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The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent
Chapter 65 - You Cant Do It

Chapter 65: You Can’t Do It

Ms. Wen looked at Xiao Ruoxuan and smiled gently. “You’ve been a great help by recommending Xiao Ying to me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known that Xiao Ying’s English was so good. That child was too modest.”

These words made Xiao Ruoxuan’s face darken.

Xiao Ying laughed aloud. Ms. Wen didn’t know how helpful she was being.

Ms. Wen didn’t notice anything wrong. She looked at Xiao Ruoxuan seriously and said, “This time, not only do we need to give a speech in English, we also need to answer the judges’ questions on the spot. It tests the contestant’s flexibility in thought and grasp of the English vocabulary. It’s not something you can get just by practicing more on your own. It’s different from singing.”

Naturally, Ms. Wen could tell that Xiao Ruoxuan had put in a lot of practice and effort to sing the song she had sung before. Of course, this type of spirit was something worth praising.

Xiao Ruoxuan was still unconvinced. “Ms. Wen, my English is very good. It’s not worse than Xiao Ying’s.”

“Oh.” Ms. Wen said. Could it be that Xiao Ruoxuan had not noticed Xiao Ruoxuan’s advantage?

“Could you understand my entire conversation with Xiao Ying earlier?” she asked.

Under these circumstances, Xiao Ruoxuan could only nod.

This made Ms. Wen’s eyes light up. Perhaps she would discover two good seedlings today.

Then she said, “When did you begin learning English?”

Xiao Ruoxuan looked at Ms. Wen with a face of complete confusion.

Thinking back carefully, she had heard this question before. But how did Xiao Ying reply again?

She thought for a long time and stammered, “I-I is-is… like…”

This time, Ms. Wen’s expression faded. She didn’t like students who lied.

She had indeed asked Xiao Ying this question before, but Xiao Ying’s fluent answer formed a sharp contrast against Xiao Ruoxuan’s stammering.

Ms. Wen interrupted Xiao Ruoxuan’s attempt and said, “This time, I’m only helping my sister introduce talented students. As for whether you can participate in the program, that will depend on your own skill level.”

These words were just short of saying that Xiao Ruoxuan’s skill level was not up to par.

The students roared with laughter and Xiao Ruoxuan sat down awkwardly.

When Ms. Wen faced Xiao Ying, she said in a gentle tone, “Xiao Ying, what do you think? Don’t feel pressured. Your English is very good. As long as you perform normally, you will definitely be chosen.”

Xiao Ying, who was originally not intending on accepting the offer, looked at Xiao Ruoxuan’s jealous gaze and suddenly changed her mind.

She looked at Ms. Wen and nodded. “Ms. Wen, I am willing to give it a try.”

Ms. Wen nodded, pleasantly surprised.

After a while, the bus stopped. The homeroom teacher who had been watching the drama unfold the entire time stood up and gestured for the students to get out of the bus.

They were at the foot of Mount Huang, and needed to hike up by foot.

Of course, the school would not actually let these children hike to the top of the mountain by themselves. They only needed to walk halfway up the mountain. The school had already prepared a spot in an open space halfway up the mountain.

Once the students arrived, they could set up their tents and officially begin their camping trip.

In the beginning, the students thought the experience was very new. As soon as they climbed a small hill, they started to complain that they could not walk any further.

They all grew up being pampered, but now, they needed to carry heavy backpacks as they hiked. It was obvious why they were all dejected and unwilling to walk.

“Do you guys want Class One to be last place?” the homeroom teacher asked.

Their hiking trip had a reward and penalty system implemented.

There were a total of nine classes participating in this spring outing. They all stopped at various locations at the foot of Mount Huang, and would all hike up at the same time. The first place winner could obtain a huge gift at the barbeque tonight.

The lower the rank, the fewer gifts there were. There were no gifts for the last place.

At this time, the children’s team spirit was more important than their own personal gains.

The boy who had originally complained the most cried out loudly and shouted a slogan as he led his classmates to continue hiking up the mountain.

The encouraged students all walked up excitedly.

The group of students walked by in a rush, leaving behind Xiao Ying, Shen Meijia, and Xiao Ruoxuan, who had been wearing a dark expression since Teacher Wen rejected her.

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The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent Chapter 65 - You Cant Do It