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Chapter 0961: You got quite the courage

“You?” Shi Yisheng, who was following Shi Tianhe, immediately recognised Ning Cheng with a sweep of her gaze.

Ning Cheng was a tiny Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor. Yet, Shi Yisheng immediately found him in the crowd, which caused Shi Tianhe to frown slightly. “Yisheng, who is he?”

She naturally knew about Shi Yisheng’s arrogance and personality. As such, Shi Tianhe knew that Yisheng wouldn’t care about a rogue cultivator for no reason.

Shi Yisheng looked at Ning Cheng before sneering and saying, “His name is Ning Cheng, but his other identity, which I believe everyone here knows, is Ji He.”

“Yisheng, did you say he is Ji He?” Another middle-aged woman beside Shi Tianhe asked in astonishment.

Not many people knew about Ning Cheng. But when it came to Ji He, pretty much everyone in this place knew about him.

This person had not only reached the top ten in the Grant Essence Great Meet but had also snatched the first spirit spring of the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring. He’s the only one in the Grand Essence Realm who can take out the Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pills. He suppressed Ji Pingzhong, one of the 12 Grand Essence Sacred Children, into obedience and forced him to the tenth spirit spring. Ji He even killed Guo Haoge, another one of the 12 Grand Essence Sacred Children. What’s more, Ji He killed Man Jiuren and got chased into the Land of Broken Laws by Man Huishan, the clan leader of the Barbarian Dragon Clan, one of the top ten forces.

These feats weren’t even the end of it. There were rumours that another one of the 12 Grand Essence Sacred Children, Huo Erqi, died to Ji He in Grand Essence Mystic Realm. In any case, Ji He had taken out quite a lot of spirit grasses at that time. One could even say that he had a grudge against the 12 Grand Essence Sacred Children and other geniuses.

Ji He had appeared only for a short time yet had done so many ridiculous things. But more importantly, every single thing he did invoked cold sweats down anyone’s back.

Shi Yisheng had kept her voice restrained, but no one in the hall was a pushover. Therefore, the moment Shi Yisheng’s words ended, all eyes fell on Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng had done so many things and still dared to appear in the City Lord’s banquet in such a manner. He indeed had a lot of courage. From the looks of it, Ning Cheng came with Jian Sanshan. Although Jian Sanshan had some fame to his name, it would be almost impossible if he wanted to protect Ning Cheng in such a place.

“How do you know that he’s Ji He?” Shi Tianhe stared at Ning Cheng. She vaguely felt that this person was somewhat familiar.

Shi Yisheng swept another glance at Ning Cheng. Only then did she reply. “Holy Emperor Barbarian Dragon had been chasing after Lifeless Poisonhand and Heartless Monk in the Grand Essence Ruins. It was actually to find him because he killed Man Jiuren. He later disguised himself as Ji He to participate in the Grand Essence Great Meet. When Holy Emperor Barbarian Dragon learned about him, he immediately gave up waiting in the Grand Essence Ruins to rush to Heaven Essence Sacred City.”

“Many people had already guessed that Ji He must be Ning Cheng in disguise, but they still don’t know much about him. Even I just happen to know about him a bit more than others. This person definitely isn’t ordinary and has a lot of courage. He had publicly offended Lifeless Poisonhand and Heartless Monk during the Grand Essence Ruins’ exchange. But now, Lifeless Poisonhand turned into flying ash under Man Huishan’s hands while Ning Cheng is still alive and well. Plus, he still dared to come here.”

Shi Tianhe and the other middle-aged female cultivator beside her exchanged glances, and their gazes on Ning Cheng instantly brightened up. As long as they took down Ning Cheng and handed him over to Man Huishan, they could definitely obtain many things. But more importantly, this little cultivator had the Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pill on him.

As Shi Tianhe thought of this, the others naturally would have also thought about it. If this wasn’t the City Lord’s mansion, someone might have already made a move against Ning Cheng.

“Did he offend you?” Shi Tianhe spoke up with a cold tone.

Shi Yisheng naturally understood the meaning of these words. It was an attempt to find an excuse to take down Ning Cheng. She thought about it for a while but couldn’t think of anything that Ning Cheng did that might have offended her.

A cold snort came over, followed by a powerful surge of aura.

When the people staring at Ning Cheng felt this powerful aura surging over, they all assumed that someone would be unlucky even before today’s banquet. This was because this powerful aura came from Tong Mingzhe, one of River Luo Sacred Sect elders. But he also had another identity; that is, he was the late Guo Haoge’s master.

Ning Cheng had killed Guo Haoge while impersonating Ji He. Yet, Ning Cheng still dared to appear at the Heaven Essence Sacred City’s City Master’s mansion. It definitely wasn’t just an ordinary surge of boldness. But, with Tong Mingzhe’s early-stage Dao Essence cultivation, he could easily slap Ning Cheng into dust with a wave of his hand.

However, many people who understood Tong Mingzhe’s personality knew that he wasn’t interested in avenging his disciple. Instead, he wanted the Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pill on Ning Cheng.

Looking at the many people who wanted to swallow Ning Cheng whole, Jian Sanshan shook his head speechlessly. From what he saw, Ning Cheng had offended too many people here. Even if he wanted to help Ning Cheng, he didn’t dare to say half a word.

When Tong Mingzhe was about to rush over to grab Ning Cheng, a few more people walked into the hall. Three people within this group immediately attracted everyone’s attention. In fact, one could say that these three were the representatives of the three different regions of this realm.

“City Master Le.....”

“Holy Emperor Barbarian Dragon.....”

“Sect Master Fei.......”

Once these three people came in, a crowd of people immediately stood up to greet them. Jian Sanshan, however, had a mouthful of bitterness; he didn’t expect that Man Huishan would come here.

Thinking about the feud between Ning Cheng and Man Huishan, he subconsciously glanced at Ning Cheng. However, he found Ning Cheng completely calm, not even showing a hint of panic. Ning Cheng even turned his head to look at Jian Sanshan with a smile and asked, “Is he Heaven Essence Sacred City’s City Lord Le, Le Jiesheng?”

Although he asked that question, Ning Cheng wondered if Carole had shared his map with Man Huishan. Otherwise, how did this old bastard get out of the Land of Broken Laws so quickly?

As for feeling afraid, he honestly wasn’t at all. Although he felt annoyed with Shi Yisheng’s antics of turning everyone’s attention to him, it didn’t bother him. As long as he took out his pill sage’s qualification token, no one here would dare to make a move against him.

Jian Sanshan secretly praised Ning Cheng’s nerves of steel and had no choice but to introduce the newcomers to him. “On the far left, the one with long hair and black beard, he is City Master Le. Of the other two, you already know one of them, Barbarian Dragon Clan’s Dragon Emperor. As for the other, he is the sect master of the Profound Moon Spirit Sect, Fei Feng.”

Ning Cheng was only a Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor, yet he could still sense that Man Huishan’s cultivation had increased. This fellow seemed to have gained more benefits than him in the Land of Broken Laws. Back then, he was at the peak of Dao Essence; now that his power has risen, he most likely had become a Dao Fusion powerhouse.

The majestic aura from Le Jiesheng and Fei Feng wasn’t any weaker than Man Huishan beside them. It meant that both of them were also Dao Fusion Holy Emperors. Sheng Houtian said that Le Jiesheng was a Dao Essence cultivator, indicating a lag in his information.

“Brother Jian, isn’t the sect master of Profound Moon Spirit Sect surnamed Qi?” Ning Cheng asked with a frown.

Jian Sanshan admired Ning Cheng’s calmness more and more. Even in such a situation, anyone else would be more concerned about Man Huishan. Yet, surprisingly, Ning Cheng showed more concern about Profound Moon Spirit Sect’s Sect Master, Fei Feng.

It was a good thing that he also knew a bit of Ning Cheng’s past. Ning Cheng and Qi Shisanxing were friends, so he naturally would be concerned about Qi Shisanxing’s old man. After all, Qi Shisanxing’s old man was none other than the previous Sect Master of the Profound Moon Spirit Sect.

“I heard that Profound Moon Spirit Sect’s previous Sect Master, Sect Master Qi Changgui, suffered some problem during his secluded cultivation session. So Grand Elder Fei Feng had to take up the position as the new sect master. However, the Profound Moon Spirit Gate kept this matter very low-key, so even I don’t know the full details.”

After hearing Jian Sanshan’s reply, Ning Cheng suddenly felt a little strange. A Dao Fusion cultivator facing problems during a retreat? There was still the fact that Shisanxing hadn’t come looking for him after separating back then. Was it also because of this matter?

As the three Dao Fusion Holy Emperors entered, Tong Mingzhe, who wanted to immediately grab Ning Cheng, stopped himself. To snatch someone within the guest hall during the City Lord’s banquet and in the presence of the City Lord himself would clearly mean that he didn’t give any face to the City Lord. He could still catch Ning Cheng, but he first had to inform Le Jiesheng as a sign of respect.

Man Huishan’s gaze swept around the guest hall and quickly landed on Ning Cheng. He gave a cold snort, “You really are like a ghost, popping up everywhere, just like an ant.”

Although he wanted to grab Ning Cheng immediately and take him away, Man Huishan honestly didn’t want to see Ning Cheng right now. Because of the soul oath from back then, even if Ning Cheng pointed his nose at him and cursed aloud, he couldn’t touch a single hair on Ning Cheng’s head.

Ning Cheng sneered back with the same disdain, “Barbarian[1], you just took the words right out of my mouth. How come the Land of Broken Laws didn’t let trash like you die? The saying must be true, I guess, that trash can survive for a thousand years[2].”

“You....” Man Huishan’s face turned blue with anger. He was at the Clan Leader of the Barbarian Dragon Clan, the Dragon Emperor. Plus, he was now a Dao Fusion powerhouse. On the other hand, Ning Cheng was a mere early-stage Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor. Yet, he dared to curse at him, a Dao Fusion Holy Emperor. It would be a strange matter if he didn’t get angry.

Shock ran through the entire guest hall. Ning Cheng, a tiny Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor, dared to speak to Dragon Emperor Man Huishan in such a manner. What the hell were this fellow’s guts made of?

But what stunned everyone was that Man Huishan actually held back and didn’t make any moves against Ning Cheng. With Man Huishan’s personality, he should have already killed Ning Cheng. At most, he might have given some face to Le Jiesheng before killing him. But Man Huishan didn’t do anything at all, which seemed genuinely bizarre to everyone.

“Humph.” Le Jiesheng stared at Ning Cheng with a cold snort, and his powerful spiritual consciousness suppressed Ning Cheng. “A mere Dao Sculpting ant. How dare you be so bold. Someone, throw him out of my mansion.....”

He thought that Man Huishan was concerned about his face, so he didn’t make a move against Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng was a mere Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor; how could he compare to Man Huishan, the head of the Barbarian Dragon Clan? By saying this, Le Jiesheng also wanted to get Man Huishan to accept his favour.

“Hehe, City Lord Le sure likes to show his imposing side. To throw people out for the slightest transgression, could it be that City Lord Le really thinks that the Illusionary Fruit Orchard is your Le Clan’s property? Or does City Lord Le think you can completely disregard the entire world by reaching the Dao Fusion Realm?” A sneering voice emerged, interrupting Le Jiesheng’s words.

When Le Jiesheng heard those words, his face changed. Immediately, he saw two men, one tall and one short, walk in. Seeing those two men, he quickly stepped forward and cupped his fists. “Le Jiesheng greets Master Sheng, greets Protector Guo. Just now, this Dao Sculpting ant dared to be rude to Grand Essence Sea’s Holy Emperor Barbarian Dragon, which was why I felt enraged.”

Even if he had ten thousand times more courage, he could never dare disregard Pill Union’s Second Union Head, Sheng Houtian. Don’t look at the fact that he had just advanced to the Dao Fusion Realm. In front of the Pill Union’s power, he was still a nobody. Not to mention the Pill Union’s hidden power and influence, just Protector Guo beside Sheng Houtian could finish him off instantly. After all, that person was a late-stage Dao Fusion Holy Emperor.

“Why did I hear that it was the barbarian who was rude to my brother, Ning Cheng, first. Wasn’t it the reason why my brother had to clap back? Could it be that if someone is a Dragon Emperor, he is a guest, but if my brother is not a Dragon Emperor, he should be thrown out?” Even though he was a little weaker than Le Jiesheng in cultivation, Sheng Huotian’s aura was much more potent than Le Jiesheng at his peak.

Sheng Huotian’s brother? From what they could see, Ning Cheng had only recently advanced to the Dao Sculpting level. Since did he have such a powerful older brother? One had to know that Sheng Houtian wasn’t just a Dao Transformation Pill Sage but also the Second Union Head of the Pill Union. Even if the ten major forces’ sect masters and clan leaders had to meet him, their combined statuses would still remain inferior to him.

Yet, these two people, who couldn’t be more different, were actually brothers. The thought of it turned the entire guest hall silent; one couldn’t even hear anyone breathing in the hall.

[1] The word here is ‘Man’, Man Huishan’s surname, but it also means ‘Barbarian’ as in the ‘Barbarian’ Dragon Clan. I decided to translate it as ‘Barbarian’ to keep it aligned with the sentence’s tone.

[2] The English equivalent here would be ‘plastic stays the same for a thousand years.’

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