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The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent
Chapter 62 - Im Very Bad

Chapter 62: I’m Very Bad

Cheng Yang pinched her face in amusement and said, “If you don’t like the Xiao family, I’ll help you destroy them.”

Xiao Ying shook her head and said, “I don’t want them to die so easily. That’s too benevolent. I want them to climb high and fall miserably.”

Xiao Ying’s voice was filled with intense hatred.

This was the first time she had shown her fierce side to Cheng Yang. From beginning to end, Xiao Ying had always maintained a witty and cute image in front of him.

Even when she was bad, it was a cute type of bad.

Xiao Ying looked up and stared intently at Cheng Yang’s expression. If he showed a hint of disgust, she would take back her heart.

Cheng Yang looked at Xiao Ying and said nothing.

After a long while, she lowered her head in disappointment.

Her words were casual, but Xiao Ying knew that a heart given away could not be so easily taken back

Cheng Yang suddenly smiled and picked her up, letting her sit in his arms.

Looking at the puzzled Xiao Ying, he said, “Do you know why I brought you home?”

Xiao Ying was dazed, shaking her head.

Cheng Yang seemed to recall a good memory as his lips curled into a smile. “I met a very silly child at a birthday party. She was surrounded by her enemies, but she was very smart and knew that she was surrounded by enemies. I decided to help her.”

Xiao Ying’s eyes were a little wet. If she had not been reborn, she would have been a silly fool who didn’t know anything.

Cheng Yang continued, “But then the child said that she was lost. I saw, and I knew the child was actually looking for me.”

Xiao Ying’s body stiffened as she asked, “Then why didn’t you expose me?”

Cheng Yang didn’t answer. Perhaps he didn’t know the answer either.

He patted Xiao Ying’s back and continued, “Later, I ran into her again. I also knew that she had specially come to look for me. I was curious about how she could always find out my whereabouts, so I brought her home and began having thoughts of raising her. Until later, I really brought her home.”

Xiao Ying had already begun choking up.

Cheng Yang helped her to pat her pack and said, “Little girl, I’m very happy that you’re showing your true colors in front of me. I’m not a good person either.”

Xiao Ying shook her head, “Brother is a good person. Brother treats me very well.”

So no matter how bad of a person he was, he was still the best brother to her.

Cheng Yang understood Xiao Ying’s underlying words, his heart warming, and his tone becoming leisurely.

He said slowly, “One day, you will realize that I am worse than you think.”

Before Xiao Ying could speak, Cheng Yang laughed again and said, “But by the time you realize it, it’ll already be too late. Once you board my ship, you won’t be able to get off.”

Xiao Ying smiled through her tears. “Brother is way too domineering.”

Cheng Yang smiled. He was saying it casually, but his eyes were filled with seriousness.

Xiao Ying hugged his neck and whispered, “No matter how bad you are, you can still only be my brother. I won’t let anyone snatch you.”

Cheng Yang was surprised, not expecting her to suddenly say that.

After being stunned for a moment, he teased, “I didn’t expect the little girl to be the jealous kind.”

Two hearts leaned closer, and a familiar feeling welled up in her heart.

Xiao Ying’s heart unconsciously beat faster as Cheng Yang’s aura enveloped her body continuously.

Cheng Yang’s footsteps paused, then continued walking as if he hadn’t noticed anything.

They didn’t drive, and Cheng Yang carried Xiao Ying the entire way home.

Xiao Ying rejected Cheng Yang’s suggestion of helping her transfer schools. She still had things to do.

After the weekend, when Xiao Ying returned to school, she realized that the homeroom teacher had been switched.

Soon, the attention of the students in the class was distracted by the latest news.

The annual spring trip had arrived.

This time, the school had organized for them to go hiking in Mount Huang together.

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The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent Chapter 62 - Im Very Bad