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The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent
Chapter 78 - Closing the Net

Chapter 78: Closing the Net

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In her previous life, the Xiao family had created a fake world around her. In this life, she would give the Xiao family a fake business empire.

Coincidentally, Xiao Lingbo’s message appeared on her phone. He hoped that she could attend the coming-of-age ceremony the Xiao family had organized for Xiao Ruoxuan.

Xiao Ying smiled. Yes, it had been eight years. In her previous life, she had died on this day.

On this same day, she would return everything to the Xiao family.

She replied lazily, “Okay.”

At the Xiao home…

Xiao Lingbo looked at the message You-Know-Who had sent him and laughed happily.

All these years, he had wanted to meet You-Know-Who, but the other party never agreed.

All of their collaborations went through a middleman. This made him feel very insecure, because the Xiao family could not do without You-Know-Who’s assistance.

Xiao Lingbo then called Xiao Ruoxuan.

He told her to prepare herself, because You-Know-Who was going to attend her coming-of-age banquet.

When the time came, he would introduce her to him.

The entire Xiao family thought that You-Know-Who was a young man, so they were prepared to matchmake Xiao Ruoxuan with him.

Xiao Ruoxuan hung up the phone, feeling a little excited.

But thinking about Cheng Yang, whom she had met when she was young, she felt a little reluctant and wavered between the two men.

She did not think about whether she even had the right to choose.

Seeing Xiao Ruoxuan enter with her phone in her hand while blushing, her roommate teased, “Why so shy? Is it your boyfriend who called?”

Xiao Ruoxuan blushed even more and stomped her feet, ignoring them.

This attitude confirmed their guesses even more, and they began to discuss amongst themselves.

“Ruoxuan, who is your boyfriend? Is he from our school?”

“Ruoxuan is so beautiful. Her boyfriend must be someone important.”

“Ruoxuan, tell us!”

The people in the dorm urged her on.

Xiao Ruoxuan’s conceited nature began to show. “You guys, his identity is a little mysterious, I’m not supposed to tell.”

One of her roommates asked, “Could it be someone from the National Security Department?”

Seeing that they were thinking astray, Xiao Ruoxuan said, “No, it’s the Uncrowned King of the stock market, You-Know-Who.”

Her roommates didn’t know much about stocks, but just the title of Uncrowned King sounded lofty.

Another roommate suddenly exclaimed, “Wow, Ruoxuan, your boyfriend is so amazing!”

The others asked, “How do you know?”

Even Xiao Ruoxuan looked over.

She raised her phone smugly for them to see the Baidu page.

Everyone was shocked by You-Know-Who’s accomplishments and looked at Xiao Ruoxuan with envy.

Xiao Ruoxuan acted humble on the surface, but she was feeling smug inside.

She was increasingly looking forward to seeing You-Know-Who.

Time passed in the blink of an eye. Today was the day of the Xiao family’s banquet.

Xiao Ying changed into a black gown and stood in front of the mirror, slowly pinning her waist-length hair up.

The bold red lipstick made her skin look even fairer.

Her fiery red lips curved into an alluring smile, but there was no trace of emotion in her eyes. They were indifferent and desolate.

Let her end everything today.

She opened the door and saw Chen Jianfeng waiting outside. All these years, he had been the one helping Xiao Ying deal with everything involving You-Know-Who’s identity.

He was also the only person who knew that You-Know-Who was Xiao Ying. Now, there was another one: Cheng Yang.

Xiao Ying nodded at him and said, “Mr. Chen, let’s go.”

Chen Jianfeng nodded and entered the driver’s seat.

After Xiao Ying got in, the car started.

This place was not far from the hotel chosen by the Xiao family. Xiao Ying sat in the car with her eyes closed.

All these years, she had thought that she had forgotten everything from the past. Unexpectedly, just the mention of it made all the hatred from back then return.

The car stopped in front of the entrance of Hua Yi Hotel. When they arrived, there were already many guests.

Over the years, the Xiao family had developed pretty well, so the people from upper-class society were willing to give them face.

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The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent Chapter 78 - Closing the Net