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The Eldest Sister Has Space
Chapter 21: distance meter

  Chapter 21 Divergence

   As soon as Lord Qian finished speaking, Gu Yundong had already quietly bypassed the place where the three of Yang's were hiding, revealing his figure from another direction.

   "You are Qian San?"

   Lord Qian was taken aback for a moment, and looked at the girl who was talking in surprise... girl.

  Fu Ming's eyes lit up, and he said excitedly, "Master Qian, this is my eldest niece."

   Just the next moment, he frowned again and asked strangely, "Yun Dong, where is your younger brother and sister?"

   "Little uncle, don't interrupt, I'll confirm his identity first." After speaking, Gu Yundong looked at Master Qian again, "Are you Qian San?"

  Fu Ming looked inexplicable, confirmed, what identity?

  Qian San didn't quite understand what she meant, "So what?"

   "That's good." Gu Yundong nodded, then ran to Fu Ming's side, pulling him back two steps, "Little uncle, your mission has been completed, stay away so as not to hurt you."

   These words are simply inexplicable, and Fu Ming is completely stunned, "No, what are you talking about, Yun Dong? What are you pulling me for?"

"Okay, little uncle, don't worry, I won't take your credit. You brought Qian San and the others here. You deserve the most credit, and you get the most food. I know it well. You step back first, otherwise the sword will be useless. What do you do if your eyes hurt?"

lead? This made Qian San immediately cautious, and suddenly raised his eyes to look at Fu Ming, only to realize that Fu Ming was actually two meters away from him.

   "Fu Ming, what do you mean, what do you mean by bringing us here?"

Gu Yundong took another big step back, and now he looked arrogant and not afraid of death, he laughed twice at Qian San, "You don't know, Qian San, you were fooled, haha. You killed Uncle Wang. Daughter, people have come to seek revenge for you, he brought people to ambush here, as long as my little uncle leads you here, he will give us a bag of grain and promise to help us enter the city."

   Qian San's complexion changed drastically. Although she didn't know who Uncle Wang was in her mouth, she had killed quite a few people.

   "Fu Ming, you are courting death." He didn't even care to judge whether what Gu Yundong said was true or not, and immediately waved to the three men beside him, "Catch them for me."

  Gu Yundong turned around and ran, calling out to a dark corner as he ran, "Uncle Wang, hurry up."

   She shouted, Qian Sanjie stopped subconsciously and turned to look for the so-called Uncle Wang.

  The corner of Gu Yundong's mouth twitched slightly, taking advantage of this opportunity to turn around suddenly, the crossbow arrow hidden in his sleeve shot out with a 'swoosh', hitting Qiansan's forehead.

   "Huh?!" Qian San snorted, and he fell straight back.

   "Ah..." Fu Ming screamed, staring at Grandpa Qian lying on the ground with wide eyes, he didn't dare to breathe.

   The others were also stunned. The next moment, another crossbow arrow shot over, but this time it missed.

  However, just like this, the other three thugs panicked, especially seeing the eldest among them so dead, he couldn't care about anything, and hurriedly ran away.

  Fu Ming also shouted and ran after him, no longer in the mood to catch Gu Yundong.

  Gu Yundong pouted, seeing that the sound of their footsteps had disappeared, and then picked up the crossbow bolt on the ground - the position was not good, this crossbow bolt could only hit the ground to act as a shock.

   She doesn't have to care about Fu Ming's family. Qian San is dead, and his three subordinates will not let them go.

   Gu Yundong sneered, and then began to search for Qian San's belongings.

   This man did not bring anything, but found a purse from him with twenty taels of silver in it.

  Very good, it's hers.

  Gu Yundong put it away with satisfaction, and when he got up again, he heard the loud shouting and killing from the city gate.

   Sure enough, the fight started.

   (end of this chapter)

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The Eldest Sister Has Space Chapter 21: distance meter