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The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent
Chapter 79 - Causing a Scene at the Banquet

Chapter 79: Causing a Scene at the Banquet

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Chen Jianfeng handed the car keys to the valet.

Xiao Ying went in first.

Xiao Lingbo and his wife, who had been waiting by the door, saw Xiao Ying and their expressions immediately changed.

He said coldly, “What are you doing here?”

Xiao Ying stroked her hat and said, “Weren’t you the one who invited me?”

Madam Xiao immediately sneered and said, “Why would we ever invite you? You probably wanted to suck up to our family and deliberately came at this time.”

Xiao Ying thought it was funny and laughed.

Madam Xiao said with displeasure, “What are you laughing at?”

Xiao Ying looked at Madam Xiao with pity and said, “So many years have gone by, but you still haven’t improved at all.”

Madam Xiao’s expression changed, but just then, another guest happened to arrive. Xiao Lingbo murmured, “Enough. We’ll talk about this later.”

Then, he walked up to the new guest with a big smile on his face. “Mayor Zheng, it’s such an honor that you are willing to come.”

After ushering Mayor Zheng inside, Xiao Lingbo looked at Xiao Ying with a frown and said, “You can enter if you want, but don’t go around speaking nonsense.”

Madam Xiao sneered, “Don’t tell me you were abandoned by Mr. Cheng. Our Xiao family won’t take you in again.”

Chen Jianfeng walked in and stopped beside Xiao Ying. “Miss Xiao Ying.”

Xiao Lingbo’s expression changed as he looked at him and asked, “Mr. Chen, you know her?”

He did not know how to address Xiao Ying’s awkward relationship with their family, so he could only use the word ‘her’ to refer to Xiao Ying.

Chen Jianfeng nodded. He was about to introduce Xiao Ying’s identity when she interrupted, “We won’t delay Mr. Xiao anymore. We’ll go in first.”

Hearing her words, Chen Jianfeng could only nod.

Xiao Lingbo did not see You-Know-Who so he went after Chen Jianfeng, asking, “Has Mr. You-know-Who arrived?”

Xiao Ying raised an eyebrow. Mister?

Chen Jianfeng glanced at Xiao Ying before nodding to Xiao Lingbo’s question.

Xiao Lingbo’s heart settled down and he asked, “Where is he? We really want to meet him.”

Chen Jianfeng hesitated for a moment before saying, “He’ll look for you later.”

Xiao Lingbo nodded.

Madam Xiao watched the two of them leave and said, “That brat really knows how to seduce people.”

Xiao Lingbo looked at Xiao Ying, who had grown to be slim and graceful, and felt that she indeed had the ability to do so.

Both of them assumed that Xiao Ying was sleeping with Chen Jianfeng.

Soon, the banquet began.

Xiao Lingbo introduced Xiao Ruoxuan to everyone. Xiao Ruoxuan walked onto the stage with poise, looking very gentle in her white dress.

Through her hard work over the years, she had already cleared her name of the scandals from the past.

The people below the stage were all praising her.

She stood on the stage and looked at Xiao Ying below the stage with a gloating smile.

Xiao Ying held a wine glass in her hand and returned a smile.

Xiao Ruoxuan froze for a second.

But looking at Chen Jianfeng, who was beside Xiao Ying, she became smug again.

She was going to become You-Know-Who’s girlfriend, while Xiao Ying could only be You-Know-Who’s subordinate’s woman.

Xiao Lingbo was on cloud nine after receiving praise from everyone. With the intention of bragging about his relationship with You-Know-Who, he went on stage and said directly, “Today, I have had the honor of inviting the Uncrowned King of the stock market, Mr. You-Know-Who, to grace the event with his presence. Now, I would like to ask him to come up and share a few words.”

Everyone present was discussing amongst themselves in shock. You-Know-Who had been doing very well in the stock market for the past two years. Every time he appeared, he would undoubtedly stir up a storm in the stock market. Every time they thought that the mysterious person was going to be finished, he would always be able to revive and turn the tables.

It could be said that anyone who worked in a company knew about You-Know-Who.

Previously, there were rumors that the Xiao family had dealings with You-Know-Who. They hadn’t expected it to be true.

You-Know-Who had never attended any banquet before. He had never even shown his face.

It seemed like they had to start taking the Xiao family more seriously.

Everyone was turning their heads back and forth, wanting to see where You-Know-Who was.

After waiting for a long time, no one came forward. Xiao Lingbo looked at Chen Jianfeng with an embarrassed expression.

Chen Jianfeng stood in his spot calmly, not paying attention to Xiao Lingbo’s gaze at all.

Seeing that the situation was getting out of control, Xiao Ying smiled and slowly went on stage.

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The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent Chapter 79 - Causing a Scene at the Banquet