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Chapter 987: Pill Forms, Tribulation Begins

As one spirit herb after another entered the pill furnace, the dao rhythm around Ning Cheng’s body also began to gather. It then slowly fused with the pills forming within the pill furnace.

“What a powerful dao.......” Cultivators who returned to senses from Ning Cheng’s Returning-to-one dao rhythms felt horrified. Ning Cheng was condensing a Dao Essence Dao Pill. Yet, the tip of his grand dao had caused Holy Emperors to fall into enlightenment. From this, everyone could tell that Ning Cheng’s dao was extraordinary.

As Le Xichen watched Ning Cheng’s pill refining techniques, he felt increasingly appalled. Ning Cheng indeed didn’t have a fixed pill art. He occasionally used hand seals similar to pill arts, but Le Xichen could tell they weren’t part of any pill art. Rather.....

He didn’t dare to think about it any further. Plus, because he stood much closer to Ning Cheng on the stage, he felt it much deeper than the others in the audience. He could also sense that Ning Cheng’s hand gestures carried a unique kind of law aura with them.

Even Sichen Qiutian didn’t dare to say that he could inject the law auras of heaven and earth into the pill furnace, right? Yet, Ning Cheng actually incorporated the law aura into the pill furnace?

Were these his own laws, or were the laws of heaven and earth that he had sensed? Or was it the law aura from the Six Yin Fruits?

Le Xichen couldn’t guess it correctly, but he did obtain some clues. Ning Cheng had indeed grasped the faint law aura of the Six Yin Fruits, but those laws were far higher than his current comprehension of the Returning-to-one Dao. If he were to rely solely on his current Dao of Alchemy, he would not be able to incorporate the laws within the Six Yin Fruit into the Six Yin Soul Pill.

Because of this, Ning Cheng had to use his own Grand Dao to grab the laws within the Six Yin Fruits. Ten days allowed him to further his comprehension of the Returning-to-one Dao and use his Returning-to-one Dao to grasp the law aura of the Six Yin Fruit from the overarching Returning-to-one Dao.

The alchemists who had wanted to pick at Ning Cheng’s faults earlier weren’t wrong in their words. At least about Alchemy being a path of caution that didn’t allow even a speck of dust to enter the process.

After ten days and ten nights of epiphany, Ning Cheng had put all the spirit herbs, including the Six Yin Fruit, into his pill furnace. It was followed by ten days and ten nights of grand dao epiphany and ten days and ten nights of capturing the law-related dao charms. Since Ning Cheng grasped the Six Yin Fruit’s laws from within the Returning-to-one Dao, he thought that he should be able to incorporate it into the Six Yin Soul Pill.

Unfortunately, the Dao of Alchemy had no ‘should’, much less other possibilities. You either succeeded, or you failed.

Despite grasping the Six Yin Fruit’s laws, he couldn’t control this dao fruit’s laws. It wasn’t because his understanding wasn’t enough. It also wasn’t because his proficiency in alchemy wasn’t high enough. Instead, it was simply because his cultivation wasn’t strong enough.

Maybe if he refined a few dozen more Dao Essence Dao Pills, he would be able to refine the Six Yin Soul Pills. Perhaps if his cultivation level advanced a little more, he could also refine the Six Yin Soul Pill. But right now, he understood that he couldn’t.

Feeling that the law aura from the Six Yin Fruit was about to disperse, a wave of sadness welled up in Ning Cheng’s heart. He had tried his best, even pushed himself to the very limits. For Xun Hanrui’s sake, he had spent ten days and ten nights in a dao epiphany to search for the Six Yin Fruit’s law aura from within his Returning-to-one Dao. He even went so far as to let others glimpse at the tip of his Returning-to-one Dao. Even going as far as to accept defeat in this alchemy competition.

Yet, even after all that, he still had to fail.

All because the things he wanted to do went beyond his ability. He wasn’t yet capable enough to refine a Dao Essence Dao Pill.

The dao rhythms continued to roll around within the pill furnace, while the white flames underneath the furnace looked like snow in June. However, the dao rhythm around Ning Cheng continued to grow even thinner. Although he still pushed himself to succeed, his heart had already turned decadent.

No one could feel the changes in Ning Cheng’s pill furnace. Except for Sichen Qiutian.

Sichen Qiutian let out a long sigh in his heart. Ning Cheng definitely was the best alchemic genius that he had ever seen. In fact, Ning Cheng was even better than him in many respects. But he also understood that it was Ning Cheng’s first time refining a Dao Essence Dao Pill. Yet, as a first-time alchemist, he had almost grasped the law-infused dao rhythm of the Six Yin Fruit and incorporated it into the pill. This fact proved that no one in the Grand Essence Realm could match him. Even he was far behind in this aspect.

It’s a pity.....

If he had known about this, Sichen Qiutian would have definitely taken out a few Dao Essence Dao Pills and handed them to Ning Cheng to study.

The Dao of Alchemy was just one of the many daos. But if Ning Cheng failed in today’s alchemy, it would most likely result in significant changes to his dao heart. His dao heart would be affected, and it might even cause the decline of his grand dao.

“For alchemists, success or failure in refining pills is common. Alchemist Ning does not need to worry.....” Sichen Qiutian finally couldn’t help but transmit a message to Ning Cheng.

If there was anyone here who could transmit a message to Ning Cheng, who sat within the pill refining restrictions, he would be the only one. He didn’t want Ning Cheng to fall because of this furnace. He honestly didn’t want to see an alchemy genius like Ning Cheng fall into obscurity. Even without mentioning Ning Cheng’s Dao of Alchemy, Ning Cheng’s Grand Dao alone was more powerful than his grand dao.

Ning Cheng’s heart shook as he immediately sobered up from his decadence. He wouldn’t have cared much if it was any other pill, even if it resulted in a failure. But this was the Six Yin Soul Pill. In the future, once he becomes a Dao Essence Pill Sage, he could definitely obtain the ingredients for the Six Yin Soul Pill. But even if he could get the ingredients, how many years would it take?

It didn’t matter if he already lost; he could do without that top-grade Wood Origin Spirit Vein. But what about Xin Hanrui? Even with the Six Yin Soul Pill, he couldn’t delay things too long. In any case, it has already been too long since Xun Hanrui’s fall.

Laws, what could make him gather the laws once again and condense the Six Yin Soul Pill? His understanding of the laws of heaven and earth? But it was already too late for that. He couldn’t go and cultivate for several hundred years and then refine this furnace of pills.

Yes, he still had the remaining half of the Bestowing Lawless Fruit. This dao fruit devoured the laws of heaven and earth but had no law. The Bestowing Lawless Fruit did not have a law, but that didn’t mean it had nothing to do with laws. He couldn’t have comprehended the Law Break Spirit Technique through the Bestowing Lawless Fruit if it had nothing to do with laws.

Because Ning Cheng had used half of the Bestowing Lawless Fruit to comprehend Law Break, he knew that it could not only absorb and devour laws but also bind all laws. Not to mention the laws within a mere Six Yin Fruit. i𝙣𝐧r𝑒𝘢𝒅. 𝚌𝚘m

However, even a hundred pairs of Six Yin Soul Pill’s ingredients combined wouldn’t be as precious as a single Bestowing Lawless Fruit. But after Ning Cheng thought of the Bestowing Lawless Fruit, he didn’t even think about its value and directly took it out and threw it into the pill furnace.

No one knew what spirit herb Ning Cheng had thrown into the pill furnace, so they could only stare at Ning Cheng in amazement.

Even those who didn’t understand alchemy felt puzzled. What was the meaning of adding more spirit herbs at this time when all the spirit herbs had already fused and the impurities extracted?

However, a dense aura of heaven and earth laws once again surrounded the pill furnace in just a few moments.

This time, Ning Cheng didn’t need to exert too much effort. With a swiping motion, he directly bound the Six Yin Fruit’s laws and integrated them into the already-formed Six Yin Soul Pill. From this, Ning Cheng suspected that even an ordinary Dao Sculpting Pill Deity could refine this pill as long as they had a Bestowing Lawless Fruit.

But Ning Cheng didn’t overthink it and got immersed in these laws. He immediately caught on to the different laws of heaven and earth and also sensed another aura that suppressed and devoured these heaven and earth laws a moment later. It was also a law; to be precise, it was an anti-law, as its existence suppressed the heaven and earth law auras of everything in existence.

This was the real Law Break’s dao rhythm......

If Ning Cheng had not thought of the fact that he was still refining the Six Yin Soul Pill, he would have almost fallen into a second Law Break’s epiphany.

While Ning Cheng didn’t fall into another epiphany, the many Holy Emperors watching Ning Cheng refine the pills felt stunned by this clarity of the heaven and earth laws. They even felt a hint of a dao rhythm aura that suppressed the laws of heaven and earth. Was it......

Unfortunately, their spiritual consciousness couldn’t penetrate Ning Cheng’s alchemy restrictions. They could tell that this aura was terrific, but they couldn’t perceive it.

Naturally, the ability to break or even suppress laws was a remarkable feat. If everyone could achieve this capability, there wouldn’t be so many experts wanting to go to the Land of Broken Laws to comprehend a law-breaking spirit technique.

As the aura of laws within the furnace grew thinner and thinner, the pill rhythm within the furnace grew clearer and more apparent.

Another two days passed, and an unmistakable fragrance came out of the pill furnace; one could even sense a faint smell of blood in the aroma. Everyone immediately shifted their shocked gazes to Ning Cheng’s No Furnace.

“The fragrance of Six Yin Soul Pill had come out, containing the pill rhythm and the blood scent. Isn’t this the sign of the Six Yin Soul Pill coming to fruition?”

“I still feel the aura of the world returning to one from the pill rhythm. Did Ning Cheng really successfully refine the Dao Essence Dao Pill? And even incorporated his own dao rhythm into it?”

Even though Ning Cheng used more than half a month to reach this point, all the people were utterly shocked by Ning Cheng’s display. As long as one lived in the Grand Essence Realm, they would know that Sichen Qiutian was the only Dao Essence Pill Sage here. However, no one had ever seen Sichen Qiutian refine dao pills, and he had also never refined pills for anyone.

But now, Ning Cheng has refined a Dao Essence Dao Pill, the Six Yin Soul Pill, right under everyone’s noses. At this moment, no one cared whether Ning Cheng won or lost the challenge; they all stared at Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng had suddenly become much more attractive than the Six Yin Soul Pil. After all, Ning Cheng had just proven himself to be a Dao Essence Pill Sage.

A crisp explosion rang out from the pill furnace; simultaneously, sounds of rolling thunder came from above the Alchemy Discourse’s public square.

“Is that a Pill Tribulation?” A Dao Sculpting Pill Sage looked up in disbelief over the public square. However, because this public square was an indoor one, he couldn’t see the situation outside.

“A Dao Essence Dao Pill of this level shouldn’t cause a pill tribulation. What’s more, even if it could cause a pill tribulation, the laws of the Grand Essence Realm are broken. So, no lightning strikes would come down.”

“Then, what about the rolling thunder outside.......”

Some alchemists murmured to themselves, looking at the pills in Ning Cheng’s pill furnace in complete disbelief.

Sichen Qiutian stood up in amazement. A Dao Essence Dao Pill formed without a pill art? Let’s not even talk about that for now. The current Grand Essence Realm wasn’t complete, and even if it was intact, a mere Six Yin Soul Pill wasn’t enough to call down a pill tribulation. Even when advancing to the Dao Sculpting Realm, the first step of Dao Confirming, Eternal cultivators wouldn’t face thunder tribulation because of the broken laws. So how could it be for a mere pill?

The only possibility was that it had something to do with the spirit herb Ning Cheng had thrown into the pill furnace later. Just what was that thing?

Ning Cheng also looked up in shock. He knew that because of the broken laws of the Grand Essence Realm, there would be no lightning tribulation even when breaking through to become a Holy Emperor. How could he accept for a pill tribulation to come down right when he was about to finish refining the Six Yin Soul Pills?

Most likely, it wasn’t because of his Six Yin Soul Pill but because of the Bestowing Lawless Fruit.

“Boom-Boom-Boom......” Six powerful lightning arcs blasted through the public square’s restrictions, aiming at the pill furnace.

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