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The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent
Chapter 64 - : My Sister Is Even Better

Chapter 64: My Sister Is Even Better

She led the applause for Xiao Ruoxuan and praised, “Ruoxuan, it’s amazing that you have such great pronunciation at such a young age. Everyone else in the class, make sure to follow Ruoxuan’s example!”

Xiao Ruoxuan was feeling smug. However, that was not her only goal.

After Ms. Wen praised her, Xiao Ruoxuan said, “Ms. Wen, this is nothing. My sister’s English is better. She keeps telling me that her English is especially good. I’m not worth mentioning in front of her.”

Curious, Ms. Wen asked, “Who is your sister?”

She, who did not pay much attention to gossip in class, did not know about the Xiao family situation.

Xiao Ruoxuan calmly said Xiao Ying’s name.

Ms. Wen was surprised. Previously, she had never noticed that Xiao Ying’s English was good.

Xiao Ruoxuan added, “Why don’t you let my sister sing an English song for everyone?”

Ms. Wen naturally would agree, but she needed to ask Xiao Ying herself.

Ms. Wen called out to Xiao Ying.

Xiao Ying had just woken up from a nap, unaware of what had happened.

Shen Meijia whispered into her ear, explaining the situation. Xiao Ying’s eyes turned cold. Xiao Ruoxuan really didn’t know when to stop.

Xiao Ying stood up and looked at Ms. Wen. “Ms. Wen, what’s the matter?” she asked.

Ms. Wen was surprised. She hadn’t expected Xiao Ying to be unaware of the situation.

“Sister, haven’t you always said that your English is amazing? So I suggested to the teacher that we should have you sing an English song for us.”

Xiao Ying asked indifferently, “Who is your sister?”

It was the same question that Ms. Wen had asked, but the meaning had changed when spoken by Xiao Ying.

Ms. Wen had not expected such an outcome.

Xiao Ruoxuan’s eyes slowly turned red, and the surrounding students could not bear to watch any longer.

Ms. Wen regretted mentioning singing again.

She could only walk out and try to smooth things over. “Does anyone else want to perform? If not, we’ll be there soon anyway.”

Xiao Ying looked at Xiao Ruoxuan with a faint smile. Before Xiao Ruoxuan could comprehend the meaning of Xiao Ying’s smile, Xiao Ying’s face became expressionless again.

“You want me to sing an English song? Sure. What did you sing before?” Xiao Ying asked.

Xiao Ruoxuan guessed that Xiao Ying wanted to sing the same song as her and mocked her for overestimating her own abilities.

She already knew that Xiao Ying’s worst subject was English.

This song was one that she had practiced with a professional teacher for a long time. She did not believe that she wouldn’t be able to suppress Xiao Ying this time.

Xiao Ruoxuan looked up and said, “Something Just Like This.”

Xiao Ying recalled in her heart that she had sung this song before.

Closing her eyes, the lyrics slowly escaped her lips.

“I’ve been reading books of old,

The legends and the myths,

“Achilles and his gold.”

This was supposed to be an impassioned song, but the way Xiao Ying sang it so calmly gave it a different feeling.

After listening to the performance, Ms. Wen was a little excited and deliberately spoke to Xiao Ying in English.

“Your English is very good!”

Xiao Ying replied calmly, “Thank you for your compliment.”

In the beginning, Ms. Wen was using some simple sentences to test her. But as Xiao Ying answered fluently, the difficulty of the sentences increased.

Xiao Ying was always able to reply to her in fluent English.

Ms. Wen said happily, “Xiao Ying, I have an elder sister who is doing a variety show in Beijing called Super Speaker. She is now recruiting children under the age of 15 to recite an English speech. Are you interested in participating?”

The class didn’t understand the conversation between Xiao Ying and Ms. Wen, but they all knew about Super Speaker.

Everyone began talking about how Xiao Ying was going to become a celebrity.

Xiao Ying was not particularly interested. She was about to reject it when Xiao Ruoxuan jumped out.

She said, “Ms. Wen, I want to participate in Super Speaker too.”

Xiao Ruoxuan could not tell that Xiao Ying’s singing was better than hers. She felt that since Ms. Wen had praised her first, she would definitely be able to do it too.

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The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent Chapter 64 - : My Sister Is Even Better