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The Gate Of Good Fortune
Chapter 0105 – The First Time

Chapter 0105 – The First Time

Ji Luo Fei wanted to calmly ask about many things to Ning Cheng once she met him. But at this moment, when she saw Ning Cheng, she couldn’t even remember what she wanted to say in the beginning. But then she saw the marriage certificate in Ning Cheng’s hand, and moreover also saw him staring at a Qi Gathering Stone in the other hand with a desolate look on his face, she had completely forgotten what she wanted to ask Ning Cheng when she came back.

“What happened? Did you just wanted to hand me the marriage certificate, and leave me alone again?” Ning Cheng gently stroked Ji Luo Fei’s hair, as his heart was filled with chaotic thoughts.

When he had just come to this world, and came to know that he was not the same person who Ji Luo Fei knew, he himself had taken the initiative to ask her to dissolve this marriage. But now, his cultivation was far higher than that of Ji Luo Fei. Moreover, now he also started to develop feelings towards Ji Luo Fei, he was a person who really cherished the people close to him. Because of this, he really did not understand why Ji Luo Fei would leave him. Similarly, when he saw Ji Luo Fei come back again, he immediately felt a lot happier.

Ji Luo Fei could feel the big and warm chest of Ning Cheng, as she suddenly reached out and touched the Qi Gathering Stone in Ning Cheng’s hands, and whispered, “You still kept this with you?”

“Yes, I will always keep it.” Ning Cheng could feel that Ji Luo Fei’s chaotic mood was finally calming down, he knew that something must have happened to Ji Luo Fei.

“I....” Ji Luo Fei did not know how to bring up that matter, she had planned to ask Ning Cheng, and even tell Ning Cheng, the fact was he already had a child, and then quickly leave. However, the moment she saw Ning Cheng, she knew that she could not separate from him.

Since she could not leave him, she did not dare to bring up that matter. She still believed that her mother would not lie to her, but she was completely unable to accept that fact. Even thinking about it made her feel terrible.

Once again feeling that Ji Luo Fei was starting to feel panicked, Ning Cheng gently patted Ji Luo Fei’s back and suddenly asked, “Did someone come to look for you?”

“How did you know?” Ji Luo Fei immediately asked Ning Cheng exposing the truth.

Ning Cheng spoke with a slight contempt in his voice, “Was it your paternal aunt who came to visit you? Did she come here to force you to marry into the Shui Clan?”

Ji Luo Fei shook her head, “No, I would rather believe in you, rather than believing in my paternal aunt. In my heart, you are much more dependable that my paternal aunt.”

“Just follow me......” Ji Luo Fei in her heart was completely dependent on Ning Cheng, and his words had already stuck to the deepest corners of her heart.

But Ning Cheng’s thoughts were much more prudent and meticulous than Ji Luo Fei’s, so when Ji Luo Fei said that she believed in him, Ning Cheng could immediately understand that the one who came looking for her was surely Xiong Qi Hua.

Only Ji Luo Fei’s mother could be much closer to her heart than her paternal aunt, only her mother could make Ji Luo Fei leave him. Moreover, he had also seen just what kind of woman Ji Luo Fei’s mother was, and even had an unpleasant experience because of it.

“Did your mother come to see you?” Ning Cheng immediately asked.

Ji Luo Fei’s entire body trembled, she quickly pushed Ning Cheng aside, and with her face completely pale she nodded and said, “Yes, it was my mother who had come to see me, she said that she had met you in the Daan Forest....”

“That’s right, I really did meet your mother back in the Daan Forest, moreover I also....” Ning Cheng wanted to tell Ji Luo Fei about the matter regarding Zhu Hong Wen and Xiong Qi Hua, but then thought that the mental blow Ji Luo Fei would receive would definitely not be a small one, as a result chose not to speak about it.

“Ning Cheng, you’re my mother’s....... how do you know her?” Ji Luo Fei was completely pale, and was trembling all over as she secretly looked at Ning Cheng. She had been looking forward to Ning Cheng saying that it was false, and that he really did not force himself on her mother. Moreover, from the deepest parts of her consciousness, she still believed that her mother would not lie to her.

Ning Cheng did not know what Xiong Qi Hua had said to Ji Luo Fei, as he sighed and said, “Luo Fei, I only saw your mother one time, but I knew that she was definitely your mother Xiong Qi Hua.”

Ji Luo Fei bursts into tears, since you knew that she was my mother, why did you force yourself on her? But she could not question Ning Cheng, she did not know what she should do now.

For Ji Luo Fei, the memory of her mother was deeply rooted into her, but the feeling that she was feeling right now was completely different. At this time Ji Luo Fei did not even think of what Ning Cheng said, she only wanted to go to a place where no one lived and not come out anymore. But thinking about the relations between them she just couldn’t speak out, she suddenly felt that she had become completely redundant.

Ning Cheng looked at Ji Luo Fei who had suddenly burst into tears, he really did not know how he should comfort her, and only said, “Although I knew that Xiong Qi Hua is your mother, but when I look at you face, all I can think about is that you have been manipulated by her. If your mother said that I somehow injured her, then I do not have any alternative. The reason I did not tell you that I had met your mother, was not because of guilt, and even more so not because I hurt her.”

Ning Cheng guessed that Xiong Qi Hua had quite possibly added some inflammatory details when she spoke to Ji Luo Fei, by saying that he had severely injured her, and that it would also be best for her to leave him. Even if Ning Cheng thought about it innumerable times, he would never have thought about the story created by Zhu Hong Wen. If Ji Luo Fei really had not found it difficult to let go of Ning Cheng, then Zhu Hong Wen’s plan would have undoubtedly succeeded.

“Did you really not force yourself on my mother? After you saved my mother, because of the poison, isn’t that child not yours?” Ji Luo Fei’s voice was also trembling uncontrollably, as she threw out several questions. Even before Ning Cheng answered, she thought that Ning Cheng would definitely not deceive her.

“Wait wait......” Ning Cheng quickly stopped Ji Luo Fei from asking any more questions and said, “When did I save your mother? I was just passing by Daan Forest when I found your mother living peacefully in the Daan Forest. I wasn’t even poisoned, even the toxic poison from the poisonous sand beasts don’t affect me, so how can I even be affected by common poisons? And what are you talking about children? What the hell is going on?”

After asking those questions, Ning Cheng could already guess, that perhaps Xiong Qi Hua was pregnant, and moreover told Ji Luo Fei that it was his child. If that really was the case, then she really did not deserve to be a mother.

Ji Luo Fei may be simple minded but she was definitely not a fool, so when she heard Ning Cheng’s words, she immediately knew that what her mother had spoken to her was likely to be a lie. Thinking back to how she had met her mother, how could it be a coincidence that she could find the inn where her room was. Even when she saw that her mother and that Zhu Hong Wen were together, they did not look very sad of her own father passing away, and as a result she completely understood now what was going on.

“I am sorry, I almost left you.” Ji Luo Fei could not restrain herself, and once again flung herself into Ning Cheng’s arms. For her, she would rather believe that Ning Cheng was telling the truth, and her mother had deceived her.

“When you met my mother in the Daan Forest, did you also meet Zhu Hong Wen?” As Ji Luo Fei spoke of such matters, it felt like there were countless knives stabbing in her heart again and again.

Now that she understood the truth, she finally realized the many contradictions in her mother’s words.

Ning Cheng gently stroked Ji Luo Fei’s head, he knew that Ji Luo Fei now understood what had happened. Since Ji Luo Fei now understood this kind of thing, so there was no need for him to continue to speak, “Luo Fei, in my hometown there is an old saying, the child speaks for the parent, not the other way round. I won’t go into the details of this matter, but you have to remember to believe me, I really am sorry that I did not do anything for you and your parents.”

“I believe you.” Ji Luo Fei, at this moment, she had completely calmed down, other than Ning Cheng, her paternal aunt had wanted to marry her off to the Shui Clan, and her mother who she had just met, unexpectedly ended up deceiving her for an outsider. At this time in her heart, Ning Cheng was fully worth believing in. Fortunately, at that time she still believed in Ning Cheng from the depths of her heart, otherwise she would have definitely not come back again.

“Your hometown?” Ji Luo Fei was now free from other matters, and her thinking had also immediately cleared up.

Ning Cheng knew that he had to say something, he was a bit embarrassed as he scratched his head and said, “This thing is a long story, I will explain it to you slowly later.”

“En, Ning Cheng, in the future when your cultivation is high enough, can you take me to the Daan Forest to pay my respects to my father, and then we, we ....” Ji Luo Fei suddenly thought of her own face, and was unable to speak about getting married.

Ning Cheng knew what Ji Luo Fei meant, he himself wanted his own cultivation to be high enough, so that he could then look for a way back to Earth. If at that time he married, he could at least let his younger sister attend it, it would definitely be much better. Moreover, he still had a one-track mind, and that was to restore Ji Luo Fei’s appearance.

Feeling that arms of Ji Luo Fei around him getting softer and more tender, Ning Cheng could not bear it any longer and lowered his head and finally kissed Ji Luo Fei on her lips. The instant that she felt Ning Cheng’s lips touching hers, Ji Luo Fei’s mind immediately went blank. She subconsciously tightened her grip on Ning Cheng as she hugged him even more fiercely, as she clumsily kissed him back.

To them, this was their first time.

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The Gate Of Good Fortune Chapter 0105 – The First Time