but!”

“If that continues, he will die soon!”

Although Schera was watching, seemingly amused, she seemed to be interested in stopping it after watching Dima’s face go from red to blue. Veloce hesitated, but finally let go of Dima. The miserable scapegoat, running away from the devil’s hands, let out a great gasp while on his knees.

“I am sorry to show you this abominable state. To-Today will be one day of rest…”

“It is okay. We have finished work for today, let us eat. When one eats something together, it is more delicious.”

“Bu, but are you sure?”

“Try some delicious Cyrus potatoes. It will be good for you stay the night here. Please do as you like.”

Veloce, whose eyes were watery with the words of Schera, had a shimmering face. With all smiles, she answered with delight. There was no feared warrior called the ‘Red Bull’ there.

“Ye-Yes! As you insist, I’ll stay tonight. Please let me tell you various stories!”

“I understand, don’t pull. I’ll get dirty.”

“I don’t mind at all!”

Fundamentally, Veloce was similar to her grandfather. She had a simple personality and was quick to recover from anything. Because she was the type to accidentally catch on fire, an excellent steward or chief of staff was essential.

Schera and Katarina thoroughly thrust her into warfare techniques so her natural abilities in that respect had a high level of refinement.

In one lecture, Katarina desperately trained, but it did not bear fruit unfortunately.

After her grandfather died in battle, Veloce received a life in this world. Her father tried to reaccumulate the remnants and rebuild the Kingdom, but the plan failed. He was restricted and his whereabouts were unknown. He was probably now no longer alive.

Her mother died of overwork. Veloce was young and all alone in the world.

After a while, Veloce was protected by Kelly Madoros, who had a close relationship with her grandfather. She left her hometown and was hidden in the distant area of Madoros.

Veloce, who was awarded money from the spoils of war from the newborn kingdom, was completely confined, not interacting with the outside world at all.

It was an open secret that Kelly was hiding the daughter of the House of Gale, yet the newborn kingdom did not act. Even when Madoros was away, they did not even want to look. It was limited to sending out a messenger.

It was there that Katarina and Schera, who had put themselves in the Star Church appeared.

While looking at Veloce and Schera running quickly to the cafeteria, Katarina murmured while being amazed.

Her complexion was bad, but the pink robe was dazzling. The walnuts grasped in her right hand made a dry sound when crushed.

“Veloce, ah no, your Honor Veloce was as usual.”

“I think she does not mind the abandonment of the titles.”

“Surely, that is not the case. The titles are a must.”

“Is that so? If so then, please do as you like.”

Dima asserted. He might be viewed as callous, but he was someone who could only talk like this.

Katarina was thinking of the nostalgic chief of staff.

“….that place, you look like your father, don’t you? His head was a hard one, but excellent.”

“I have not meet him before so having said that, I am troubled on how to react.”

“Your Honor may be troubled, but I am not troubled at all. So, there isn’t a problem.”

“Is that so?”

When Dima adjusted his glasses sullenly, Katarina also proudly raised her glasses.

The name of the youth was Dima Art, the nephew of the staff officer, Shidamo, who died in battle.

He was Shidamo’s older sister’s, Matari Art, second son. Katarina thought he seemed appropriate as Veloce’s staff officer and so pulled him out of the church headquarters.

As expected, he was totally appropriate. The unevenness in personalities actually matched completely. The match was such that it was not a master-slave relationship.

However, she concluded that she and Schera were best and resumed talking.

“Recently things seem weird with Veloce, so I was worried. Can we have a moment?“

“Were the titles not absolute?”

Dima took a jab at Katarina, who had suddenly dropped the courtesies.

“The person in question is not here so is it necessary to worry?”

“Is that so?”

“It is so.”

They both raised their glasses. One could not see their expressions.

“Veloce is concerned about that incident.”

“What incident?”

There were a number of evils at work she did not know, Katarina was racking her brain over what it could possibly be.

“In the battle to capture Cyrus, taking credit for Schera’s warfare.”

The battle where the combined army of Wales and Madoros, led by Schera, had attacked Cyrus Fortress.

The empire, at the request of the Star Church, decided to dispatch the soldiers of the Wales area. Schera led the private army of the church.

Furthermore, she had been successful in appeasing Kelly, and incorporating Madoros’ military force, which was the planned attack site.

Veloce had brought warriorhood and leadership and was appointed as the leader of the capture strategy.

The fortress was called Shishi Masaru. Its general was the son of the liberation war’s hero, Finn. The hero, Finn Catefu, who was approaching age 60, had retired from the front lines, and his fortress was handed down to his son.

Though, it was not case that he was completely retired. He was doing some defense of the fortress together with this son. Mira, who was his wife and aide-de-camp, had left this world without seeing the battle of the newborn kingdom.

The granddaughter of Jalda of the lost nation and the son of Finn, the hero of the liberation war.

Both of them were to face each other unexpectedly, but their positions were inversely reversed.

The Star Church’s Union Army numbered 50,000. The garrison of the newborn kingdom was only 5000. The newborn kingdom’s troops had already been defeated in various places already, and they were trying to gather troops for battle in one last stand at the Kingdom of Blanca. The Cyrus Fortress was like the sacrificial stone in the game of Go, it needed to hold on for as long as possible.

In understanding this, Finn and his son volunteered for the defense of the fortress. If you hold on and lengthen the fight, there was a possibility that something would happen.

Although they had assembled at the command of the Star Church’s Pope, there were many nakedly ambitious princes.

In the battle for the initiative, he did not know whether they would just kill each other. That was a slight hope of an old hero like Finn.

“…Ahh, are you still worried about it? That bullhead?”

Katarina closed one eye and was recalling whether it was that time.

Surely, it was an incident which Schera was not worried about. But also, surely, Veloce would not be worried about it at all.

“I can recover fast, but this is still affecting me unexpectedly. Sometimes, I remember it and let out a deep sigh.”

Katarina sighed deeply, wondering why she had worried about such a thing.

Character Introduction

Veloce Gale

24 year old female officer.Red short hair, tall person, the person who swings the Halberd.Type to accidentally catch on fire.Favorite person is Schera.

Jalda’s granddaughter.“The Red Bull”

Dima Art

18 year-old chief-of-staff. Black hair and petite.

Entered the organization from childhood and undertook training.

Pulled out by Katarina to consult for Veloce.

The type who has a clean sword, is unathletic, intellectual type.

Nephew of Shidamo

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The Girl Who Ate a Death God Side Story 1: The Melancholy of the Red Bulls