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Chapter 0988: Strength earns respect

“A pill tribulation?” Everyone in the public square stood up and stared at the six lightning arcs rushing down.

Don’t look at these six arcs as something simple and easy to overcome. The aura of these lightning arcs showed that they were even more potent than the tribulation lightning faced by Dao Sculpting Holy Emperors. Even though these six arcs had nothing to do with them, they all thought that Ning Cheng wouldn’t be able to withstand them.

Ning Cheng suddenly stood up, and without even bringing out a weapon, he flew up and blasted out several punches one after another.

On the public square, everyone who came to listen to the alchemic discussions and the alchemists couldn’t help but look at Ning Cheng incredulously. Has he gone insane? No matter how important or valuable the pills were, you can’t just use your flesh and blood to resist a thunder tribulation, right? What’s more, these six arcs had law-infused dao rhythms circulating within them. Just a glance would be enough to tell that they weren’t something an ordinary Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor could resist.

“Boom-Boom......” While the crowd reeled in shock, Ning Cheng’s fists made contact with the falling arcs.

The tribulation that contained the aura of laws blasted against Ning Cheng’s fist, giving out explosive sounds. However, instead of loud ear-piercing explosions, they sounded akin to something heavy striking a cotton cloth. Yet, no blood and flesh splattered or bones shattered as people expected.

“Bang!” Ning Cheng fell from the air and onto the stage. The sound his feet made as it struck the stage felt like a hammer pounding everyone’s heart and mind, causing everyone to sober up.

Apart from Ning Cheng’s sleeves burned away by the lightning, no one could see even an inkling of a scar on his body. Not a single scratch or a drop of blood could be seen. As for the thunder tribulation, it had also disappeared without a trace. In other words, it was just one wave of six pill tribulation arcs that disappeared after getting blocked.

Was Ning Cheng really a Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor? Seeing Ning Cheng easily parring those tribulation arcs, no one could believe that Ning Cheng was a Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor. After all, no Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor could block six pill tribulation arcs containing the laws of heaven and earth as easily as Ning Cheng.

Six dark red fragrant pills suddenly flew out and entered the two jade bottles Ning Cheng had prepared beforehand. With tribulation arcs blasting apart the restriction on Ning Cheng’s pill refining area, everyone could finally see the six pills with much more clarity.

That’s right, six ‘Six Yin Soul Pills’. But not just six ‘Six Yin Soul Pills’, six top-quality Six Yin Soul Pills; there wasn’t even one high-grade pill among them.

The public square turned utterly silent. No one thought Ning Cheng had lost the competition. To refine six top-quality Dao Essence Dao Pills, no Six Yin Soul Pills, just how high was Ning Cheng’s alchemic dao? Several pairs of greedy eyes fell on Ning Cheng, each person’s mind having different thoughts.

Ning Cheng had essentially established himself as a Dao Essence Pill Sage who was even better than Sichen Qiutian. However, Ning Cheng was different from Sichen Qiutian; Ning Cheng was a rogue cultivator without any background.

Ning Cheng took a deep breath. He knew about his affairs much better than anyone else. Ning Cheng wasn’t a Dao Essence Pill Sage; he couldn’t refine a Dao Essence Dao Pill even at his peak. The only reason he could complete this batch of Six Yin Soul Pills wasn’t because of his deep understanding of his Dao of Alchemy but because of the Bestowing Lawless Fruit.

Without the Bestowing Lawless Fruit, this furnace of Six Yin Soul Pills would have ended in an absolute failure. In other words, even if he found another set of ingredients to refine a new batch of Six Yin Soul Pills, he wouldn’t be able to do it at all.

If he wanted to refine the Six Yin Soul Pill, he would have to first go into secluded cultivation to better understand the epiphany he experienced during this event. Then, he would have to somehow incorporate his Returning-to-on Grand Dao in his Dao of Alchemy, which would take who knows how long.

Moreover, when those pill tribulation arcs descended, Ning Cheng vaguely felt that those tribulation arcs weren’t the heavenly dao tribulation of the Grand Essence Realm. But the feeling was so vague and out of the world that he couldn’t be entirely sure of it.

Ning Cheng cupped his fists towards Le Xichen, who stood at the side in stunned silence. Then he cupped his fists, bowed toward Holy Emperor Qing Yi, and spoke up calmly, “This junior spoke out of turn previously. I’ve failed the challenge and lost to Pill Sage Le.”

Ning Cheng didn’t feel even half a shred of regret despite losing. He had managed to refine the Six Yin Soul Pills, which was good enough. As for the wood-attributed spirit vein, even if it was even more precious, it couldn’t compare to a friend’s life. In the eyes of other cultivators, giving up on a top-quality spirit vein and even throwing in half of a Bestowing Lawless Fruit in exchange for defeat might construe as foolish and idiotic. After all, how could an insignificant Essence Building cultivator be worth so much?

But Ning Cheng didn’t think so. He only did what he thought he should do.

Besides, even if he went to the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Competition, he might still be far away from that top-quality spirit vein. It would remain a distant dream unless he somehow obtained a large pile of Dao Essence-level and above spirit herbs to practice.

Le Xichen opened his mouth but couldn’t utter a single word. He knew that the one who truly lost was himself, not Ning Cheng. But as Ning Cheng said, Ning Cheng only ‘lost’ because of the conditions he put forth himself; he didn’t refine the Six Yin Soul Pills within one day. After all, everyone needs to be responsible for their own words.

In fact, not to mention Ning Cheng, no Dao Transformation Pill Sage with a Dao Sculpting cultivation could refine the Six Yin Soul Pill within one year, let alone one day.

On the other hand, Gong Huayu let out a wild laugh and rushed straight up. It was a wonderful surprise. He never expected Ning Cheng to successfully refine the pill, let alone a batch of six top-quality pills. As for whether Ning Cheng won or lost the challenge, he genuinely didn’t care. After all, he primarily did this to repay a favour.

He had converted the batch-worth of Six Yin Soul Pill’s ingredients into three top-quality Six Yin Soul Pills for each side. This also meant that he returned Ning Cheng’s favour and gained the friendship of a Dao Essence Pill Sage. Apart from Gong Huayu, who else could show such boldness? Who else could enjoy such a great fortune?

Ning Cheng placed one of the jade bottles into Gong Huayu’s hands after seeing him rush up. “Many thanks, Brother Gong, for generously taking out the Six Yin Soul Pill ingredients. If Brother Gong needs anything from me in the future, just ask.”

Gong Huayu tightly grabbed the jade bottle, curbed his widening smile and said to Ning Cheng with cupped fists, “Brother Ning, it should be me who needs to say this. If Brother Ning needs anything from me in the future, all you need to do is just ask.”

Since this was still the Alchemy Discourse’s public square, Gong Huayu didn’t say much to Ning Cheng. After taking those pills and saying those words, he immediately returned to his seat. He hoped for Ning Cheng’s friendship, and he got it.

No one thought much about Gong Huayu’s wild laughter. But in the future, if they couldn’t ask for Ning Cheng’s help, they might have to turn to Gong Huayu to help them out. Especially since Gong Huayu had become Ning Cheng’s ‘friend’.

It wasn’t until Gong Huayu went down the stage that the public square boiled over again. As for the giant gaping hole in the ceiling created by the tribulation, no one cared about it.

Instead, everyone cared more about the ‘Dao Essence Pill Sage’ Ning Cheng. Even if they talked among themselves excitedly, they deliberately suppressed their voices.

As for Le Xichen, the ‘winner’ of the challenge, he had long since been ignored.

Holy Emperor Qing Yi, who stood by the stage, didn’t know what she should do. Should she announce that Ning Cheng had won, or should she announce that Le Xichen had won?

According to the Alchemy Discourse’s rules, Ning Cheng was the one who won the challenge. But Ning Cheng himself had announced that it would be his defeat if he didn’t refine the pill in one day. Would people even agree to it?

At this moment, apart from Gong Huayu, no one went up to speak with Ning Cheng.

Sichen Qiutian’s voice finally broke the whispering silence. “Ning Cheng, can you show me a Six Yin Soul Pill you refined?”

“Of course.” Ning Cheng didn’t hesitate to take a pill and place it on the jade tray before handing it over to Holy Emperor Qing Yi.

From the start of the Alchemy Discourse to this point, Sichen Qiutian had been very fair. Even during his alchemy sermon, he didn’t hide any of the insights he learned. Plus, this person had even taken the initiative to remind him when his dao heart had almost reached the point of breakage. As such, Ning Cheng respected him very much.

Sichen Qiutian carefully looked at the Six Yin Soul Pill on the jade tray for a long while before he finally sighed. “What a perfect and flawless dao pill. It not only has a thick pill rhythm, but even the law aura also shows a high degree of purity. Even I can’t refine such a dao pill. Perhaps in the entire Grand Essence Realm, only Pill Sage Ning alone can do so. Isn’t this more than a good pill?”

While Sichen Qiutian observed the pill, other people also looked at it with their spiritual consciousness. The Six Yin Soul Pill that Ning Cheng had refined had a clear and distinct pill rhythm and law aura. It even contained a hint of the dao rhythm of Ning Cheng’s grand dao. As Sichen Qiutian had said, this pill was more than a ‘good’ pill.

Before, Sichen Qiutian had said that the Supreme Essence Arterial Pulse Pill refined by Le Xichen was a ‘good pill’. But now, he said that the pill refined by Ning Cheng was more than a good pill. The meaning was self-explanatory; Ning Cheng’s Dao of Alchemy surpassed Le Xichen.

Without waiting for Holy Emperor Qing Yi to speak, Le Xichen took the initiative to say, “Alchemist Ning, this pill discussion is my failure. My Dao of Alchemy is far from a match against Alchemist Ning.”

Ning Cheng showed only a faint smile. He would be lying to say that he was uninterested in the Five Great Realms’ Alchemy Competition. But he didn’t want to use this way to reach it; at the very least, it meant going back on his words, which made him uncomfortable. Ning Cheng took the initiative to speak up without waiting for Le Xichen to continue. “Alchemist Le doesn’t need to say anything else. I’m satisfied with my loss. As for representing the Grand Essence Realm in the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Competition, I won’t be going.”

“Alchemist Ning, I think you should represent my Grand Essence Realm in the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Competition. Perhaps you will become the pride of my Grand Essence Realm.” Sichen Qiutian suddenly spoke up.

If Sichen Qiutian hadn’t spoken up, no one else in the Alchemy Discourse’s public square would have said anything. But now that he said that Ning Cheng should represent the Grand Essence Realm in the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Competition, Sheng Huotian immediately stepped forward. “I already understood that Ning Cheng had the qualifications to represent the Grand Essence Realm as he went through the Dao Transformation Pill Sage’s assessment. I agree with the Union Master’s words fully.”

“I also agree with allowing Pill Sage Ning to represent my Grand Essence Realm in the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Competition.” This time, the one who spoke was Cen Ruxuan from the Alchemy Listening Seats.

It was then immediately echoed by an elderly man from the Silver Dragon Clan sitting next to Gong Huayu. He even stood up to support Ning Cheng.

7-Star Sacred Shrine, 9-Revolutions Sacred Dao Pond, Flaming Feather Spirit Mountain, Heaven Extreme Island, Violet Mist Immortal Valley, Heavenly Medicine Sect, Lost Moon Valley, Grand Essence Realm’s Chi Clan......

A host of other large and small sects and clans who came to listen to the alchemy discussions quickly stood up. They all expressed their approval for Ning Cheng to represent the Grand Essence Realm in the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Competition. By the end, even River Luo Sacred Sect and Desolate Spirit Palace also endorsed Ning Cheng’s participation in the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Competition.

“I also agree with Pill Sage Ning taking my spot; my Dao of Alchemy is not as good as Ning.....”

This time, Le Xichen’s words were interrupted by Sichen Qiutian. “Pill Sage Le also has to represent my Grand Essence Realm in the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Competition. I will personally lead the group there this time. I believe that with this old face of mine, I can still seek an extra spot for my Grand Essence Realm.”

No matter how much of it was false, Ning Cheng understood that he had finally gained a foothold in the Grand Essence Realm after this Alchemy Discourse. Ning Cheng had won the respect of the crowd with his own strength. In the future, no matter who wanted to come after him, they would have to consider the consequences carefully.


At this moment, if there was still a quiet area in the public square, it would be the Void Star Sect’s seating area at the Alchemy Listening Seats.

Percy sat in his seat with his head bowed, while the Void Star Sect’s Sect Master, who sat beside Percy, had an even more gloomy and unsightly face. He had publicly rejected Ning Cheng from refining the Renewing Heaven Ripple Bone Pill for his Void Star Sect. But now, Ning Cheng had slapped him in the face, and his face had snapped quite loudly.

Ning Cheng had refined a pill many times more difficult to refine than the Renewing Heaven Bone Ripple Pill. None other than a Dao Essence Dao Pill, the Six Yin Soul Pill.

What’s more, he had even witnessed Ning Cheng’s refining process. He could tell that Ning Cheng would have the best chance of success in refining the Renewing Heaven Ripple Bone Pill. In fact, he gave Ning Cheng a 99% chance of successfully refining the Renewing Heaven Ripple Bone Pill.

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