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Chapter 11: Being In The Same Team As Almighty King?

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One sentence had successfully made Wang Jun’s eyes darken.

However, his self-cultivation told him that there was no need to take such a thing so seriously.

He only smiled frigidly. “Well, I look forward to seeing who will be getting slapped in the face by these words!”

The club-switching procedure was completed.

Mo Bei left with only an agreement in hand.

After witnessing this scene, the trainees of the club were not bothered at all. After all, Mo Nan’s value had decreased long ago. This was no secret.

Hence, no one knew that at the bottom corner of the contract was a name that could make anyone scream: Dark Flares.

Wang Dongdong, who was back in the car, stammered upon looking at the document that Unpopular had handed him. “The, the new boss is Da, Da, Dark Flares battle team? The Dark Flares battle team that I know?”

Mo Bei nodded nonchalantly. “Yes, that battle team. Anyone who plays games should know them, right?”

“That’s true… my ass!” Wang Dongdong almost started shooting his mouth off. “Why would Dark Flares want you? Anyone who knows you…”

At this point, Wang Dongdong suddenly paused and secretly peeped at the youth’s expression.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t angry. Instead, he explained, “Two weeks ago, Dark Flares was recruiting new members online, so I gave it a try and got accepted.”

His laid-back, matter-of-fact tone left Wang Dongdong stunned. “Dark Flares is that easy to enter?”

“It’s quite alright.” Mo Bei fiddled with her phone without saying anything else.

Wang Dongdong, who was naive, somehow felt that a miracle had finally fallen into their lap. His eyes welled up with tears as he exclaimed, “You are lucky! Way too lucky!”

“Mm…” Mo Bei turned her head to the side, feeling slightly sleepy.

Wang Dongdong stepped on the brakes all of a sudden and looked back, his expression completely different. “By going to Dark Flares, won’t you be in the same battle team as Almighty K?”

Mo Bei did not continue the conversation. Instead, she changed her posture and leaned her head against the window, a pair of black earphones still hanging around her neck.

Wang Dongdong held his own head and shook it back and forth as if he was going mad. “I knew it! I knew this matter wasn’t that simple. You’re really making all sorts of efforts for Almighty K, huh? Hold on, if you are in the same team, in the future, you both are going to be staying in the same apartment… Mo Nan! Brother Nan! I beg you, please don’t do anything during the cohabitation!”

He turned towards her fiercely!

The person that he was painstakingly advising had actually fallen asleep…

Wang Dongdong really didn’t know whether to start laughing or crying.

When that person finally woke up, his aloofness and charm were an invisible rejection.

To be honest, he still found the old “Brother Nan” easier to communicate with. After all, he had been able to read his thoughts!

Right now, while he was looking at this icily handsome face, not a hint of emotion could be seen.

Besides, why would Dark Flares want him? Would Almighty K agree to let him join the team?

It couldn’t be!

Wang Dongdong’s eyes flashed. “Dark Flares do not know that the person who signed up was you, do they?”

“The competition permits players to be anonymous, as long as the address given is correct and it does not affect the delivery of the invitation and team uniform.” Mo Bei’s voice was very calm.

Although Unpopular was making a lot of sense, this wasn’t why he had asked this question.

“Brother Nan, do you think they would consider breaking the contract and kicking you out after seeing you in person in a fit of pique?” Sometimes, even Wang Dongdong was afraid of his own guesses. They were usually too accurate!

Upon hearing that, Mo Bei lifted a brow, placed both hands in her pockets, and told Wang Dongdong only six words. “I am their special guest player.”

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