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The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent
Chapter 77 - The Xiao Familys Banquet

Chapter 77: The Xiao Family’s Banquet

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The door looked small and unremarkable. After entering, the entire space opened up and looked very romantic.

Shen Meijia led Xiao Ying to a cubicle with familiarity.

“How did you find this place?” Xiao Ying asked curiously.

In her three years of living here, she had never been to this hidden restaurant.

Shen Meijia puffed up her chest proudly and said, “I’ve already familiarized myself with all the stores within a five-kilometer radius.”

She had only been here for a week.

Xiao Ying gave her a thumbs up in admiration.

Shen Meijia smiled and began introducing the restaurant’s specialty dishes to Xiao Ying.

Xiao Ying listened to her endless speech. It was hard to imagine that she had wanted to lose weight just now.

With Shen Meijia’s recommendations, the food the waiter brought up filled the entire table.

Xiao Ying’s lips twitched as she asked, “Is that too much?”

Shen Meijia said indifferently, “Since you came, you have to have a taste of everything. If you can’t finish, you still have me.”

Over the next half hour, Xiao Ying began to understand exactly what those words meant.

Shen Meijia continuously stuffed food in her mouth, all while speaking unclearly through her chewing. Most of what she had to say revolved around her displeasure towards the person who made the post about Xiao Ying

The entire time, Xiao Ying was worried she would choke, so she had a glass of water prepared by her side.

One moment, Shen Meijia was praising how the roast meat in this restaurant was authentic, the next moment, she was talking about how she was going to put a sack over the person who made the post.

Losing control for a second, she began coughing.

It was after Xiao Ying passed the water to her that she recovered.

The water ended up being useful after all.

Xiao Ying said helplessly, “Let’s see if you still dare to talk while eating.”

Shen Meijia smiled awkwardly, no longer talking.

After the meal, Xiao Ying walked Shen Meijia back to school and returned directly to the apartment herself.

She had been staying at school for the past few days. Seeing that the apartment had no signs of anyone’s return, she knew that Cheng Yang had not come back yet.

Thinking of what had happened today, Xiao Ying sent Cheng Yang a WeChat message.

“Brother, thank you for dealing with the forum.”

The only person she could think of that could help her remove the post from the forum was Cheng Yang.

She had just sent the message when she remembered the time difference. It was probably already nighttime where Cheng Yang was.

Unexpectedly, Cheng Yang replied quickly.

“What happened on the forum?”

Xiao Ying replied in shock, “You didn’t remove the thread on the forum?”

Cheng Yang, who was still in M Nation, frowned. He asked someone to investigate what had happened as he replied, “It wasn’t me. What happened?”

Xiao Ying felt that the matter was already over, so she didn’t say much. She just replied, “Nothing much, someone just said some unpleasant things. Brother, when are you coming back?”

Cheng Yang rubbed his finger against his phone and replied, “In a few days.”

Xiao Ying sent a cute sticker. “Waiting for you~”

Cheng Yang smiled. His subordinate had already finished investigating the incident, and Cheng Yang opened University A’s forum. Although the original thread had been deleted, it was still a hot topic.

Because the original thread had been deleted, more people started believing it was true.

Cheng Yang did show much emotion when looking at the comments, but his eyes gradually turned cold.

“Go and investigate who deleted this post.”

His assistant nodded in compliance.

After a while, he received his answer. “President Cheng, it’s a freshman from University A, Zhou Yao.”

Cheng Yang’s expression became even more unpredictable. “Give me a copy of his information.”


Xiao Ying knew who it was. The only person who knew the situation back then so well was Xiao Ruoxuan.

She had been busy with research recently and had not paid attention to the Xiao family for a long time.

Recently, the Xiao family has been developing increasingly well.

Back when Xiao Lingbo suddenly came looking to cooperate with You-Know-Who from the stock market, Xiao Ying had played along with his trick and got someone to keep in touch with Xiao Lingbo in her stead. With her help, the Xiao family’s business was naturally smooth sailing.

Now, it was time to take all of this back.

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The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent Chapter 77 - The Xiao Familys Banquet