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The Gate Of Good Fortune
Chapter 0103 – Mother and Daughter’s Reunion

Chapter 0103 – Mother and Daughter’s Reunion

Ji Luo Fei did not think that she would only use less than 3 days to advance from the Peak Stage of Qi Gathering 5th Level to the Early Stage of Qi Gathering 6th Level. After advancing to the Qi Gathering 6th Level, Ji Luo Fei hurriedly stabilized her cultivation level and rushed out in excitement, she wanted to share this good news with Ning Cheng. She knew that Ning Cheng was very concerned about her cultivation, as long as she could increase her cultivation, she knew that it would be the happiest thing for Ning Cheng.

What made Ji Luo Fei puzzled was that she could not find Ning Cheng anywhere, moreover he did not even leave a letter behind.

Ji Luo Fei came out of the room, and was going to ask the people from the inn, if they had seen Ning Cheng going out. Ji Luo Fei had just walked past the reception of the inn, when she saw a middle aged beautiful woman in the guest room asking the waiter if there was an empty room.

Ji Luo Fei felt that this middle aged beautiful woman had some kind of connection to her, and subconsciously looked at her a few times. At this point the middle aged beautiful woman became aware that Ji Luo Fei was looking at her, she turned and just happened to look at Ji Luo Fei staring at her. She also stared at Ji Luo Fei for a long time, before Ji Luo Fei started to frown, but then this middle aged woman immediately cried out in a trembling voice, “Luo Fei.”

After she said those words, the middle aged woman’s seemed to have become inflamed, and her expression also turned excited.

“Who are you?” Ji Luo Fei stared at the middle aged woman and asked, she felt that there definitely was some sort of connection between herself and this middle aged woman, moreover it was an implicit feeling, which made her feel a little weird.

“Luo Fei, what happened to your face?” The middle aged beautiful woman found that Ji Luo Fei’s face was disfigured, and immediately asked in a tense voice. This middle aged woman was none other than Xiong Qi Hua, as she thought of how her daughter’s face became disfigured. When she had seen this disfigured face of her daughter, she suddenly felt a burst of dizziness hit her.

She was really feeling sorry for her daughter, because she did not take good care of her, and it ended up in her daughter having a disfigured face.

Ji Luo Fei felt that the strange familiar feeling that she was feeling was growing more intense by the moment, as she asked again, “May I ask who exactly are you?”

“Luo Fei, mother has been unfair to you, let you suffer such hardships......” Although Xiong Qi Hua had not met her in a long while, but now that she finally met her, she found that her daughter has been disfigured, and as a result her heart was filled with grief, and couldn’t help but cry out. If she had not come to this inn for finding information, Xiong Qi Hua would have already completely submerged herself in her grief.

Ji Luo Fei stood there as if she was struck by lightning, as she stared at this very sad looking middle aged beautiful woman in front of her, and couldn’t help but blankly ask, “Are you really my mother?”

Ji Luo Fei immediately knew that the person in front of her was definitely her mother, this kind of link was a natural feeling, which rose from the bottom of her heart, it was not something that she could doubt at all.

“Mother......” Ji Luo Fei suddenly could not hold back her tears, after all these years, she was finally able to meet her. Before Ning Cheng changed, she would always stay at a forgotten corner of her house. Countless times, she yearned to go back to the side of her mother when she slept. She always held true to her convictions, and would always think that as long as she was alive, there would come one day, when she would eventually find her mother.

Today her mother actually appeared in front of her, she was even suspecting that it was all a dream inside her head.

Now that she knew that she really was her mother, both of them did not show any signs of estrangement, and the two of them cried on each other’s shoulders.

After a long time, Ji Luo Fei realised that they were still standing outside, and immediately took her mother to her room.

Xiong Qi Hua also seemed to have calmed down a bit, and asked again, “Luo Fei, what happened to your face, how did this happen?”

Although she asked her, she did not wait for Ji Luo Fei to reply, and once more muttered, “Mother had been unfair to you, even though I am holding your hand, your mother had cruel heartedly left you ....”

Seeing her mother constantly blaming herself, as she continued to mumble to herself. Ji Luo Fei also felt extremely miserable, she also held her mother’s hands and sobbed continuously as she said, “Mother, it is not your fault, we were separated in the Daan Forest, but now that we have met each other again, I am really very happy. Mother, did my father also come with you?”

After asking, Ji Luo Fei felt that something was not right, although her mother had come, but her father had not come to see her, because of this she somewhat understood what was might have happened to her father. Her complexion immediately paled as she stood up, “Mother, where is father? Didn’t father come out of Daan Forest?”

Xiong Qi Hua also stood up, and holding Ji Luo Fei’s hand said, “Luo Fei, everything is not good, there were many things that happened to us. Although your father is no more, but now that us mother and daughter have finally met again, he should be finally resting in peace in heaven.”

Ji Luo Fei slumped to her knees in tears, she had never even seen her father before he died. For a child, what could be even more sad than this.

Xiong Qi Hua helped her daughter up, as she felt tangled in her heart, when she really saw her, she suddenly did not want to cheat her daughter. It turns out that Ning Cheng had not disclosed the matter between her and Zhu Hong Wen to her daughter.

Did she really want to continue to lie and cheat her own daughter?

But whenever she wanted to say the truth, Zhu Hong Wen’s voice and his smiling face appeared in her mind. She knew that if she really told the truth to her daughter, she would no longer be able to be with her daughter. Subconsciously, she stoked her stomach, this was the crystallization between her and her lover.

If her daughter did not allow her to be together with Zhu Hong Wen, then when her second child came out into the world, then wouldn’t he/she would also have to share the same fate of having no father?

Even if Hong Wen accepted her as his step-daughter, would her daughter accept him as her step-father.

Not only her child cannot be separated from Hong Wen, even she did not want to separate from Hong Wen. In this world, Hong Wen was the only person who loved her from the bottom of his heart. From the first day that she saw Hong Wen, her love for him had never changed. Even if she was forced to marry into the Ji Clan, even if they had been forced into the Daan Forest 10 years ago, Hong Wen had always accompanied her by her side, and never once left her sight.

“Mother, you do not need to be sad, let us all go to the Daan Forest in the future, to pay respect to my father.” Although Ji Luo Fei was sad, she could still perceive that something was not right with her mother.

Xiong Qi Hua recovered a bit, and rubbed her tear swollen eyes, but still spoke with a sobbing voice, “I was stranded in the Daan Forest for 10 years, although I have thought numerous times to leave the Daan Forest, but I simply wasn’t able to get out of the Daan Forest. I could only look for a safe place to stay in the Daan Forest, alas as such I was trapped there for more than 10 years....”

“Mother....” As Ji Luo Fei thought of her mother being trapped in such a fearful place like the Daan Forest for 10 years, her heart was filled with grief.

She had listened to the perils inside the Daan Forest when Ning Cheng had talked about it. Luckily, each Monstrous Beast had its own territory, if you were able to find a safe spot, at least you could barely survive. It was obvious that her mother had also done this, but as for the hardships that her mother had to go through during those times, she just could not imagine it.

Ji Luo Fei with her heart filled with grief, quickly came over to support Xiong Qi Hua.

This time Xiong Qi Hua consciously stroked her slightly swollen belly, and Ji Luo Fei also ended up seeing it clearly. She immediately became surprised and asked, “Mother, are you....”

She did not dare ask about it, but her mind had already turned blank. With her belly slightly swollen, it was obviously the symptom of being pregnant, her father had obviously died long back, so how could her mother be pregnant?

As Xiong Qi Hua heard Ji Luo Fei’s words, her face immediately became very pale, she immediately picked up the knife from the table, and tried to puncture her own neck.

Ji Luo Fei under panic, called out in horror, “Mother, you ....”

She simply did not have the time to think, and forcibly seized Xiong Qi Hua’s hand, unexpectedly she found that her hand was very weak and feeble.

The knife in the hands of Xiong Qi Hua, fell to the ground with a ‘ding’. Looking very dispirited she immediately fell to the ground, and she kept murmuring, “Luo Fei, I was unfair to your father, I was unfair to you, I did not even have the courage to commit suicide, I ...”

“Why are you like this? Didn’t we just meet, so ....” Ji Luo Fei also muttered, she really could not figure out why would her mother do such a thing after they finally met after all these years.

Although Xiong Qi Hua seemed to be explaining to Ji Luo Fei, it was more like she was just talking to herself as she murmured, “On that day I had ventured a bit far from my residence, but I really did not expect that I would soon run into a Class 3 Monstrous Beast. I ended up being attacked by the Monstrous Beast, and was seriously injured, I could not even try to escape it, when suddenly someone saved me. I did not think that there were people in the Daan Forest, and became very happy in my heart. As long as I could meet someone, it was likely that I would be able to leave the Daan Forest. But because I was injured, plus because the Monstrous Beast also emitted some kind of poisonous gas, I fainted.”

Ji Luo Fei had long forgotten that her mother was pregnant and nervously asked, “What happened then?”

“Later, that man was able to find my residence, and helped me return, and even helped me heal.” Xing Qi Hua said mournfully.

Ji Luo Fei did not seem to hear the tone in which her mother spoke, and spoke with a grateful voice, “It is all thanks to that person, I have to thank him when I meet him.”

But Xiong Qi Hua still continued on in a mournful tone, “If I had one more chance, I would have rather faced the Monstrous Beast, rather than being rescued by him. Although that man saved me, but he was affected by the poisonous gas emitted by the Monstrous Beast, moreover he had evidently taken the full brunt of the poisonous gas. When he finally healed me, he could not hold himself anymore, and forced himself on me....”

Ji Luo Fei now finally understood what had happened, although her benefactor had saved her mother, but because of the influence from the poison from the Monstrous Beast he ended up raping her. Because he was under the influence of poison, and although he healed her mother, but because of the strong influence from the poison, he finally succumbed and ended up raping her mother. Should she hate him, or should she thank him?

Xiong Qi Hua stared at the blank look on her daughter’s face, and she knew that her man’s words were right.

Zhu Hong Wen thought that although Ning Xiao Cheng and Ji Luo Fei have lived together for so long, he believed that Ji Luo Fei had still not lost her virginity, he had convinced her that Ning Xiao Cheng definitely knew about the matters pertaining to the relationship between a man and a woman and was also good at concealment and deceit. For him to have a relationship with her daughter, he would certainly have a good reason for doing so.

“After I woke up, even if I wanted to resist, the wood had already turned into a boat, and even if I wanted to deny it, the facts cannot be changed. But at this time, while we were still in the Daan Forest, my steward was finally able to find me after his painstaking efforts because of my voice. After seriously injuring the man, although my steward lost, he managed to escape. But my pitiful body which was already ravaged by that person, was seen clearly by my steward, I ....”

Xiong Qi Hua seemed as if she could not bear the sadness in her heart, and once again began to cry.

Ji Luo Fei also felt like crying and hugged her mother, and really felt an intolerable grief towards the sad fate of her mother. After the two people cried bitterly for a long time, Ji Luo Fei finally asked in a sobbing voice, “Mother, do you know who that person was?”

Xiong Qi Hua wiped her swollen eyes, and said while sobbing, “It seems that he is called Ning Xiao Cheng....”

“WHAT?” When Ji Luo Fei heard the name Ning Xiao Cheng, she immediately started to heave, she also immediately coughed out a mouthful of blood.

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The Gate Of Good Fortune Chapter 0103 – Mother and Daughter’s Reunion