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Chapter 1046: All Causes and Effects Return to One

Ning Cheng almost couldn’t hold back his dao rhythm from gushing into the flow of time. Luckily, he managed to stabilise his mind in time and let the flow of time within the Blooming Rings pass through without moving.

Time flies like an arrow, and years pass like a shuttle, but they are merely traces in the laws of time. His Sunset’s Twilight was also a trace of that same law, but this ‘trace’ had depth, showing that laws had their highs and lows.

The ninth ring of the Blooming Rings was only so, so why not go further?


In the middle of the boundless public square, Sichen Qiutian sat alone on the ground. His body seemed to meld into the surrounding space without giving off the slightest fluctuation.

“Fellow Daoist Sichen….” Jin Molong’s greeting interrupted the sitting Sichen Qiutian, who suddenly stood up while two bright lights shot out of his eyes.

He came to the Mysterious Ferry Ancient Clan and knew the rules there. The Mysterious Ferry Ancient Clan had secluded itself from the outside world in the Grand Essence Sea; as such, these people never showed any sentiment to people from the outside. He had brought Ning Cheng here to request him to cultivate in the Blooming Rings. The moment Jin Molong took Ning Cheng away, the deal ended, and they would have nothing to do with him.

At the very least, until the promised three months were up, he and Ning Cheng left the Mysterious Ferry Ancient Clan; Jin Molong should not have come to say anything to him. At least, that’s how the clansmen behaved with outsiders till now.

Since Jin Molong came personally, the only possible reason was that something must have happened to Ning Cheng in the Blooming Rings. But Ning Cheng hadn’t been in the Blooming Rings for over a day, so how could something happen so early? It shouldn’t be the case with what he knew about Ning Cheng.

“Fellow Daoist Jin, is it about Ning Cheng?” For the first time since he entered the Mysterious Ferry Ancient Clan, Sichen Qiutian found his heart in disarray. Only then did he realise that he held Ning Cheng in quite a high regard.

“That’s both true and also not true.” A white-haired old man with a smile suddenly spoke up, standing beside Jin Molong. When Sichen Qiutian’s gaze moved to him, he gave a cultivators’ salute and continued, “Mysterious Ferry Ancient Clan’s Li Feng greets Dao Friend Sichen.” 𝑖𝗻𝙣𝐫e𝙖𝗱. 𝚌𝗼𝓂

Sichen Qiutian couldn’t help but feel surprised. Only now did he realise that Jin Molong had not come alone. Previously, before the white-haired old man, Li Feng, greeted him, it was as if he had completely blended in with everything around him. His figure suddenly became clear when he spoke, as if he had just come into existence.

“Fellow Daoist Sichen, this is the Patriarch of my Mysterious Ferry Ancient Clan.” Jin Molong saw that Sichen Qiutian seemed a little shaken and hurriedly explained from the side.

Sichen Qiutian quickly paid his respects and said, “Sichen Qiutian pays his respects to Patriarch Li. Patriarch LI’s achievements in cultivation and understanding of the natural laws must have already reached a state of harmony. I was observing the sky from the bottom of a well and failed to notice your arrival. Please forgive me.”

“Haha……” Li Feng laughed and sat down on the ground at once. “Fellow Daoist Sichen, please have a seat.”

For Li Feng to invite him to sit on the ground, Sichen Qiutian didn’t care. After all, he had been sitting on the ground all this time.

After Sichen Qiutian and Jin Molong sat down, Li Feng sighed and said, “It’s difficult to attain harmony with the dao. I’m afraid I won’t be able to attain it in this lifetime.”

When Sichen Qiutian heard that Li Feng was not yet a Dao Perfection Holy Emperor, he couldn’t help but feel surprised. He had met many Dao Fusion Holy Emperors but had never seen any Dao Fusion Holy Emperor with such immense power as Li Feng. Turns out, even among Dao Fusion Holy Emperors, the difference in strength could be quite huge.

Since Li Feng admitted that he hadn’t reached harmony with the Dao, Sichen Qiutian didn’t know what to say either.

But when he wanted to ask about Ning Cheng, Li Feng suddenly asked, “That Ning Cheng who came with you, is he your disciple?”

Sichen Qiutian quickly replied, “For Patriarch Li to ask about such a thing, did something happen to Ning Cheng?”

Li Feng smiled faintly, “Fellow Daoist Sichen, there is no need to panic. Ning Cheng is cultivating in the Blooming Rings. There is nothing wrong with him. I just came to ask if Ning Cheng has anything to do with you.”

Sichen Qiutian couldn’t figure out what Li Feng meant, so he had to speak honestly, “Dao Friend Ning Cheng’s talent is amazing. I, Sichen Qiutian, do not have the virtue or ability to cultivate such a disciple.”

“In that case, is he a rogue cultivator?” Even Li Feng couldn’t hide the surprise from his tone.

As an old fox like Sichen Qiutian, who had cultivated for thousands of years, he vaguely started to understand a few things, especially what Li Feng meant. From the looks of it, Ning Cheng’s performance in the Blooming Ring had moved the Mysterious Ferry Ancient Clan’s Patriarch. In other words, he wanted to recruit Ning Cheng as a disciple of his Mysterious Ferry Ancient Clan.

Understanding this, Sichen Qiutian easily replied, “Ning Cheng is the Number One Pill Sage of our Grand Essence Realm and has even refined the Six Yin Soul Pill. He will represent our Grand Essence Ream this time in the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Competition. However, I thought of bringing him to your clan’s Blooming Rings to cultivate because he is not strong enough.”

“Refined the Six Yin Soul Pill!?” Li Feng and Jin Molong simultaneously exclaimed in shock.

They weren’t ordinary ignorant people. What was the Six Yin Soul Pill? How could they not know? It was a Dao Essence Dao Pill. Moreover, it wasn’t an ordinary Dao Essence Dao Pill either.

Li Feng secretly sighed. Ning Cheng’s achievements were truly high enough that he badly wanted Ning Cheng to become a disciple of his Mysterious Ferry Ancient Clan. No wonder Ning Cheng and Sichen Qiutian didn’t have even half a relationship, yet Sichen Qiutian still willingly used his opportunity to bring him to the Mysterious Ferry Ancient Clan’s Blooming Rings to cultivate.

In a place like the Grand Essence Realm, where the laws were incomplete, the Dao of Alchemy played a crucial part in perceiving a higher realm. Ning Cheng was a Dao Essence Pill Sage, which meant he didn’t even need the support of his Mysterious Ferry Ancient Clan, let alone become a disciple of the Mysterious Ferry Ancient Clan. Li Feng couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by his previous words.


As he stepped into the tenth ring of the Blooming Rings, Ning Cheng had long since prepared for the sudden onslaught of the flow of time and the dao rhythm that accompanied it. Having experienced similar situations while passing through the previous rings, Ning Cheng had also grown accustomed to the madness of this dao rhythm. The Mysterious Yellow Formless also kept circulating within him, enveloping him in his Returning-to-one Dao Rhythm.

However, what amazed Ning Cheng was that the dao rhythm of the tenth ring felt incredibly gentle. Ever since he entered the Blooming Rings, Ning Cheng had never felt so integrated with the dao rhythm of the Blooming Rings.

It was as if he had completed a reincarnation cycle. He had come from the first ring of the Blooming Rings to the tenth ring, seemingly completing a cycle. Reaching here, he felt a new beginning and an inexplicable joy of integration.

Ning Cheng was certain that he could enter the eleventh ring of the Blooming Rings or even higher levels. However, Ning Cheng didn’t take another step forward. Instead, he sat down in the same place. This was where he wanted to cultivate.

While Ning Cheng sat down and ran the Mysterious Yellow Formless Cultivation Method, the spirit qi in the Blooming Ring’s tenth ring rushed frantically towards him. It gathered around Ning Cheng, just like all things returning to their origin.

Everything, including the surrounding spirit qi, perfectly merged with him and each other, constantly improving Ning Cheng’s perception of the Returning-to-one Dao.

As time passed, Ning Cheng fully immersed himself in the passage of time within the Blooming Rings.

He saw countless strong people fighting before a gate, and he even saw Cang Wei. Everyone in that battle felt no weaker than him; some were even stronger. Even if he possessed the Mysterious Yellow Bead and cultivated to his peak, he could only watch himself fall in front of that massive door. Then his eyes slowly blurred, and he saw himself reincarnated again. This time in a broken world where he could not cultivate.

The first person he saw when he reincarnated and opened his eyes was not his sister Ruolan, Luofei, Qionghua or Yan Ji. Rather, he was shocked to see Yu Qing.

“It’s you?” Ning Cheng suddenly sat up.

“You know me?” Yu Qing frowned slightly and asked without waiting for Ning Cheng to speak. “This feels familiar……”

“How come I’m here?” Ning Cheng asked in a hurry.

Yu Qing shook her head and was about to say something when his body blurred out of existence.

When Ning Cheng opened his eyes again, he had reincarnated once again. This time, he saw himself killing someone on a boundless battlefield. He saw countless ‘familiar’ friends and brothers fall. Finally, a lance pierced his chest, and his body blurred out of existence again.

Another reincarnation……

From a commoner to a monarch….

He struggled as an outer disciple in a small sect, struggling hard on edge, but in the end, he ultimately died during a fight for spiritual grasses……

He toiled in the field, yet the harvest after a year was not enough to feed his family…….

Finally, he became an emperor of his generation but didn’t get to enjoy it for long before being dethroned by a rebel army….

An endless cycle of reincarnation, filled with endless pain!

No, I don’t want this kind of pain-filled reincarnation!

He was the only one shouting in the whole world but with no response or ending.

A thousand cycles of reincarnation, with no beginning or an end! Trapped in a cycle without a beginning or an end.

He wanted to find the answer and stop this cycle of pain, but he couldn’t do it. He could only think about it.

“Give me the reason. Let me stop this cycle of reincarnation!” Ning Cheng shouted in rage. He had had enough. Unfortunately, he could only show his rage as the powerful dao rhythm around him had grown beyond his control.

Seemingly alarmed by Ning Cheng’s will, the ring on his hand exploded, and everything within the ring turned into nothingness. Only a black crystal of some unknown material remained suspended before his eyes.

It was none other than the Cause-and-Effect Dao Crystal that Jiang Mann had lent him. This Cause-and-Effect Crystal was the cultivation method of the Dao of Karma. Could this be an opportunity for him to integrate the Grand Dao of Karma?

This thought had just popped into Ning Cheng’s mind when a roaring intent swept through the sky above his head.

Heaven and earth have reincarnation; all things have causality!

Sure enough, it was to make him cultivate the Grand Dao of Karma. In an instant, Ning Cheng’s mind cleared. This Karmic Dao Crystal could destroy his ring and appear by itself, showing that its origin wasn’t simple.

Ning Cheng suddenly felt a sense of fear, and his back broke out with cold sweats. If his Mysterious Yellow Bead had not transformed into a miniature world because of the Five-elements Primal Chaos Qi, he couldn’t have put the True Spirit World into the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Similarly, Yan Ji could also not enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

If this Karmic Dao Crystal were to affect his dao foundation and modify his grand dao, what would have exploded wouldn’t just be an ordinary ring and a pile of spirit crystals, but his True Spirit World. If the True Spirit World were to explode, what would happen to Yan Ji?

Ning Cheng’s back seeped out in cold sweat. The Karmic Dao Crystal was choosing its successor, and it had set its sights on him. However, he had always been cultivating with the Mysterious Yellow Formless. How could he suddenly abandon it and cultivate the Dao of Karma?

The dao rhythm of reincarnation washed over him again, indicating that if he did not change his cultivation method to that of the Dao of Karma, he would remain trapped in an endless cycle of reincarnation.

I must cultivate the Dao of Karma, but not the Dao of Karma. Instead, I will focus on the Grand Karmic Spirit Technique within it. My dao is the Returning-to-on Dao, and my cultivation method is the Mysterious Yellow Formless.

Myriad paths of reincarnation have no beginning or end, but all causality returns to one!

In an instant, Ning Cheng’s mind turned clear, and his dao rhythm roared around him, suppressing the dao rhythm of reincarnation. Your reincarnation has no beginning or end, and your causality is infinite, but you will return to one!

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