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The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent
Chapter 83 - Cosmic Bracelet

Chapter 83: Cosmic Bracelet

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Xiao Ying opened the window and saw a small box on the windowsill.

There was also a pebble tied to the box. The noise from the window probably came from this.

She looked downstairs. It was too dark to see clearly.

She picked up the box and opened it. The box was only the size of a palm, but after opening it, an inflatable bear rapidly expanded. Xiao Ying was shocked and almost threw it out.

The little pink bear was holding a small box in its palms. This time, her curiosity was completely aroused. She picked up the small box and opened it. A hint of astonishment flashed across her eyes.

It was a cosmic bracelet.

Picking up the chain in her hand, Xiao Ying looked up at the sky and realized that it was especially bright today. Specks of starlight covered the night sky, shining brightly.

The bracelet in her hand shone brightly under the moonlight.

The door suddenly opened and Xiao Ying quickly drew the curtains. She looked at Cheng Yang entering and felt a little guilty for some reason.

Cheng Yang looked at Xiao Ying standing by the bed and asked with raised eyebrows, “What are you standing there for?”

He walked over naturally and opened the curtains. Realizing that the window was open, he closed it casually and even reminded her to close the window or she would catch a cold at night.

Xiao Ying nodded obediently.

Cheng Yang suddenly asked, “What are you holding in your hand?”

She held out her hand, the bracelet resting quietly in her palm.

“You just bought it?” Cheng Yang asked.

Xiao Ying spoke the truth. “It’s a birthday gift from someone, but I don’t know who it is.”

Cheng Yang frowned and picked up the bracelet to look at it. “You shouldn’t keep something of unknown origin.”

Xiao Ying really liked this bracelet. She snatched it back and guessed, “What if it was given to me by Shen Meijia? I’ll ask tomorrow.”

Cheng Yang checked the bracelet carefully again. Seeing that there was nothing wrong, he returned it to her.

The next day, Xiao Ying told Shen Meijia about this, but she said she didn’t know.

This time, Xiao Ying was even more puzzled. Who was the gift from?

The people in the school that saw Xiao Ying were still commenting about the forum post. Soon, it was time for the schoolwide flag-raising ceremony. Xiao Ying had nothing to do so she went to join in the fun.

At the end of the ceremony, a boy stepped on stage. After the teacher had severely criticized him because the school prohibited fighting, she asked the boy to read his self-reflection essay.

But the boy had no reflection in his hand. He stood on the stage without saying a word.

Xiao Ying stared blankly. She had seen this boy before.

Shen Meijia leaned over and whispered, “Xiao Ying, do you know that boy?”

Seeing her mysterious look, Xiao Ying cooperated and said, “We met once.”

Shen Meijia’s eyes were filled with excitement as she said, “That’s the most handsome guy amongst us freshmen! Do you know why he was punished?”

Xiao Ying said, “Fighting?”

Shen Meijia nodded. “Do you know who he fought for?”

How could she possibly know? Xiao Ying shook her head.

Shen Meijia kept her in suspense for a long time before saying, “He did it for you. I think his roommate said something bad about you, so he stood up for you.”

Xiao Ying was shocked and looked at the boy in confusion. She was pretty sure she didn’t have many interactions with him.

Shen Meijia sighed from the side. “Your charm is getting out of hand. You captured the heart of our school hunk after seeing him just once.”

Xiao Ying slapped her gently to stop her from speaking nonsense.

Feeling a little skeptical about the truth of the matter, she looked at the boy on stage and suddenly their eyes met.

Xiao Ying shifted her gaze away uncomfortably.

In the end, the dean went on stage and ushered him off. He was also given a huge demerit.

Zhou Yao was not worried at all. He had only been on stage today because the teacher had told him that if he did not go on stage, he would be expelled.

He had worked so hard to get into University A. How could he leave when the little angel hasn’t even recognized him yet?

Xiao Ying waited by the dorms for Shen Meijia to finish class, who only appeared when the sky began darkening.

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The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent Chapter 83 - Cosmic Bracelet