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The Gate Of Good Fortune
Chapter 0098 – Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 0098 – Unexpected Visitor

“It appears that we have indeed found the right place.” Zhu Hong Wen spoke with a pleasantly surprised tone, but whether he was really surprised or not, only he knew.

“Hong Wen, I must see Luo Fei......” Xiong Qi Hua had completely forgotten the things that she had discussed with Zhu Hong Wen, and rushed towards Ji Luo Fei.

Zhu Hong Wen quickly pulled Xiong Qi Hua back and said, “Qi Hua, I also hope that you can meet Luo Fei, but at the moment Luo Fei is together with Ning Cheng. Moreover, their relationship appears to be very close, so I am sure that that Ning Xiao Cheng had obviously told her about our matter, fortunately you did not go meet with Luo Fei, once you go see Luo Fei, it may cause her to not look at you as her mother anymore and I don’t think that you would have another opportunity to fix this.”

Saying that, Zhu Hong Wen did not think that it was enough, and further added, “That Ning Xiao Cheng is quite crafty, for him to be together with Luo Fei, it was definitely because he had deceived her with his honeyed words. Moreover, we had also injured him in the Daan Forest, I am sure that he would have highly coloured the matter between you and me, possibly even slandered it to a point that even you could not hear.”

“What do we do then?” Xiong Qi Hua’s face turned pale, she really did not know what they should do.

“Qi Hua, you do not have to be worried about it, as we had talked about it before, for now let us just track Luo Fei, and find out where Luo Fei is staying. Then we wait for Ning Cheng and Luo Fei to separate before we then proceed to go find Luo Fei.” Zhu Wen Hong calmly spoke.

“But....” Xiong Qi Hua’s expression finally relaxed a lot and said, “That Ning Xiao Cheng looks even more powerful than before, not only is he difficult to deal with, but he now even has the identity of a core disciple of the God Wind Academy, and would definitely have a bright future. I think that if Luo Fei really follows him, it would also be quite good for her ....”

It was only because she found out that Ning Cheng knew about of the private affair with Zhu Hong Wen, that she had wanted to kill Ning Cheng. But now that she saw that Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei were quite close to each other, she was hesitating somewhat, she did not know if Luo Fei would be very sad after she killed Ning Xiao Cheng. Meanwhile in the depths of her heart, she was beginning to feel that Ning Cheng really was worthy of her daughter.

“Qi Hua, you still are too kind. Even if he looks good on the surface, out of the thousands of people who took that written exam, didn’t Ning Xiao Cheng personally said that his qualifications is definitely not that good. Even if his qualifications are good, for such a crafty person like him to be together with Luo Fei, it would only end in Luo Fei getting hurt. Besides, didn’t you see that there was another woman beside him, I could make out with a single glance that that woman is definitely a spiteful junior, how could she let Luo Fei to have a higher status than her?”

Zhu Hong Wen said all that while still staring at the retreating backs of Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei.

Seeing Xiong Qi Hua to be somewhat at a loss, Zhu Hong Wen’s expression finally softened up and said, “That Ning Xiao Cheng is now a student of a 5 Star Academy, and was also leading Ji Luo Fei and another woman, with his craftiness, in the future he can easily establish a firm foothold in the 5 Star Academy. Moreover, he is now even a core student, and the 5 Star Academy will most definitely have a lot of beautiful girls, so would Ji Luo Fei still have a place with him? Moreover, if we do not separate Ji Luo Fei and that Ning Xiao Cheng, it would be equivalent to you losing your daughter.”

“I’ll listen to you......” Xiong Qi Hua spoke with a weak and feeble tone.


“Do you really have a Dual Main Spiritual Root?” After they arrived at the residential area reserved for the God Wind Academy, Deacon Liu Jian finally came to know that Ji Luo Fei and Zhu Mu Er both had a Dual Main Spiritual Root, and became even more excited. For a disciple to have a Dual Main Spiritual Root, not to mention inner court disciples, even some of the more outstanding core disciples may not have such qualifications.

But Zhu Mu Er was the happiest among the group, “My father said several times to send me to a 5 Star Academy, but I did not listen to him, I wanted to rely on my own strength to enter a 5 Star Academy.”

When Zhu Mu Er spoke, she completely forgot that the reason why she was able to enter the God Wind Academy was because of Ning Cheng’s help from before.

“Your father?” Elder Liu Jian asked in a puzzled way, for someone to casually be able to send their kid to a 5 Star Academy, he should definitely not be someone obscure.

Then Zhu Mu Er proudly said, “My father’s name is Zhu Yao Shi, you should know him right?”

Liu Xian immediately became terrified, and quickly said, “So you are Elder Brother Yao Shi’s daughter, I really have neglected my duties.”

Ning Cheng had long since had guessed that Zhu Mu Er’s father was not simple, it seems that it really was the case. Even to the people like Deacon Liu Xian from the God Wind Academy to show such behaviour, it showed that Zhu Mu Er’s father was really respectable.

Because of their special relationship with Zhu Yao Shi, Liu Xian chatted quite enthusiastically with Ning Cheng and the others, as he personally gave them the Jade Cards of the God Wind Academy, as he completed the rest of the formalities for entering the God Wind Academy. 𝑖𝓷n𝘳ℯ𝐚𝐝. 𝒄om

“The second round will be conducted in 10 days, this round will test one’s ability to comprehend, all the top 1000 participants will be attending this round. Do you want to move into the God Wind Academy residential area here directly? And use these 10 days to prepare for the upcoming second round?” Although Ning Cheng is now the disciple of the God Wind Academy, but this Deacon Liu Xian’s tone showed that he was still very much concerned about the opinion of Ning Cheng.

“Many thanks Deacon Liu, but as I have a few personal things to take care, so for the time being I will not live here. However, I will not leave Mo Ze City, and 10 days later I will come to participate in the second round.” Ning Cheng quickly rejected his offer.

His body had the Mysterious Yellow Bead inside, unless it was something that absolutely couldn’t be helped, he did not want to live together with a master of the Profound Congealing Realm.

“Of course, once you take care of your things, then 10 days later you can directly come to the Mo Ze Grand Plaza.” In regards to the treatment given to Ning Cheng, Liu Xian was extremely tolerant.

Since Ning Cheng was not interested in staying at the God Wind Academy, Ji Luo Fei would also obviously not stay here. As for Zhu Mu Er it was even more unlikely for her to stay here, coupled with her thinking that she joined the 5 Star Academy on her own strength, at this time, she would definitely go and try to show off in front of her dad. Her meaning being, ‘You see I don’t need your help, with my own ability, how could I not join the God Wind Academy?’


“Luo Fei, during these 10 days it would be better if we did not go out, Mo Ze City is not necessarily a safe place for us.” Coming back to their room, Ning Cheng first urged Ji Luo Fei to not to go out.

“En, I feel like I am going to break through to the Qi Gathering 6th Level, so I will stay inside to cultivate during these few days.” Ji Luo Fei immediately replied, even if Ning Cheng had not asked her, she would definitely not get onto the streets of Mo Ze City by herself.

As Ji Luo Fei went into her closed door training while attempting to breakthrough to the Qi Gathering 6th Level, Ning Cheng was also getting ready to enhance his cultivation during these 10 days. His Meridians had already been remoulded by the Mysterious Yellow Origin, so if he wanted to successfully cultivate in the True Condensation Realm, then he would have to work several times harder than before.

This was not because his qualifications were poor, but because his cultivation now required even more resources than before. If there were no more resources for him to continue his cultivation, then to Ning Cheng, the expansion and remoulding of his Meridians was not necessarily a good thing. In other words, the resources needed for him to advance to the Essence Building Realm before, would now probably be only enough for him to advance only to the Intermediate Stages of the True Condensation Realm.

“Since you still have not gone into closed door training, I came to find you regarding somethings.” Ning Cheng had just prepared the Isolation Array Formation, when a familiar voice abruptly sounded in his ears.

Ning Cheng immediately stood up with surprise, “Who?”

For this person to come in through his Isolation Array Formation and into his room, how could he not sense it?

“How much time has it been since then, and you still do not recognize your benefactor?” This voice was coming from in front of Ning Cheng, then Ning Cheng immediately saw a white haired old woman wearing a blue robe in front of him.

“Is it really you? How are you ......” Ning Cheng wanted to inquire how this old woman came in silently, he had already arranged several Array Formations in his room, but he swallowed the words that he was about to speak.

The white haired old woman slowly walked to the chair nearby and sat down, “I really did not expect that you would be able to arrange a Level 2 Array Formation. Although, this Level 2 Array Formations is just a small bubble in front of me, it is not something that could stop me from entering.”

Ning Cheng immediately restrained this heavy shock in her heart, then cupped his fist in front of this white haired old woman, he spoke very respectfully, “Ning Cheng greets Senior, many thanks to senior for helping this junior with your refined Artefacts. If not for the inner armour that was made by senior, this junior would have died a long time ago.”

Ning Cheng did not speak any nonsense, if not for the help of the white haired old woman who had helped him in refining not only the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle but also the inner Dragon Hide Armour, he really would have died. These two things had saved his life numerous times.

Although he was thanking her, Ning Cheng was still a bit uncomfortable in his heart, as he felt that he had to definitely improve his own Level of Array Formations. At least he had to improve his Sensing Array Formation, so that when someone entered his Array Formation, he would be the first to know about it.

But then thinking about the thousand-mile gap between the cultivation levels of the white haired old woman and him, Ning Cheng could feel his powerlessness. Perhaps even if he could arrange a more powerful Sensing Array Formation, other people may still be able to enter his room quietly. The level of Array Formations did not really matter to him, what really mattered to him was the disparity between their cultivation levels.

“You can thank me for the inner armour that I refinished, but the 100 points that you obtained in the first round was obtained by relying on your own ability, so why would you try and thank me for it?” To Ning Cheng’s surprise, the white haired old woman said something that Ning Cheng could really not understand.

Ning Cheng had a few doubts in his heart, the reason why he obtained the first place, was because of his own memory, what relation could it even have with Ning Cheng’s relationship with the white haired old woman?

“When you received my wooden box, did you also not receive the words I left behind for you?” Seeing the puzzled look on Ning Cheng’s face, the white haired old woman once again reminded him.

Ning Cheng immediately thought of the wooden box that he had received from the very ugly looking teenager who had said to him, “Aunt Gong Sun gave me this just before she left, she said to pass this on to you, all the things that you want are in here, hope you do what your strength allows.”

He was still thinking about the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle at that time, what did she mean by those words ‘hope you do what your strength allows’? Now thinking about it, he could see that these words spoken by the white haired old women seemed to be quite unique.

In that wooden box other than the ice needle inside it, it only had the inner armour and nothing else, Ning Cheng thought back to the wooden box that he had emptied for the first time, and immediately took it out. While simultaneously sweeping through the wooden box with his Spiritual Sense, the next moment he could vaguely feel a Jade Piece sealed in the base of the wooden box.

“Why don’t you take out the Jade Piece.” The old woman knew that Ning Cheng found out the Jade Piece she had put there.

Ning Cheng immediately crushed the base of the wooden box, and after the Jade Piece came out, he asked with a puzzled expression, “Senior, what does this Jade Piece contain?”

“You’ll know if you look.” The old woman replied in a mild tone.

Ning Cheng immediately swept the Jade Piece with his Spiritual Sense and could see the contents inside, it turned out that the Jade Piece was filled with the basics of Alchemy. This Jade Piece was filled with innumerable simple and complex information that even his head began to hurt. The Jade Piece even contained the basics of Spiritual Grasses, when Ning Cheng saw the basics of the Spiritual Grasses in it, he immediately understood what the matter was.

The basics of the Spiritual Grasses in this Jade Piece and the contents of the Spiritual Grasses that he had seen in the preliminary round were exactly the same, but the Jade Piece contained even more information on the Spiritual Grasses than the one he had seen during the written examination.

Seeing that Ning Cheng finally saw the contents, this old woman said in a light voice, “I was sincere to you, and even helped you this much, but you even deceived an old woman like me.”

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The Gate Of Good Fortune Chapter 0098 – Unexpected Visitor