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Chapter 28: Feng Nai Replied, “Alright, Little Brother”

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Upon hearing the voice message, Mo Bei took off the mitts to free up her hands and replied, “I’m here.”

Feng Nai was seated right beside his brother. Thus, with just a glance, he could see the message.

Little Lin, who was unguarded, was still happily sending voice messages. “Little Brother, I’m in a restaurant, waiting for my food. What are you doing?”

Mo Bei sent a photo, followed by three words.

“Baking a cake.”

“Wow!” Little Lin’s eyes lit up at the sight of it and he involuntarily straightened up. “Cake? Is it for me?”

Mo Bei responded with an “mm” sound.

Little Lin was barely able to sit still. He tugged at his brother and bragged, “Look at Little Brother! He’s baking a cake for me.”

Feng Nai’s eyes landed on the photo, unsure whether it was because there was a black oven on the side, because the hand holding the milk appeared to be especially fair, or because the wrist seemed a little thin.

It was obvious that the other party was wearing an apron. To be specific, it was one of those household must-have aprons.

Trouble Lin’s Little Brother really didn’t fit in with the disposition that students from No.2 Middle School ought to have.

At this thought, a slender figure standing on a wall suddenly popped up in Feng Nai’s mind.

When it came to not fitting in with the disposition that No.2 Middle School’s students ought to have, Mo Nan seemed to fit that description lately.

However, that guy was really unlikable. Feng Nai turned his head over, his fingertips brushing his slightly red palm. His dark pupils turned cold again as he said carelessly, “Trouble Lin, your Little Brother didn’t show his face in this photo. Why? Is he ugly?”

“My Little Brother is not ugly! He is very handsome. If he had a live stream, you wouldn’t meddle in his business anymore.” Little Lin sneered, “Brother, you’re just jealous that my Little Brother has so many different skills, unlike you.”

Feng Nai smiled, still as languid as ever. “You are right, I am unlike your Little Brother. After all, I don’t need to be talented in many ways. I can earn a living just based on my looks.”

Little Lin was speechless.

He could no longer be bothered to complain about his brother’s shamelessness. Thus, he bowed his head to text his Little Brother.

Feng Nai was deep in thought, trying to remember the few handsome guys on No.2 Middle School’s side.

No matter how he used the clues he had, Feng Nai would never link this “Little Brother” who could bake to Mo Nan, let alone to Mo Bei.

After all, Little Lin was too adorable.

Based on typical guesses, no one would connect such a child to eSports Almighty, who was known for being aloof.

On top of that, Mo Bei was different from Feng Nai. She never went through the WeChat moments of other people’s friends.

“Hey.” Feng Nai shot a glance at his younger brother, who was wallowing in texting, and took the phone away. “Eat.”

Little Lin bulged his cheeks. “You agreed to let me play with the cell phone today.”

“Things like agreements depend on my mood, don’t you know that?” Feng Nai moved his hand and placed a shrimp dumpling on his brother’s plate.

Little Lin ate indignantly. One bite, then another bite, until he forgot about his brother’s shameless act.

Feng Nai felt the phone vibrating in his hand. When he shifted his gaze, there was only a message on the screen. “See you on Saturday.”


He should be free.

The club had given him a few days of vacation.

His vacation period would not be over yet on Saturday.

No need to get information out of him then.

He would go have a direct look.

Feng Nai’s fingers drifted over. As a professional eSports player, his fingers naturally moved quickly. Thus, he answered “Alright, Little Brother” in mere moments.

Little Lin, who was still battling against the delicacies, did not notice his brother’s action…

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