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Chapter 0959: Six Qualification Tokens

Compared to the Fallen Scar Dao Pill, the laws in the primary dao fruit for the Violet Heart Congealing Pill, the Heavenly Jade Dao Fruit, were even more arcane and complicated. Moreover, coalescing the pill was even more complex than the Falling Scar Pill due to the fragility of its laws.

Despite Ning Cheng’s epiphany, his first attempt in refining the Violet Heart Condensation Pill still resulted in the collapse of some of the laws within the Heaven Jade Dao Fruit. As a result, he only formed five Violet Heart Congealing Pills, three middle grade and two lower grade pills. Ning Cheng rarely refined such inferior pills, but he had refined some this time, mainly because of the collapse of the dao fruit’s laws.

Sheng Huotian didn’t say anything. But before Ning Cheng could ask for the second batch of ingredients, he quickly took out enough for two sets and placed them in front of Ning Cheng.

Seeing that Ning Cheng’s second attempt at refining the Violet Heart Congealing Pills went even smoother, he couldn’t help but start doubting again. It seemed that every time Ning Cheng moved up a level, he would always stumble a little, especially during the first refinement. But as long as Ning Cheng refined the first furnace, the subsequent attempts would come much closer to perfection.

Was this really Ning Cheng’s first time refining dao pills? And that he only had to learn once?

This time, Sheng Huotian didn’t even think. When Ning Cheng finished refining the third and final batch of Violet Heart Congealing Pills, he immediately took out materials for three batches of Violet Heaven Pills.

This was the same Dao Transformation Dao Pill that Ning Cheng had wanted to refine when he first came for the assessment. The primary dao fruit for the Violet Heaven Pill was the Violet Heaven Dao Fruit. It was an incredibly precious pill, even among the various Dao Transformation Dao Pills. For a Dao Raising Holy Emperor, obtaining a Violet Heaven Pill was practically a dream come true, as it gave them a better chance of a breakthrough.

While Ning Cheng concentrated on refining the Violet Heaven Pills, Sheng Huotian intensely stared at Ning Cheng’s movements without blinking his eyes. Even his spiritual consciousness kept a close watch on the outside of Ning Cheng’s pill furnace.

Sure enough, it was just as he had guessed. Ning Cheng had once again missed the mark with his first refinement. As evidenced by the fact that he only produced three inferior Violet Heaven Pills, which basically was no different from a failure. But for the second and third batches of Violet Heaven Pills, Ning Cheng succeeded in refining them. Moreover, they were also all at least top-grade or even perfect grade pills.

Sheng Huotian picked up the Violet Heaven Pill from the latest batch that Ning Cheng had refined. He looked at it for almost half an incense stick before speaking up in an emotion-filled voice. “Brother Ning Cheng, your attainment in refining pills is something that even I cannot reach.”

“I still have to thank Brother Huotian for his support. If it were anyone else, maybe I wouldn’t even be able to take the Dao Sculpting Pill Sage’s assessment.” Ning Cheng genuinely thanked him.

Sheng Huotian also thought about it. If he had disallowed Ning Cheng from refining the second batch of Falling Scar Pills, going anywhere else would have been useless to Ning Cheng.

“Brother Ning, I have a few questions that I really want to ask you. Have you ever refined a dao pill before coming here or not? Why is it that every time you refine higher level dao pills, you always stumble during the first batch?” Sheng Huotian finally couldn’t help himself and asked the doubt plaguing his heart.

Embarrassment appeared on Ning Cheng’s face. “I couldn’t get any dao fruits, so I came here to refine dao pills. It’s truly my first time.”

Ning Cheng understood by now that he had overestimated his abilities in coming to take the Dao Transformation Dao Sage’s assessment today. He had initially thought that refining a dao pill wasn’t any different than refining a spirit pill. Since he could refine Dao Transformation Spirit Pills, he felt that he could also refine Dao Transformation Dao Pills. But after he failed in refining the first batch of Falling Scar Dao Pills, he understood that he had made a colossal mistake.

In other words, if his Sea of Consciousness hadn’t advanced, and he didn’t experience that epiphany, he couldn’t have passed the Dao Sculpting Pill Sage’s assessment. Even if he somehow passed the exam, he would have definitely failed the Dao Raising Pill Sage’s examination.

Now, with his current and improved understanding of alchemy, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to research the Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pill, unlike before. With the experience of Pill Sage Min Kong, Ning Cheng would have only needed a few hours at most to research the Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pill. At least that’s what he currently felt.

Sheng Huotian stared at Ning Cheng with his mouth wide open. Ning Cheng’s words had utterly shocked him. He was a Dao Transformation Pill Sage and also a Dao Essence powerhouse. What things he hadn’t seen in his life till now. However, he had never seen or even heard of such a heaven-defying alchemist as Ning Cheng. Even though he had doubts after seeing Ning Cheng stumble at every first batch of pills, it was still, in the end, only a suspicion. In fact, he even felt amused by those suspicions. But now that Ning Cheng had admitted it himself, he found that he couldn’t believe it.

“Brother Huotian, can you help me with the Dao Transformation Pill Sage’s qualification token?” Seeing Sheng Huotian standing in stunned silence, Ning Cheng could only remind him once again.

Sheng Huotian finally came to his senses and gave out a long sigh. “The universe truly is vast, containing geniuses beyond my imagination. I guess it’s my, Sheng Huotian’s, luck to meet such a demonic genius like you. Brother Ning, I’ll go get you the Pill Union’s qualification tokens.”

In just under half an incense stick’s worth of time, he placed six qualification tokens in front of Ning Cheng.

Arranged neatly in front of him, three of them ranged from light blue to blue to dark blue. The other three were white, silver, and pale gold, respectively.

“Brother Huotian, why are you giving me six of them? I only need the Dao Transformation Pill Sage’s qualification token.” Ning Cheng said as he looked at the six Pill Union’s identification tokens lined up in front of him.

Sheng Huotian showed a warm smile. “You participated in six different assessments and passed, so naturally, all six of these qualification tokens belong to you. Light blue is for Dao Sculpting Pill Deity, blue is for Dao Raising Pill Deity, and dark blue is for Dao Transformation Pill Deity. White is for Dao Sculpting Pill Sage, and silver is for Dao Raising Pill Sage. As for the pale gold one, it’s the Dao Transformation Pill Sage’s qualification token. Plus, there are these spirit pills that you refined. You can keep all of them as agreed to previously. As for the dao pills, you can keep half of them according to the Pill Union’s rules.”

After listening to Sheng Huotian’s words, Ning Cheng didn’t refuse and put away half the dao pills and all the spirit pills he had refined. He guessed that if he took away the spirit pills, Sheng Huotian might have to compensate the Pill Union for it. Still, it was something they had agreed on before the start of the assessment. Plus, if he didn’t take them, and with Sheng Huotian’s nature, Sheng Huotian might take it as looking down on him. Besides, Sheng Huotian could easily take out all the ingredients for the three spirit pills, so he obviously faced no pressure.

Seeing Ning Cheng collect the six qualification tokens and the pills, Sheng Huotian felt very satisfied. He also handed the pill marrow that Ning Cheng had put in as security. “Brother Ning, since you passed the assessment, the Pill Union cannot keep this pledged item.”

Ning Cheng could see the reluctance in Sheng Huotian’s eyes. He took the pill marrow and smiled before shoving the pill marrow back into Sheng Huotian’s hands. “Brother Huotian, I accept the pill marrow, but I’m giving it back to you as a personal gift.”

Sheng Huotian didn’t stand on ceremony and immediately put away the pill marrow before giving a loud laugh. “Then, many thanks, Brother Ning. I just happened to lack such an item.”

He also understood why Ning Cheng took away the three spirit pills without saying any nonsense. It turned out that he was just waiting for an excuse to give him the pill marrow. This brother of his indeed knew how to make friends. Not only was his ability unbelievable, but he was also unbelievably generous.

“Brother Huotian, I would like to ask you one more question.” Ning Cheng said after waiting for Sheng Huotian to put away the pill marrow.

Sheng Huotian raised his hand and patted Ning Cheng’s shoulder. “We’re already friends, Brother Ning. If you have any problems, please feel free to state them. As long as this old brother of yours can do it, he will definitely help you out.”

Ning Cheng nodded and said, “I have a junior apprentice sister who wasn’t careful when she was cultivating, and her spirit roots got damaged. Later on, under the guise of spiritual enhancement, 9-Revolutions Sacred Dao Sect coaxed her into willingly grafting away her spiritual roots. Fortunately, someone saved her and also helped her restore her foundation. However, because of me, she couldn’t stabilise her restored foundation and injured her foundation once again……”

Ning Cheng told Yan Ji’s story in its original form, with some superficial coverups. After he finished, Sheng Huotian almost turned ballistic. “Those witches from 9-Revolutions Sacred Dao Pond are simply too much. This old brother will definitely help you get back at them, even if it costs his life.”

“Many thanks, Brother Huotian. But I will seek revenge for it on my own. What I’m worried about currently is my junior apprentice sister’s injury. I wonder if Brother Huotian has any solutions to it?” Sheng Huotian was an old demon who lived for countless years. Regardless of his alchemy knowledge, Sheng Huotian had experienced much more than him. It was because of this that Ning Cheng wanted to ask for Sheng Huotian’s advice.

Sheng Huotian nodded. “Good. When you go to the 9-Revolutions Sacred Dao Sect for revenge, remember to call me. As for your junior apprentice sister’s injury, it is indeed severe. However, it’s not like there is no way to fix it.”

Hearing those words, Ning Cheng grabbed Sheng Huotian’s shoulder with joy. “Brother Huotian, do you really have a way to save my senior apprentice sister?”

Sheng Huotian replied with a slightly grim tone. “There is indeed a way to save her. However, it’s not going to be easy. First of all, you have to wake up your junior apprentice sister as soon as possible. For this, you can use any method. But the best method is to use the Five Elemental Heavenly Fruit. However, the Five Elemental Heavenly Fruit is almost extinct. In fact, only the Great Spirit Pill Sect has a Five Elemental Heavenly Fruit Tree. You don’t have to worry; I can help you get this Five Elemental Heavenly Fruit from Great Spirit Pill Sect.”

Sheng Huotian’s method was exactly the same as Jian Sanshan’s, so Ning Cheng hurriedly spoke up. “Brother Huotian, I’ll go and trade with them myself for the Five Elemental Heavenly Fruit. You just tell me what I have to do.”

Ning Cheng believed that he could definitely exchange the Five Elemental Heavenly Fruit with the Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pill’s recipe. Since he could trade for it, why bother Sheng Huotian? Sheng Huotian himself didn’t have such a dao fruit, so even if he went to get it, he would have to come up with something in exchange as well.

“Alright, but I have to warn you, those fellows are very petty. If you can’t get it, come talk to me again.” Sheng Huotian also didn’t object and continued. “After your junior apprentice sister wakes up, she will have to take the True Extreme Restoration Spirit Pill.”

“True Extreme Restoration Spirit Pill?” Ning Cheng repeated. He had never heard of this pill.

Sheng Huotian’s tone turned grave. “That’s right. It’s the True Extreme Restoration Spirit Pill. Although it has ‘spirit’ in its name, it’s an extraordinary kind of dao pill. Although it’s classified as a Dao Sculpting Dao Pill, its value far exceeds ordinary Dao Transformation Dao Pills. Primarily because the three main ingredients required for this dao pill are simply too precious. Those three ingredients are the True Extreme Dao Fruit, the Exquisite Star Golden Hidden Leaf, and a drop of pill marrow.”

Apart from pill marrow, Ning Cheng hadn’t heard of the two other ingredients.

Sheng Huotian took out the pill marrow that Ning Cheng had given him and said, “I’ll return this pill marrow to you. It’s important to save your junior apprentice sister. Of the other two main ingredients, there is a way to get the True Extreme Dao Fruit. As for the Exquisite Star Golden Hidden Leaf, it would be quite challenging to obtain it. It’s one of those rare spirit grasses that contain the laws of heaven and earth and is even more valuable than dao fruits…….”

Ning Cheng pushed the pill marrow back to Sheng Huotian, “Brother Huotian, I still have some pill marrow. Just tell me if you know where to get the True Extreme Dao Fruit? As well as any clues to where I could find the Exquisite Star Golden Hidden Leaf?”

“You should know about Le Jiesheng, the City Master of Heaven Essence Sacred City, right? Before every Alchemy Discourse, he hosts a banquet in the City Lord’s mansion for all the sect masters, experts, and influential alchemists attending the Alchemy Discourse. The reason he can do that is that he controls a source of dao fruits. And the True Extreme Dao Fruit is one of the dao fruits that he can take out.” Sheng Huotian replied.

Ning Cheng hurriedly asked again, “Then, how can I obtain the True Extreme Dao Fruit from him?”

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